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24 Sep


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     Malassezia Categories of Treatments (1)

Malassezia Fighters


Malassezia: DeterrentsFakesBreedersKillers– Introduction


In the Very Long List of items i have used throughout the time

there have been some items with different qualities and results

depending on the way used –i.e On the  Body Internally or Externally

or on Environment i.e Carpets/Furniture/ Bedding/Towels/Clothing etc.


Since this may be confusing to the reader who usually lands

on an isolated Entry found through Search engines by Keyword

i decided it might be helpful to attempt to file them

in particular categories and then clarify some points

about their operations and results.


Some of the items belong to one – two or all three categories

depending on the way and / or conditions used.


  I have Observed Four Main Categories:

      Applied On the Body Externally


The Deterrents The Fakes  The Breeders  – The Killers


*  The Deterrents can be divided in subcategories:

– The Neutrals – Neither Kill –Nor  Attract Malassezia

                             just Prevent and Stymie Yeast cycle completion

– The Bilaterals  – Deter initially -for a short time- then Attract back


*  The Fakes  – Expected to work – – – But!…

                          Have No Effect or very Short and Undetectable


* The Breeders  – Theoretically and Falsely Believed to Kill

                              Instead Facilitating Yeast Multiplication


* The Killers can be divided into three categories 

–  The Bullets – Effective on Impact

–  The Poisons – Slowly over time

–  The Bombs –  Blast the embedded Yeast but leaving a painful mess


On the Opposite side we have the Fighter – Defender Benefactors:

     The Defenders  –The Soothers and The Healers   

–  They Defend the Area, Sooth Burning and Itching and Heal Lesions


            Coming Next:   Malassezia Categories (2)

                                          * * *

        Malassezia: Deterrents – Fakes – Breeders – Killers 

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