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17 Sep


Intestinal Detoxification 



                                CAN BE APPLIED FOR GENERAL HEALTH


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(  Sep 12 )

I have been thinking that many people when Confronted Suddenly

with a Serious Illness such A-TB, Cancer etc. feel the Necessity and Urgency

to Change their Diet as one of the Safest and most Effective Ways

to Help their Body Fight and if possible Restore Health.

Doing so of course, involves a few issues that have to be dealt with 

for this process, such as:

* What is a Healthy or Healthier Diet than the one Currently  one is on

* How Much and how Soon can there be a Change over

  without creating too much Metabolic Disturbance

  and Obtain the Benefits as Soon as Possible.

* How can a Transition be Organised and a Healthier Diet be established

* How can one Create Healthy Meals etc.


This can be a daunting task if one has to make a Big, Radical change.

Usually people are advised to start introducing the New ways

and Foods gradually, and give their metabolism the time to adapt 

while expecting that during the transition

when a great detoxification starts to take place, 

they may feel more sick or weak but Must Continue without stopping

as this is Part of the Whole Process and it is Safe and Beneficial

despite the Confusing Symptoms/signals Experienced.

Now, in ordinary circumstances, Time is No problem

but with an Advancing wasting Illness by the tick of the clock , so to speak, 

and the addition of Highly Toxic Medications

abruptly Bombarding and Affecting many Vital important Organs,

the Body has the Capacity and Wisdom -if not the Urgent Need-

to Adapt Quickly and start Utilising every little Good item

and Way that Can Help it Fight.

Having all that in mind and having gone through the same problem myself

-despite the fact that i was already in a Relatively Healthy Diet-

i understand how Difficult it is and decided to Help Present

the Steps in the two areas Related to that Purpose:

1- The Detoxification Process

Cleansing of the Liver, Kidneys, Colon

and Rid of Old Toxins and Debris

2- A Number of Healthy Recipes

    that are of Different Degree of Strictness 

    and can help with a gradual transition to better Nutrition

    but still provide as Good Nutrient content as can be.

    (Part 2 in a Following Entry)

                          Part (1)

          Intestinal Detoxification

               What  my I  Would Do

* A-Cleanse and Detoxify the Colon

(The Liver and Kidneys will Benefit immensely from this)

*B- Enhance Peristaltic Stimulation

(To Re-establish a Daily Natural Rhythm

Both Brain and Body will Remember and obey)

*C- Provide and Enhance Pro-Biotic Action

(To Help Fight Harmful Bacteria and Yeasts)

*D-Provide Live Nutrients to Rebuild Body and Immune System

(Part of which is the Friendly Bacteria in the Gut)

*E- Boost and Supplement with appropriate Vitamins

(To Enhance Production of Friendly Bacteria)

                  How my I Would do it:

* A- Cleanse and Detoxify the Colon:

   First and Foremost,

* I would purchase a good Enema Equipment kit

               * * *

*B- Enhance Peristaltic Stimulation

Start the Day Drinking a Cup of Hot Water 

First thing in the Morning before anything else

(in order to Stimulate the Peristaltic motion

and in time Re-establish a Daily rhythm)

No tea or coffee or any other beverage

(not effective as they go through digestion)

just Plain Hot water – sip a little at a time)


* Devote a Daily time to visiting the Toilet

Preferably in the morning after drinking the hot water

Never forcing as may cause spill out protruding Haemorrhoids

Give time and gentle effort, the Body is amenable

to both suggestion and establishment of routine.

If/when morning is not suitable or successful,

repeat at night and start again the next morning.

* Daily or Frequent Walk

A long walk even if for shopping or other task

much like in pregnancy, helps with gravity.

It Stimulates both Digestion and Peristaltic movement

and moves intestinal Gas along towards the right exit instead of

sitting there creating Blockage, Distension, Discomfort and Pain.

*C-Provide and Enhance Probiotic Action:

1) Good quality Fibre, both of the Soluble and Non-Soluble type

(To help Broom the walls of the Colon of Old built up Debris.)

2) Acidophilus Bacteria Capsules

(*To Build and Replenish impoverished quantities in the Colon)

(*Alleviate Constipation, Promote Healthy faeces Evacuation

   and Softens the Stools)


(No Sugar or Flavours, jam, fruits etc.

Just Plain Non Fat – and – Do Not Cook it!)

4) Add a Strong B-Complex Vitamin x 3 Daily

(Helps Create Friendly Flora in the Digestive and Colon Areas)

5) Provide Hydrating Foods:

Water, Cola, Soda, Fizzy drinks, Reconstituted juices

Coffee, Tea etc Do NOT hydrate the intestinal canal.

Most of the above INHIBIT Absorption of Valuable Nutrients

binding certain Minerals such as Calcium

and creating Constipating Compounds

Hydrating Foods are: 

Natural, Rich Mineral Water Content Foods

Such as Fruits and Vegetables  in their RAW Organic state.

(usually of a high 80 -90% water content despite solid appearance)

Freshly made Fruit Juices and / or Vegetable juices or just Fresh Salads

are Highly Hydrating as well as also Providing Valuable Natural Fibre .

(Tomato, Cucumber, Celery, Banana, Apple, Pears, Melons, Grapes etc)

6) Avoid Constipating Foods

Generally all Constipating Foods:

1) Dehydrate the Stools

2) Bind Calcium and Inhibit its Absorption

    (resulting in Starving Bones, Muscles, Hair, Nails etc)

3) Create Foul Gas, Bad Breath, and Distension,

    as they Putrefy and Feed Bad Bacteria

4) Most do Not provide Valuable (brooming) Fibre*

A Small List of some of them:

1) Cheeses* – All types, especially Cooked or Melted as in Pizza.

2) Eggs* — Boiled, Fried doesn’t matter…

3) Oils, Fats, Butter*

     Especially Cooked in high temperatures as when Fried/Baked

4) Nuts – Roasted and /or highly Salted

5) White Flour * – Bread, Pasta, Pizza, Pastry, Cookies etc.

6) White Rice *

7) Crunchy Breakfast Cereals

8) Coffee and Black Tea

7) Avoid Mixing Incompatible Foods:

Incompatible Foods require different types of Digestive Elements,

such as Enzymes as well as Time for Processing.

Some examples of 

Incompatible Combinations are:

1) Meat or Fish  + Pasta

2) Meat or Fish + Pasta + Fruit and or Cheese

3) Pasta + Fruit

4) Cheese + Roasted Nuts

Compatible Fruits:

Banana, Papaya, Avocado with Pasta

* Banana, Papaya, Avocado with Potato

Papaya with Meats, Cheese (it Digests Proteins)

* Incompatible Fruits are:

(Preferably eaten alone on fairly empty stomach or they’ll create gas)

*  Water melon

*  Rock melon

*  Pineapple

*E- Provide Live Nutrients:

1)- Replace as many Cook Foods with Fresh, Raw ones

2)- Replace Frying or Roasting method with Lightly Steaming

3)- Replace heavy Condiments, Salts and Spices

         with Natural Fresh ingredients such as

         grated Tomato, fresh Herbs, fresh Shallots,

         plain Yoghurt, mashed Avocado etc

4)- Replace Cooked Oils/Butter with Raw/Unsalted:

(Unrefined Olive oil, Butter – in very small quantities) as well as

Fresh Uncooked Avocado–Regulates Sugar levels, Lowers Cholesterol

5)- Replace All Sugar Loaded Sweets, Chocolates, Cakes, Cola drinks 

     with Fresh Fruit

6)- Eliminate In General:

1) Cooked Oils/Butter in all Instances

2) Salt, Spices, All artificial Additives

3) White Flour, White Rice, White Sugar products

4) All Packaged foods and Sweets of all kinds  *

*D-Boost and Supplement with appropriate Vitamins:

I would also add:

For Healing and Repair–and they all work in a synergistic way

Vitamin E

Vitamin C

B-Complex (as mentioned above)

Acidophilus Capsules (as mentioned above) 


Acidophilus Capsules:

Must contain a Minimum of 20-25 Billion Bacteria


B-Complex Tabs:

Must contain strong milligrams and good number

of the different B Group vitamins.


Frequency and Dosages:

*Enemas: *** (see Note below)

Initially, 6-8 :Litters of Clean Warm Tap Water

passed through the Colon during first couple of times,

then as needed – minimum 4-6 Lt.

(Pour Clean warm water into the enema bag

and may add some Acidophilus caps in the last water)

(Initially twice weekly or more often until clear

then if problem slightly persists, once a fortnight
*Acidophilus Caps:  3 to 5 Daily

(Depending on the Bacteria Number/Strength, initially 3-5 daily

–later on when condition improved, may reduce dosage)

*B-Complex: 3 to 5 Daily

: 3 Daily

E:  1 Daily


Types of products: (Examples only)


         Enema Kit / Douche kit


           Food Steamer


      or simply a Steaming Pot Set

   Healthy ways for TB


General Comments:

*Having Enemas for the first couple of times

usually may make one feel rather sick in the stomach

and as if  ‘invaded’ and due to stirring of old putrefied faecal matter

and toxins stirred, one may feel really sick

but it is a normal part of the cleansing procedure 

and there is No more effective way of Helping the Entire Body Breath!

It all passes and the feeling is followed by a Euphoric one

of Cleanliness, Health, Lightness and Energy and Vitality.

*As some of the water entered may remain inside the colon area

and be absorbed and processed by the Kidneys,

it is important to Drink plenty of water after an Enema

to help Flash the Kidneys and avoid Urine/Urethra irritation.

*Bad Bacteria and Yeasts Feed and Thrive in the Colon

when it is clogged with residues of Cooked Oils and Sugars

the body cannot process, creating Gas, Bloating and the Danger

of Diverticulitis (Twisting of the Colon and possible Death.)

Cooked Oils and Sugars especially of the Trans-Fatty Acids

are normally used in Commercial Food preparations.

They also cause Colon Cancer

One month Trial can produce startling results and that’s all it takes

if one has the determination, to change eating habits

always remembering when temptations strike

that what tastes nice may create harmful results and pain in the future.


If on a course of Antibiotics, Frequent use of Enemas

is Not Recommended as may minimise the dosage absorbed

through the intestinal canal.

Best done Before next dosage is due.

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