Malassezia Little Treasures

18 Sep



Malassezia Humour

Malassezia Little Treasures of  … Mispellinfs!


It has been an absolutely mystifying little word for me

with – i believe-  embedded evil ‘finger tripping’ powers

and being amazed at the frequency of misspelling it

– an occurrence of near 9 out 10 times.


It is like the keyboard plays mischievous tricks

or the keys keep changing places

or i have some deep resentment the word

because of the problems its representative

is causing me -including its spelling!

– until i started to notice through keywords

that others seem to have the same problem too.

 Malassezia Typos

One good explanation is that its letters

are not in a keyboard friendly order

and the fingers trip over themselves

trying to achieve the sequence

and /or the brain spells it faster

so the fingers miss and scramble to catch up.


        Anyway, there are only that many ways a word can be misspelled

– though i would not be so sure about this one

   being as proliferate  as its evil Owner-

so here is a small initial collection of little ‘Treasures’ so far…


And to my absolute horror i discovered i had placed an Entry

Tagged as ‘Pubic Showers’ –instead of Public Showers!…

The defining letter ‘ l’ missed from the sequence

and the word being correct slipped easily through Spell check…

(more might be added… )

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