Malassezia: Perspiration / Humidity – again! DM

13 Sep



Malassezia Maintenance

Malassezia and Perspiration / Humidity – again! DM

Malassezia and perspiration


Something i ate the day before caught up with me yesterday afternoon.

Heart palpitating like crazy, severe anxiety and sense of panic

and i knew whatever the reason that something

had triggered a panic button in my body.

It lasted for a couple of hours then culminated in heavy perspiration

of my underarms – strangely enough only there!…


None of this has anything to do with Malassezia, but eventually

it came to confirm once more its Attraction and Need for Humidity

and possibly other excreted elements during Perspiration.


With recent events having to turn my daily routines up-side-down

in order to cope better -i have been having my baths upon rising

in the morning  rather than in the evening as i used to before.

Therefore, whatever elements this perspiration produced

were obviously not cleaned off entirely with a quick rinse at bedtime

so though the area itself was technically dry after the panic attack

it had a rather rich oily… wet feel to the touch…


I did not think much nor connected the pieces at the time

but in the morning when i woke up it felt highly itchy and sticky

and when rubbed my fingers over the underarm area

i got the usual grayish/ orange sticky scrapings of Malassezia

rarely -if ever- in such concentrated quantity in that area.


A couple of reasons i rarely get any disturbance in the underarm areas

     are that

a) due to lack or ability for hard work or exercise anymore

      i very rarely perspire during the day

b) having been a daily swimmer in a chlorinated pool for over a decade

     the chlorine has damaged the roots of the hair follicles

     and both underarm areas are totally hairless and dry!

                   (Every woman’s dream!- Lol!)


I do though have frequent Perspiration –Night Sweat– Drenching incidents

due to Atypical TB and during those times Malassezia goes crazy

( Additional details and photos available in * Malassezia Blog * )                                             

So, in order to avoid  Malassezia greasy spreading in underarm

      or other area the Rule is:

* Attend to Perspiration Area Immediately

* Wash thoroughly, Scrub and Rinse meticulously

* Dry Well with towel or Hair Drier

   … and keep fingers crossed action was adequate!


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