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20 Sep


Malassezia Q & A s

Q1: * can malassezia live in carpeting  * 

Q2:       * malassezia stay in carpet *   

Malassezia on carpets     

               A:   Something i would like not to think about, Lol!


If all puzzle pieces and one particular early photo of a sample

that had been waiting to be taken to the Lab

have been put together and interpreted correctly

then i would say the answer to the question is a definite Yes,

there is Malassezia on the Carpets and it can live there for a while

as it can on Blankets and Clothing and Combs etc.


           Having said that, now i must Reiterate  

           one of my most repeated statements:


This is Neither the Real Problem Nor the Cause…”


During the past four years, we have Bombed our Entire House – several times

Then moved out to Renting for a year, then Returned back home etc.

Did our moving out of home to a New Never Occupied previously place

made Any difference to Malassezia On and / or  Inside our Bodies?

             The answer is NO!None whatsoever


I Believe Malassezia Can/ Does live on Carpets – for quite some time.*1

a) Because it likes fibres of hair like quality – lives deep in hair follicles

b) Because the spores, or whatever they are called, can lay dormant

     for quite some time and are not easily affected by chemicals

c) Have Not found in research yet how immediate or in which way

     Malassezia obtains its feeding requirements.

d) Because it is bound and inevitable to be shed off our bodies

     together with dead skin cells, as dundraft

     and as i can dmonstrate below as a greasy sticky substance

     -though in the form of the latter with shorter survival time.


I can testify that after thinking i had to practically discard near 3/4  

of most of our belongings from bedding to furniture, to books, to clothing etc

out of the very few clothing i had kept, mostly because of sentimental value 

and despite been washed and stored away for over a year

when i put them on again i experienced a frenzy*3

of an all over the Body attack from the nowhere

which indicated to me there were spores lying dormant in the fibres

surviving and waiting for a live host to start their cycle.

Fortunately, nowadays i know what to do to stave off and minimise a crisis

within a day or two but i am wary of anything stored from time back.


Another reason i believe so is because of this incident:

Below is the Photo of a covered stool i have placed in my Bathroom

having at hand all i need to care for my feet and toes

when i come out of the Bathtub.

My feet are as clean as can possibly be at any time 

after one full hour’s soak, scrub and rinse! 

Yet i noticed a darkish gray smudge at the spot where i usually 

rest each foot while drying and attending to it.

 My first impulse was to pull the towel off and replace it with a fresh one

but then a niggly suspicion that this must be some grayish

M Yeast layer growing*2,  rather than dirt been deposited from

-supposedly squeaky clean feet- made me grit my teeth

and bear the site of it for a few days and see if it grows 

                       … and it DID!!!


From just a speck of a smudge to covering that big an area!…

Malassezia gray layer on a Towel

So i believe the Carpets –as well as Blankets- would have plenty

of spores and if people walk bear feet then much more!

The spores i would say unless disturbed or stepped on

with warm feet or body they cannot jump  -or can they? Lol!-

but they are so light and apparently …aerobic  (in he air)

so… no fixed theory can be applied here.


Steam cleaning might make a temporary difference but one cannot

do so daily, and even if so, it would still Not cure Malassezia.


One Important point of Clarification here;

                       When i say:

‘Something does/did or does not/ did not make any difference’

  i mean in regards to CURING Malassezia.


As i mention in several entries in the Malassezia Blog *

there are many things that DO and HAVE made great difference

especially in my Own condition compared to how it was in the Beginning

and How it is  Now regarding Malassezia Presence and Activity

and Symptoms and Effects on my Body.


The Difference has been Tremendous BUT Malassezia is

Still Present and Active and as far i can tell

             ONLY a Good Immune System 

can keep it Unnoticed and Practically Symptom free

– – –  though Still Present and Active ! – – – – – 

as a Naturally Occurring Body Flora on ALL People.


Malassezia Internal External


*1   2014: I stated this because i had seen the samples i mentioned above

            three or four months later and had noticed they had developed.

            I assumed they had remained alive developing during that time.

             As i discovered in the later samples examined in the series

          ” New discoveries”  -see List of Entries- Malassezia under Microscope

            showed changes  for only three days or so… away from a living host.

            The Spores though seem to survive for a long time

            as indicated by the use of old clothing

            *3 (as in case mentioned above)

*2     The Grayish colour indicates it was Malassezia Biofilm

          but when turned gray it is unlikely there was any live active Malassezia

                                                        * * *

For Additional Info and Details on Treatments and Methods see:

* Malassezia Blog *




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