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Malassezia and Humidity txt


One of the Seven Essential Elements Malassezia needs

for the completion of its Cycle, is Humidity!


Warmth could be an eighth but since it can survive and operate

within a wide range of temperatures, almost as wide

– if not equal to that  of the human body’s survival –

i do not consider  as one of the essential elements.


Humidity, in any form is favourable to its surviving and thriving

almost as much as All Oils are.


Humidity does Not necessarily mean only as in Water

Nor a great Quantity such as in Showers, Bath tabs, Pools etc.


It can be humidity of varying Viscosity as in Body fluids, 

such as in Body Perspiration, or around the edge of the mouth –

due to saliva,in the Eyes, Nostrils or other areas such 

as the Vagina and Penis or Internally in the Colon area, etc.


Recently, due to adverse health circumstances preventing me

from applying diligently my daily routine maintenance,

i had an opportunity to Observe Malassezia growing

in a plastic container under an Urn i have installed in my Bathroom 

to provide hot water  instantly 24/7 with minimal waste

of water or electricity.


The  plastic container is to catch any clean running water

when i dab it on cotton wads and rinsing my hands, etc.

I empty and rinse it regularly throughout the day

never allowing it to fill up or stand for long.


Being a bit slack and inhibited by pain i inadvertently

reduced the frequency of emptying it.      

The result was startling!


Malassezia and Humidity

Container Empty and Clean


Below within a Couple of days, a very distinct Orange Layer

started to form and continued to grow despite frequent rinses

and emptying the container.


Malasseia in container

Orange Layer quite visible at the base of the Container

and of the same rusty quality often staining some of my underwear

such as Singlets, T Shirts, Pyjamas and Panties,

i.e anything that comes in direct contact with my skin

especially during the night after perspiration.


Another container under the Urn tap next to the Cotton wads Bag

Malassezia Rim


A  Close up of the Orange Rim  

Malassezia Rim close up

Seven Essential Elements A


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