Methylated Spirits D

29 Aug




Malassezia and Methylated Spirits

                      (Methanol 2%)

Malassezia and Methylated Spirits


Methylated Spirits are a quick handy tool

helping to stop an aggressive Malassezia attack on its track!


It thwarts the attempt but Does Not Kill it On Impact

Unless Malassezia is Totally Immersed for some time in it

-rather hard as one would have to Collect it first!


It usually requires several applications if Malassezia is still active

after the first application and the success of stopping it 

complete its digging in and creating a lesion, 

depends on how far it has advanced digging into the flesh

and how accessible for the M/Spirits to reach it.


I have found it most suitable for Toe Nail attacks

where Malassezia enters at the side of the Nails

proceeds deeper and becomes inaccessible.


Applying MS on a well daubed cotton wad  as soon as a crawling, 

tingling or biting sensation is felt and each time thereafter

prevents it settling and completion of the attack

Unless applied directly on open wound it only Stings a little –or a lot! 

but only for a few brief seconds.


Note:   *Rubbing Alcohol* is not the same as Methylated Spirits.      
It is lower in MS strength and contains other ingredients                                                            
rendering it ineffective.


Malassezia Internal External

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