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18 Sep



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Malassezia spider like 


Yes, at some stage it produces a very distinct Spider like feel.

At an earlier stage of mobilisation –i believe closer to the spore stage–

i usually experience it as if grains of Sand are rolling downwards

from the head spreading to the neck, shoulders, back, torso, buttocks and legs.


The Spider like feel i believe is a second more mature stage movement

felt mainly on the Head and Hair, Face and Legs.

I believe it is felt during movement In or Out of the hair follicles.


It is bad news for the hair because a few repeats of the Spider ‘work’

cause it to mat and eventually start to fall off.


Another accompanying symptom is waves of Unexplained Shivering

non temperature change related and in some cases a strong feeling

as if the blood has been poisoned, followed by light nausea


I believe this is because it causes allergic reaction due to its chemical releases.


If only the Spider feel alone is sensed then washing and scrubbing the area

immediately  with warm water and Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo

then  drying Very well – Can stop it all there!

If all other symptoms are accompanying it may be too late

nevertheless i consider it always  worth trying to stop it.


For Additional Info and Details on Treatments and Methods see:

* Malassezia Blog *




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