Malassezia and H/Peroxide QA

02 Sep


Malassezia Q & A s

Q: * can hydrogen peroxide cure malass* 

Peroxide and Malassezia    

                    A: H/Peroxide Can Kill Malassezia

                          Topically and Temporary

                       But cannot CURE it…


Hydrogen Peroxide can Kill Malassezia Slowly but Effectively

when Applied Topically – Directly and Undiluted

to where there is Malassezia Presence and Activity

– but only on that area.


Killing Malassezia Topically does Not mean

CURING Malassezia as a general problem

so that it does not manifest anywhere else

or even in the treated area itself, after a short period of time.


In fact, if The Peroxide Treatment

has caused Inflammation and Bleeding in the treated area

which in many cases it does, this  in itself

once the Peroxide has been wiped or washed off

becomes an inviting ground for more

as Malassezia is attracted to Inflamed or Bleeding areas


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