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10 Sep


  Malassezia Q & A s

Q: * does malassezia cause black specks  *

K:  * pin prick skin lesions *


A   Assuming we are talking about the same Black Specks :


In one of my Entries in the * Malassezia Blog * i have mentioned

about the presence of Black Specks and a simple experiment i did

to determine if they were as i had suspected Malassezia Spores

impregnated with Blood – mostly dead blood at that stage.


The Black Specks ( Maroon when looked under microscope )

are dead blood at an initial entry pint or attachment of

a) Early stage spores adhering to the skin and drawing Blood, and

b) Entry points into the skin while ‘digging and burrowing’

     under the surface augmenting and creating Bumps

     that turn to lesions as shown in photo below.


Malassezia  Bumps 2 MB


Fortunately, not all of them complete the cycle, some remaining

just dead Black Specks some creating Bumps

that may be absorbed by the body

while some develop into Lesions lasting for several weeks

as photo shown below

Malassezia  Bumps1 MB

 Often if picked they start to bleed which i believe is an indication

they are still active and on the job.


Above i have included the Keyword * pin prick skin lesions *

used by a different Reader because the small Black Specks

start with a strong Pin Prick feeling in different parts of the Body

some without creating or leaving behind Black Specks

in areas such as the Soft part of Toes,Torso or Pelvic and Buttock area

–perhaps but not for sure- non greasy fleshy areas

with near the surface easy to get to Blood Supply …


(Possibly a variation of Behaviour and or Requirements

due to different species of the genus of Malassezia … )


The Test to determine if the Black Specks are Malassezia

is to collect and place in a little water  to soak.

If they swell and turn to bright blood red

they are most likely Malassezia specks.


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