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Peroxide for Malassezia

In my Experience of Repeated Treatments on Different Areas

Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Malassezia Slowly but Effectively

when Applied Topically – Directly and Undiluted

to where there is Malassezia Presence and Activity

but – with Varying Degrees of Pain, Discomfort and Mess.


Used in the Bath tab – Bottles of it for Several Weeks 

have had Absolutely No Effect whatsoever


I cannot verify if it kills Malassezia at the Spore stage

as it is hard to tell generally where the spores are located

so i am talking about having used it on my Scalp

where they were sure to be, as i was losing my hair in clumps

but was unable to tell if it was effective

other than turning my hair …blond …


One of the reasons it was difficult to determine its effectiveness

on the scalp was that back then when i used the Peroxide

i had so much Malassezia traffic all Over my Entire Body

that anything killed in one area was replaced

 with a new Batch in a very short period of time

often within half hour or so.


Another reason was using it slightly Diluted for safety

and /or in Combination with Shampoo.


Areas i have Used it Topically with Successful

but Unforgettably Painful Messy Results: 



On Feet, Toes, Legs, Fingers and the inside of Hands.

(With Unforgettably Painful and or Messy Results)


Diluted with Water:

1- In the outer inside area of Ears

(Ending up almost Deaf and in great Pain for four weeks)


2- on Scalp

(Surprisingly without any Pain or other negative effects.

Possibly Malassezia still at an early mobile stage

relocated away from scalp area to Ears, Neck, Shoulders

escaping -temporarily or effectively- death

and so been spared the horrendous consequences?)


This i assume was because

a) At an early stage of development Malassezia is mobile

and can quickly move and relocate before HP kills it

without having released its corrosive substance

-while possibly surviving only temporarily- 

therefore No Pain nor Lesions.


At a later stage  where it has semi-solidified and is ready to dig in

into the skin,  by gradually releasing its corrosive substance,

it cannot relocate anymore, therefore taking the entire impact of HP

and as it dies its corrosive element is released all at once

creating Painful Erosion of the skin and resulting in Burst bubbles

and Lesions which take long time to heal. 


This of course i cannot validate scientifically,

just a personal assumption based on Repeated Patterns and Results

over a Four Year period and attempting to put the puzzle pieces together.


      Malassezia Peroxide 1 MD


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