Malassezia Categories of Treatments (3) – D

26 Sep


Malassezia Dictionary

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Malassezia T2


Malassezia Deterrents


Applied On the Body Externally


– The Neutrals –Neither Kill nor Attract Malassezia – just Deter 

Acidophilus Capsules – Applied:

  On Head- Scalp/Hair – Ears inside/outside – Face – External Genital areas

  On Lesions Anywhere – Legs, Feet, Toes.

  Also Internally: 1) Orally 2) Inserted in the Vagina 3) Inserted Anally

  (2 &3 Bypass stomach Acids delivering Bacteria Directly in areas needed)


Seawater and Seaweed – Applied:

   On Ears inside/outside – Face – External Genital areas

   On Lesions Anywhere – Legs, Feet, Toes.


*Aloe Vera (Fresh Plant Only) – Applied:

   On Lesions Anywhere – Especially Malassezia Occupied, Irritated Eyelashes

    Have tried Commercial Gels  but did not work 

   as they contain alcohol type preservative/drying agents


YAM (Yoghurt-Milk-Acidophilus Capsules Mix) – Applied:

   On Ears outside – Face – External Genital areas

   On Lesions Anywhere – Legs, Feet, Toes.


Head & Shoulder (Zinc Pyrithione) 

   Applied while having a Bath/Shower – And as Body Wash:

   On Head- Scalp/Hair – Ears inside/outside – Face – External Genital areas

   On Lesions Anywhere – Legs, Feet, Toes.

   2014: Had to discontinue use later on after suspected changes in formula

             having negative effects.- see later Entries 


Methylated Spirits – Applied:

   On Ears on outside – Face 

   (External Genital areas Briefly Dabbed only)

   On Lesions Anywhere – Legs, Feet, Toes.

   (On a Cotton Wad left until dry)

Mycil (Tolnafate ) – Applied:

   Feet, Toes – Have tried on Lesions and Pubic area – deters Briefly only


– The Bilaterals  – Deter initially – for a short time – then Attract

Nizoral – Applied:

   On Head – Scalp/Hair – Ears – and all over Body as Body Wash

   Occasionally dubbed undiluted on a small area under attack

   activity stopped – as with applying anything – but result undetected

Permethrin (Cream Shampoo) – Applied:

   On Head – Scalp/Hair – Ears

   Ineffective Unless it contains BUTOXIDE

   Delayed Yeast return and activity and feeling of dry stretched scalp

   indicates perhaps it may kills ‘spores’ – the Only one i know

Selsun Gold (Selenium Sulphite) – Applied:

   On Head – Scalp/Hair – Ears (Ineffective)

Fresh Lemon Juice – Applied:

   On Head – Scalp/Hair – Ears – Shoulders –Torso

   Relocates yeast quickly then it returns with a vengeance!

Apple Cider Vinegar – Applied:

   On Head – Scalp/Hair

   Relocates yeast quickly then it returns with a vengeance!

Iodine, Dettol Disinfectants – Applied:

   On Lesions directly–diluted and undiluted–as deterrents and in the Bath

   Greasy and Sticky and highly inviting Yeast back!

Neutrogena Oil Free – Applied:

   On Dry, Plastic -Lizard like skin- destroyed by Malassezia Sticky Layer.  

   Left on for extended time or overnight dissolves and clears dead skin

   but contains Salicylic acid (Blood Thinner) causing bruising 

   and in my case bleeding as well.

  ( Its Intended use is to be applied briefly and rinse )

   There are safer alternatives in Seawater and YAM 

Acetyl/Alcohol containing Items –such as Shampoos or Lotions

   Causing quick Yeast Return and possible proliferation 

   though i have not confirmed the latter!


Malassezia Fakes


Applied On the Body Externally


Colloidal Silver – Applied:

   All Over Body and Lesions – No apparent Effect whatsoever

   Also Taken Internally (for many months)

Scabies Creams

Athletes Foot cream

   Both the above applied Morning and Night back to back

   for many weeks – dozens of tubes


SALT as in  SEA SALT – POOL SALT –  And Commercial Table Salt

I have used both types for extended periods of time and massive quantities

except Commercial Salt due to Raising Blood Pressure and causing Clotting.

In Swimming Pool, in the Bath massive quantities- as Foot Spa etc

It hydrates the Skin but i noticed it leaves it vulnerable to Malassezia.

A minimal benefit was a somewhat faster healing of lesions

but not anywhere near the Real – Seawater!

Seawater Hydrates the Skin but Deters the Yeast  

–Protects and Heals – Fast!!!



Applied directly on Body and in the Bath water

Soda is the opposite to Salt that it Dries the Skin badly

and so rendering it vulnerable to Malassezia.

Burns where Malassezia is present or on lesions and only deters briefly – if so… 

Epsom Salts – Simply No Effect!


Malassezia Breeders


  Applied On the Body Externally


  * * * * ALL OILS!!! * * * *

OILS-Lotions-Ointments-Body washes-Shampoos-Conditioners 

Gels –Lanoline and Generally ALL Greasy /Fatty / Waxy items

Irrespective of Any Antifungal or Antiseptic qualities

including medicated preparations.

Theoretically expected and falsely believed to Kill –

 instead Facilitating Malassezia Multiplication


* Vaginal Clotrimazol (Cream) Prescription and Over Counter- Applied:

Inserted in Vagina. Initially soothing then shortly afterwards

burning like Fire -the Malassezia Fire- and a Frenzy of Traffic back in!

Took a while and repeated Blood and Lesions along the walls

to realise it was an enemy rather than a helper

having caused a lot of Unbearable pain and Discomfort 

for quite some time – and the more internal lesions

the greater the fight to keep Malassezia out.

It took starting to Insert 3 Acidophilus Capsules daily directly inside

to finally Sooth, Deter Malassezia and allow it to beautifully Heal the area.

(There was an unexplainable Paradox at this conjecture 

which i worked out after starting the regular course of Acidophilus

and being able to observe the cycle of internal/external traffic  

the healing, the deterring and the lessening of return traffic,

Malassezia  –early stage– coming out of the Vagina is harmless

causing only a Burning sensation as it spreads along on the outer body

and settles in follicles but It turns ferocious  when returning at maturity

creating painful Lesions along the walls as is preparing for multiplication.)


All Three Below – Applied:

Scabies Creams

Canesten Athletes Foot Cream (Clotrimazol 10mg/g)

Daktarin (Miconazole Nitrate)

All Over the Body – from Ears/Neck down to Toes

– Daily for Many months – Dozens of tubes…

and More and More Malassezia Frenzy after a brief quiet.


  And Now the Worst Category of All

  The All in One ‘Breeders’ Basket




-As Pure Oils Directly on Externally affected areas

-As Ingredients in Body Wash/Lotions –Shampoo/Conditioners

-And In the Bath

* Tea Tree Oil  (100% as well as water soluble)

* Eucalyptus Oil – (both 100% as well as water soluble)

* Sandalwood Oil

* Mix of Aromatic Oils:

  Grape seed,  Sweet almond, Avocado , Hazelnut, Jojoba, 

   Wheat germ,  Camellia, Cinnamon, Clary sage, Patchouli,    

   Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang  with Lanolin and other acetyl/alcohol

   PPg additives



Applied: As Pure Oils Directly on Externally affected areas

* Lucas Pawpaw Ointment,

* Comfrey Ointment

* Zinc Oxide (Zinc Ok but Ointment Contains Arachidonic –Peanut– Oil )



Vitamin E capsules the edible ones

– Applied on Lesions and Fiery Scalp – made situation much worse – it is Oil!

Various ShampoosConditioners and Body Washes

   especially containing Fragrances and Oils

Vitamin C powder and tablet (inserted in Vagina)


Malassezia Killers


Applied On the Body Externally                                                                                             

–  The Bullets – i.e. effective on Impact

Hydrogen Peroxide – Applied:

– On Scalp/Hair (Not very effective)

– On Lesions – Feet – Toes – Hands

– Active for several hours – some 6 hours of agony!

– Belongs to All three Categories above;

– Leaving a painful mess ( See Peroxide Entry)

Ear Drops (Only in Internal Ear Area when filled and timed 4 Minutes)

Permethrin (Cream Shampoo  ONLY with added BUTOXIDE)


–  The Poisons – i.e. Slowly over time 

Hydrogen Peroxide (As above)

Methylated Spirits – Applied:

– On Lesions – Feet – Toes ( Short lasting )

Ear Drops 


–  The Bombs – i.e.  Blast immobile embedded Yeast

     but allows time for still in mobile stage to escape

Hydrogen Peroxide ( As above)

Methylated Spirits   (As above)


Malassezia Competition


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