Malassezia Recent Discoveries DM

08 Sep


   Malassezia Maintenance

(  July 13 )


Malassezia my Recent Discoveries

Sitting in my Recliner Chair with feet raised parallel to the ground

resulted in draining all Puffiness and Swelling off my Feet

and Reduced Malassezia attraction to almost near zero presence!


Been in agonising pain through suspected wearing of frail Spinal Disc

affecting Spine, Kidneys, Lower and Upper Back

and making it impossible to keep up with Malassezia daily maintenance

i discovered that in the end it becomes its own enemy:


It spread on my legs and thighs and the skin became dead dry

with a feel as if covered with a thin sticky gray plastic film. 

Malassezia spread on Leg MD

Dry Dead Skin on Left side of Leg – and on Inner Thigh (below)

Malassezia Effect on Thighs MD

  Middle of Left leg, as shown above, was Unaffected – Clear and Normal 

Malassezia Effect on Back of Leg MD

Left Side back of Left leg – a similar effect also on Right leg

   (My Man Commented the two Photos put together look like a Female Breast – Men! 🙂 )


This usually i correct quickly within a day or two reverting back

to soft smooth baby-like skin, by applying Sea Water* or YAM*

but being in excruciating pain i had to let go of it

and to my surprise once it had done the damage in the area

any new batches i could feel spreading there

did not /could not settle or do any more damage

so eventually the area was avoided and abandoned.


This does not apply if lesions or sores are involved

But there were no  Lesions or Sores either even by the first batch

just dead dry skin surface which ended up becoming a protective seal

against any more batches settling in the area.


It flaked out on its own eventually and this now has me rethinking

what actions are necessary – if and when.

I tried the same letting go of the feet as well, when swelling subsided

and i allowed a reduced presence of dead skin

without applying the 3 x Daily YAM*

except once -at night time- just some Sea Water*

after skin had turned like plastic…


Soon that area too was also almost totally abandoned

especially with Puffiness and Inflammation gone.


Except that one Night there was an unexpected huge attack 

and the unpleasant discovery in the morning 

of a very painful Bump filled with a devil’s mother of hell

and a red hot burning area at the base of the big Toe

which Malassezia has been harassing for a near decade

and only in the last couple of years i have managed to reclaim

by applying my treatment, making sure to cover every night with Band aid.


The result of the attack being in its early stage

i tackled by wrapping the area  

* First Day/Night with Methylated Spirits on a cotton wad

* Second and Third Day/Night with Seawater

* Fourth with an Acidophilus capsule in warm water

    and covered the cotton wad with band aid.


I had to dig out painful Cheesy matrix from its center

and that was the end of its cycle of an otherwise 4 weeks of hell


This latest discovery of the Swollen Feet Confirmed Malassezia’s

Attraction to Inflammation and  Humidity ( as in Oedema.)


Now i wonder how useful these pieces of discovery are together

or individually and how i can take advantage of them

… without looking like dried dead Lizard

but i think i prefer it compared to either swollen feet looking like

whales impaled in tree logs and Malassezia harassing them

with painful itchy lesions on top and producing more of their evil spawn

from their centres – as the night attack case mentioned above.


( Note to Self ) 1:

I shall have to test if this discovery is valid upon complete recovery

or whether Malassezia will return to its usual destructive activity

irrespective of feet positioning, no swelling and /or plastic film cover

caused by previous activity )


Sep 8-13

( Note to Self ) 2:

I have recovered adequately and have re-arranged work area

utilising armchair with a Table over Chair for my Laptop

with feet still up and still following the same No action plan

other than covering Susceptible Toes with Band aid at night.


Still the same result – no lesions – no Sores nor surprise Bumps

but somewhat slightly increased either traffic or activity –  not clear which)

There may follow a ‘Note to Self 3’ – – – Or a Separate Entry

if change in M behaviour is noticed requiring change of action.)


Sep 16-13

( Note to Self ) 3:

Feet still unattended  -other than covering both big toes with Band-aid strips.

Feet areas still largely avoided – but Malassezia has started creeping up

surreptitiously in more vulnerable areas left without routine maintenance.

Cannot afford complaisance and risk troublesome build up

So… Back to the usual Protectors and Deterrents!…)


*For more Info and Details on Treatments and Methods

see also:  * Malassezia Blog *



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