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27 Sep


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Malassezia and Environmental Treatments

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In the Bath and / or Directly on the Body – (Topical Results)

* Laundry Detergent

* Pool Salt in bath water when seawater not available.

* Mineral tablets in bath water whensea water not available

* Bicarbonate Soda

* Natural Sea Salt (Celtic)

* Epsom salts 

* Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Barley Greens

* Charcoal Tablets

  ( Some  More Aggravating or No Effect whatsoever )


Some Methods Used

Water Bombs with a richly wet facecloth

  (LOL! when i was a Naïve Newbie and did not know the right way to do it)

Hair Drier , Heater and Cool Fan

   (Deterring until Area returned to normal temperature – Cool Fan Ineffective)

* Extremely Hot Water or  Air – ( No Difference )

* Extremely Cold Water – wash /dip in wash basin   ( No Difference )

   (Perhaps if emerged area for an hour in ice blocks

   and manage to avoid hypothermia, clotting, heart attack etc….

   would such risk be worth the effort to treat topically only and temporary?)

* Extremely Cold Water –  walking in the Sea

    (Highly Effective especially when temperature 16 C)

* TENS Machine (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation)

   Topically Effective -Drawback: the pads are coated with glue gel

   thus re-inviting yeast when currents stop


* Dousing and Treating Internal Vagina area

   (Temporary relief but not effective clearing)

* Inserting Vitamin C powder -tablet

   (Appears Malassezia likes acidity – seems to attract instead of repel)

* Inserting Salt and Soda individually and together –(Made no difference)

* Clotrimazol Cream as well as Tablet

   (Tablet only may have been OK but not available in quantity.

   Cream was a disaster of Malassezia attraction due to its emollient basis.)

* Inserting Antibiotic tablets -Temporary deterrent

* Inserting Cotton Wool  ( to keep area totally Dry)

   (Initially deterring while dry -Malassezia avoids dry- then becomes inviting

   due to its hair/fibre like quality and moisture absorption.


* Creating Environmental ‘Arctic Effect’

   (Winter 5-8 Celsius during Night- No heating-leaving window/door open

   and turning the fan on – no Blanket no pyjamas just light vest and knickers)

   No Effect on Malassezia – could easily come with me to the North Pole…

* ‘Heat Effect’ – Using Hair Drier on High

– On Head/ Scalp

– Near as close as possible to delicate Private areas

– Anywhere where a crawling sensation was felt

  (And while i was getting singed i could hear Malassezia laughing!)


* Intentional Perspiration Drenching

– Turning On Electric Blanket on High All Night

– Long Flannelette winter pyjamas

– Woollen Beanie on head

– Covering Body with Quilt plus Blankets

   (This certainly brought it out of all areas but did not do it any harm

   Perhaps the heat threatened it or perspiration /humidity stimulated it.

   One beneficial result was that a lot of Malassezia Gray /Orange sticky

   was on my Clothes rather than on my Body)

Malassezia on Clothes 1 MD


* Heat Soak – Nail Brush Scrub- with Pyrithione Zinc

  (Seems to be a moderately effective control on both body and scalp

  It is still  part of my daily routine.


until suspected formula change with detrimental effects – and discontinued 


  ( Generally most of the above except where otherwise stated

     either More Aggravating or No Effect whatsoever )


Environmental Treatments

* Swimming in Chlorinated Pool – (not anymore)

   (Drove Malassezia into internal areas -took me a long time to realise

    although i could feel it crawling as soon as i hit the water

    and chlorine dried the skin rendering it vulnerable to easy Malassezia digging)

* Swimming in Salt-Chlorinated Pool – (not anymore)

   Same as above but more quiet time before its returning to the surface

   which i had also initially wrongly interpreted for a while as clearing.

* Washing All Bedding and All Clothing Daily (still Do!)

   Yet there have been times when i was dealing with fractured bones

   and was unable to follow strict routine yet there was no dramatic change. 


* Bombing the House with Permethrin and other Pesticides 

   No Effect whatsoever!

* Discarding Furniture, Bedding, Clothing etc.

   (2/3 of All Contamination Susceptible items replacing with new)

   Felt good buying new ones but No effect on Malassezia 

* Moving Out of Home and Renting – in Newly Built Apartment

   A very Expensive Eye Opener to the Reality and Nature

   of what i was truly dealing with. 

   Many helpful discoveries – Many puzzle pieces came together

   many false beliefs or interpretations cleared and observed 

   with a more open accepting mind,  leading to better

   healthier and more effective solutions been followed since .



Yet Some Measures Necessary to a Moderate Degree

As Reasonable Daily Maintenance


( For More Details See Relevant Entries 

   on right side Menu –  and on Malassezia Blog)


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