Malassezia Human :)

30 Aug

                            *MALASSEZIA AND HUMOUR*

Malassezia Humour



Malassezia Human

* malassezia human *

                               I did not know there are Malassezia Humans!

                               Never seen one … other than … myself in the Mirror?…


                               I wonder if they look like the picture above 

                               because this is how i believe i have looked in the past

                               and sometimes even now, each time i discovered  

                               the nasty tell-tales of a Malassezia attack!


                               Unless perhaps there is a Mutation of Malassezia 

                               as a result of Human Blood, Hormones and other Elements

                               of our bodies the Beast uses for its multiplication

                               that of course could look like this, no doubt!…


                               Hopefully Medicos will stop ignoring and downplaying

                               the problem and giving us the “Delusional  Parasitosis” scripts

                               sometime soon, before most of our species including themselves 

                               and loved ones, start to look like this…


                             A confession to make

                             One of the Dermatologists i visited some time back

                             i thought had already started looking a bit like that 

                             (Proof Malassezia can be contagious and they cannot

                                                         ignore it forever…)


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