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Malassezia – Lurking on Equipment? – QA



Malassezia Q & A s


Q * can malassezia live on daily equipments *

Malassezia Lurking


  I believe it can … i know it can!

    And i have the Proof!


The Photo below shoes my Bathroom Cabinet  where i store Towels

Pyjamas and Underwear for any emergency needs during the night.

It is fairly New! It has been Milky White and still is brightly so

without any blemishes such as discolouring or scratches etc.


         So is … or rather WAS!… the handle! …


   Milky white almost indistinguishable from the Cabinet surface

     …until recently!

By recently i am referring to a time mentioned in previous entries here

when having suffered a Rib Fracture and while in pain i had to forego

a lot of my Malassezia maintenance routine and thus started to observe

the signs of its …Orange footprints as shown on second Photo Below.


Before i get to that though i want to point out that the Colour of the handle

of the Cabinet is now distinctly …Orange as opposed to its Original White!


(Poor quality photos due to low MP phone camera but still visible )

   Malassezia on Handles MD


     How did Malassezia’s Orange sticky ‘glow’ got onto the cabinet handle?

   From my hands of course!

           It is the same Orange that accumulated during that time

                      in the water container as shown below

      ( for details see “Humidity  Entry)


Malassezia Yeast glow in container MD 

(Before and After)

Malassezia Yellow

        I cannot claim i Know for sure for how long Malassezia 

         at this particular stage can survive and be transferable.


Based on observations and patterns i have come to know well

i would say that at this stage while still Yellow, Liquid and Sticky

it can be transferable for a day or two –until it dries out– but

doubt whether left exposed on the equipment for any longer

and without a living host, would be able to continue its cycle

therefore not dangerous unless touched soon while still ‘alive’.


                  The one in the Water Container though

-due to the humidity and possibly other invisible elements- 

                          may be a different story!

It is just a ‘feeling’ i have about the difference between the two

because one stays bright orange and looking ‘alive’ for longer

            so i would be weary of touching the wet one…

                The same would apply to kitchen Utensils

               Utensils + humidity + fats  / oils, sugar etc


Malassezia and untensils


The white Gritty / Sand grain shards i Do know they survive much longer

     but harder to ‘stick’ on equipment and possibly even onto the skin

     unless …’greasy’ – making it … easy!…

so  i would be wary of Body Oils and Lotions…

            Should  they fall on Clothing or on the Hair / Scalp etc

            they have a good chance of starting a new infestation

            if a number of conditions are present and favourable.


Having said that, cleaning and disinfecting suspected equipment

       would not do any harm unless it becomes obsessive

              and i know for sure – this i know for sure! 

                  would make no discernible difference!

I don’t know if this would adequately answer the Reader’s Question           

but  even the Lab researchers are still trying to answer many of them… 





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Malassezia Latest Experiments – NB


*Notice Board*

Malassezia Noticeboard


Malassezia Message 1NB


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Malassezia – Active Living – Work Environment – DM



Malassezia Maintenance


    * Malassezia – Active Living and Work Environment *

*Malassezia and Genital Bumps, Scratch Lines, Itchy Sores, Lesions

                                  (To read Entry click on Link above))



      Malassezia - Work Environment


One important point that must be Clearly Understood

about Malassezia and its Symptoms, is that there are

No ‘Quick Fix- No mess- No Pain’  ‘Pills’

            that Kill or Heal Instantly

Some can Deter, Some can Sooth Instantly and / or Heal Faster

or do All of the above but it all takes Time and Consistent application.


Therefore Prevention is the Mother of …  Intention! …Lol!


One problem that affects  Active people adversely and with disadvantage

 –and by active i mean all those who go out to work

or do household chores having to spend a lot of time standing up–

 is that the Muscles of the Body and generally the Skin Surface

are Uptight  making it difficult to detect effectively

any surreptitious movements at the time they occur

unless they are very potent and usually by that time may be too late.


                        Postponing also thinking 

   “I will take care of this when i get home – in 2 hours”

will not do good because Malassezia works on a 3 1/2  – 4 day cycle

and every minute counts as a stage in its growth and development.

 Two hours are nothing in the life of a Human but for Malassezia

it is like progressing from a Toddler stage to Teenage-hood

or to be more precise … from a Nymph to a Breeding Menace!


     So again: Prevention is the Mother of …  Intention! …


                 Seawater does Not Smell, is Not Greasy,

                   has No Colour and does Not go Off.


Malassezia and Seawater


   Acidophilus capsules have a strong -freshly baked bread- aroma

hard to be traced on a person, practically Colourless translucent Skin colour

when mixed with water -at least the ones i use!- and can also be kept

            out of the fridge for 2-3 days before going off.


 Malassezia Probiotics


They can both serve quietly if put in Small –sample – Bottles

          – preferably with a nozzle for controlled flow-

or vitamin containers and taken along in a Handbag or a Briefcase

 and applied discretely where some privacy can be available.


   Malassezia Treatments1 MD

 Sample Bottles photographed against Laptop and Mouse (right)

                           for comparison of size


These two good helpers can be unobtrusive in a working environment

offer a quick relief and can stave off an unpleasant full blown attack

by interrupting it  – if applied as soon as any Symptoms are Felt.

They both offer protection to some degree under normal circumstances

        by Deterring Malassezia from settling  in an area.


Failing Prevention of settling-in  they can still upset the breeding cycle

                  cutting it short and even if failed that stage 

           they can sooth and help heal any lesion much faster.


            At what stage Prevention may fail  is dependent on


a) Malassezia’ s strength and Kamikaze determination at that particular time.

b) How long it was allowed to settle in the area before action taken

c) Susceptibility of Skin and or quick availability of Blood supply in area

d) Inadequate –Seawater / Acidophilus – protective coverage

e) Inadequate Thoroughness of Cleaning and Drying the area after Urination

f)  Favourable, inviting Temperature in area by prolonged sedentary time

                            as in desk / computer work etc.


 Pretty hard to guard against all those advantages the creature has on its side

especially when a person is outside home comfort and treatment availability.


 A possible –not trialled yet– helpful trick for ladies in a working environment

-alongside with the above- might be pouring either Seawater

or 2-3 Acidophilus capsules diluted in 4-5 Tbs water

on a Menstruation Pad so thst it can provide constant contact

with the Private area during sitting or standing times.


One drawback may be that modern pads are designed to draw moisture

to the bottom layer and leave the top one dry

in which case this may not work as well as might be expected

but i intend to give it a try as there is nothing to lose…

Personally i m thinking of the night time when i am more vulnerable

despite splashing the area thoroughly before bedtime.

Five hours good sleep can give a treacherous devil plenty of opportunity!


As for the gentlemen i am sorry i have No suggestions in this regard.

I can only imagine if i were there i would wrap the injured part

 –should that solution be viable??? – with a thin gauze / wound dressing

impregnated with either of the above and see the results.


It may be rather impractical due to less privacy in public or office facilities

and /or due to the shape, flexibility and variable size of the part etc

so it leaves you guys on your own ingenuity to find a suitable solution

for a more constant contact against several trips to the lavatory

to splash-on the above.

               * * *

               Please beware of All Probiotic Capsules Contents

           as some may not be suitable for Malassezia treatment

                                 and / or very low immunity

Saccharomyces Bouldari P.

                For Details See “Malassezia and Probiotics

                                            (Dec 13)

Have been trialling the Menstruation Pad idea and a detailed Entry

is been entered in the Queue of my  ‘To Report ‘ Long List…





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Malassezia – Male – Female Genital Sores – QA–K



   Malassezia Keywords


   Malassezia Male-Female Genital Sores

 Malassezia male-female genital sores MF



    Malassezia-male-female genital sores M

*K1 * itchy sores on penile shaft *

*K2 * bump with white puss on penis *

*K3 * genital herpes paper cut *

                      * * *



*K4* malassezia vaginal * 

*K5 * malassezia vulva *

*K6 * blood filled sore on vagina *

*K7 * bump inside vagina left side *

*K7 * genital herpes paper cut *

*K8* pictures of pus filled or burst pus bumps on vagina *

*K9 * burning sensation in vagina + blepharitis *

*K10 * malassezia treatment women *

Malassezia-male-female genital sores

*Q * why is the inside of the labia bumpy *


This is a question only a doctor might be able to answer

and most likely after examination and tests done. 


I will only refer to similar Malassezia symptoms and characteristic. 


There are Three types of Bumps that appear to form

-or try to form-  persistently on the Labia and Vulva in ladies 

and on the Penis in men.


                     One is a Shallow Flattish Bump 

               that usually opens into a Paper Scratch Line.

It hurts very much and lasts for 3-5 days.

Malassezia Burst Bump


Another is a Purple Blood filled Bump, 

Itchy and hurts deep when touched. 


Malassezia Purple Bump


And the third type is a Spherical one, round like a pea

but the size of a rice grain much like the Purple Bump

but Protruding rather than lying on the skin.

It appears suddenly just inside or around the Vulva.

 It hurts unbearably even at the lightest touch.

 It feels like filled with Malassezia liquid or Blood – likely both!

and appears as if it is burrowed in a way that it cannot break open

like the scratch line sores – and is eventually absorbed by the body.

I have felt them by touch but have never seen them 

under the digital microscope being more rare than the other two.


All seem to last for approx 3- 5 days.

What i do not know for certain is:


 a) Whether they are actually Three distinctly different types 

with one common characteristic of burrowing under the same type

of blood rich area and developing up to different stages 

-i.e some unable to complete the cycle


b)  Whether it is really only One type of Bump 

    that varies in size  and appearance 

    depending on the particular spot where it burrows 

    and whether or how far it does get to complete its cycle


c) Whether they only last 3-5 days -because they do not get to develop fully

     or Only because i treat them with Seawater and Acidophilus bacteria.

(Acidophilus diluted in a little water 2-3 times daily and Seawater at Bedtime.)


There is a deep painful prickly digging-in sensation

which goes on intermittently for a half hour or so

        Before the Purple Bumps form.


When I do feel this happening i act immediately applying either

Acidophilus or Seawater Repeatedly in order to Saturate the area

and successfully Prevent it from forming

– except when it happens during sleep.


The other two types usually are preceded by the Burning sensation

and i also act immediately washing the area thoroughly with warm water

and an old harsh to the touch facecloth, scrubbing hard

and then scrubbing dry to remove Malassezia in its liquid form.

When acting immediately it works but any delay allows it to settle

and form Bumps and Lesions.


I do not use anything else other than Seawater or Acidophilus  

because whenever i have done so in the past

the results were painful and disastrous.


The most important thing is to act immediately

as soon as either Burning Itching, Pricking or Digging-in is felt

and never fail to wash and dry the area thoroughly after urinating.


When any similar sensation is felt inside the vagina,

i immediately wash the walls with a warm water wet cotton wad

then dry with a dry facecloth and insert an Acidophilus capsule

 as far up  near the Cervix as can be reached

as it has the tendency to follow gravity …lol!…


Repeated applications usually prevent Malassezia from settling inside

so a close watch must be kept for the Vulva and Labia areas

as they are its equally and naturally preferred places.


 Some Slithering-in and especially Crawling sensations are also alerting signs.


(For Blepharitis see about Aloe Vera Malassezia and This or That…” )


   For additional Photos and Info see * Malassezia Bog*





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Malassezia – Can it Cause Back Pain? QA



Malassezia Q & A s


*Q *can malassezia yeast cause joint and back pain in humans?**

Malassezia -Back pain


Back Pain can be caused by a number of things, many  unrelated to Malassezia.

As a general rule anything that can affect Spine, Pelvis and Kidneys can result

causing Pain, Nerve Pressure and Inflammation on Joints and Back or Both.


Some but not all of these potential sources of trouble are:


* Loss of Calcium or other Minerals from the Spine or Pelvic area

* Kidney Irritation – Inflammation – Infection – Fluid Retention


Some Items or Actions that Can affect Kidneys Adversely are:

    Kidney Bladder

* Standing up for long periods of time

* Lifting heavy weights

* Drinking or Eating freaking Cold Items of low 4-6 C while the natural

  internal temperature of kidneys is a perpetual 36C

  (not  adequate warming up time in the stomach)

* Alcohol, Coffee, Tea

* Soda, Salt, Pepper, Vinegar, Spices, Sauces, Preservatives, Proteins

* Fats and Oils, especially Fried or Roasted

* Foods or substances Inhibiting Calcium absorption

* Inadequate Intake of Fluids

* Medications Over the Counter such as Pain Killers

  to more serious Prescription ones such as Antibiotics

* Some of the Preservatives, Binders and Fillers in Capsules and Tablets

  of both Vitamin / Mineral ones or General Medications.

* Some Kidneys cannot tolerate Certain Minerals despite being useful or needed

   as the very Calcium itself,  Iron, Potassium, Magnesium etc

   despite Companies trying to promote mega doses as more beneficial.

And i m sure many more causes that do not come immediately to mind.


Most people give No second thoughts about consuming or doing some

of those things – often a number of them at a time- considering back pain

as an isolated, unrelated, independent event.


I am No qualified physician – only completed a Naturopathic Course privately

many years back without pursuing a Certificate  – but i do have a lifelong

experience with sensitive temperamental kidneys  which i regretfully owe 

to my Father -and as a consequence my early childhood exposure- to his

obsession with heavily Salted, Spiced and swimming in Oil and Sauce, Foods…


Dark Circles and/or Puffy Eye Pockets are unfailing Indicators of Kidney Trouble!

Many people have either or both for such a long time they eventually settle

in considering them as part of their features but no one is born with Puffy eyes 

and especially nor Dark circles, these signs are not to be confused as similar

or part to ageing and wrinkles! Lol!


Once these highly possible causes are tested and safely ruled out

– something hard to arrive with certainty as they need methodical testing-

then the possibility of Malassezia as a cause direct or indirect

can enter in the field of speculation. 


Internally there have been times i have traced Malassezia’ s presence

and activity in the Uterus and Ovaries, Intestinal Canal

from the outer Anal area and as far as the entire Colon

right to the small Intestines, Lungs and occasionally for a short time in the Throat.

There have been instances when specific type of burning in the Kidneys 

made me suspicious of Malassezia but have never been able to verify

if it was true*

Logically it can go anywhere as there is nothing to stop it but i believe it would be

a very slim chance and only accidentally or for a short period of time

as it can find many needed elements elsewhere.

If there is long term or frequent Kidney Pain i would Look more into other causes

as mentioned above -many that medical tests cannot pick up- or any medications

taken regularly, or medicated preparations used or taken to treat Malassezia

remembering that even substances applied on the skin can be absorbed

and everything is processed by the kidneys, let alone the ones taken

orally / internally.


The best way is to keep a daily diary of all consumed throughout the day

and start eliminating an item or two for a few days to a week, etc.

and keep notes of indications preferably not adding any back until all tested. 


I guess many people would consider this a tedious time consuming task

despite its possibility to liberate them from pain and possibly long term damage

but i have done so on the logic that if i can devote time to watch TV

or read a fictional novel  i cannot justifiably claim i have no time to get to know

my body’s pains and grievances inflicted either neglectfully or inadvertently. 


   * Dec 13 note:

A recent incident has provide me with more reasons to believe

that at least this time Kidney Pains were caused by Malassezia.

Details soon in upcoming entry.

                          Relevant Entry: Healthy Diets Good Kidneys


              Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

             Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

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Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

    Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
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    Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 








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Malassezia – Can it Cause Bad Breath? – K



Malassezia Keywords


   *K * malassezia bad breath *


     Malassezia -Breath


There can be a Number of Causes for Bad Breath

* Anxiety or  Worry

* Illness

* Flu

* Infection

* Rotten teeth

* Bad gums

* Bacteria coated tongue

* Heavy Undigested Food

* Stomach acids

* Bacteria in the stomach

* Bacteria in the Intestinal tract

* Congestion in the Colon

And possibly many – many more.


Can Malassezia cause Bad Breath?


Yes, it can!


Malassezia has a very distinct smell when on the outside of the body

and recently i have identified a specific internal odour coming up

                    when there is overload in the intestinal tract.

      It can be so potent that i can smell it through my own breath.

Not surprising since Malassezia lives and multiplies in the lower intestinal canal.

Although this odour is definitely and distinctly one of ‘Death’ combined with

a sourly gone bad ‘Sewerage’ one, i have not been able to determine

whether it is one of a sudden New internal infestation or of one just Died.


This particular odour when i detect it in my breath prompts me to have

some  enemas  immediately to clear it out, as well as its cause

and when i do so, sure enough the same odour is potently

and overpoweringly present in the waste that comes out.


Congestion in the Anal area can have a great impact on the quality 

of breath -Malassezia present or Not – but can be relieved and got rid of

       with a couple of Litres of Enemas clearing the Colon area.


* * *

I do have a Theory that points to an Infestation having ‘just Died’

 rather than the start of a new one but have not been able to verify yet.


My Theory is that since i have not yet identified anything that i have ever 

consumed in the past or present that causes Malassezia to die internally

or externally –excluding external topical treatments– then it could be  

that at times – despite careful measures and precautions- it is possible

for It to transfer –as it is liquid and mobile!– from my hands into foods

and from there into the Stomach –and assuming it survives the acids–

             it multiplies causing the New or Over infestation

 but the New Batches**1 are either unequipped yet and unable to cope

with the internal environment and die, or they are too far up 

the intestinal track and cannot make it outside to the surface of the Body

             – a part which appears to be Crucial to its Cycle- 

              so it dies and thus the Putrid Sewerage Odour….


**1 Much like newly hutched Turtles coming out of the eggs

  follow their instinct to the Sea… so the new Malassezia clones

  try to find their way to the outside – but not being close enough

  to the elimination exit point they cannot make it in time and die.

Their life cycle is only 3 1/2 days while the breeding /cloning cycle

                   (within a Lesion) is near 4 weeks.

The passage from the stomach to the final elimination point of the intestines

in an old sluggish system can take more than 1-2 days

by which it may be too late for Malassezia to find its way out

to complete its reproductive cycle and therefore at the end of it, it dies…


One good verification of this Theory would be whether i experience

the ‘Dying off’ Symptom/s prior to the appearance of this Smell.


This would clarify also whether the ‘Dying Off’ Symptom is in fact after all

Malassezia dying rather than my Body’s defence mechanism

   responding to a new Infestation as i have seen it all along.


( I shall keep Alert Attention for next time this occurs and will Report.)

                                               * * *

 Dec 2014: There had been a couple of reasons why i had not been able 

                       to verify back when this Entry was posted  

                  if it was Malassezia Dying or Malassezia New etc:

            1)  I was experiencing frequent Lung Bleeds

                 with Blood consequently going down and through

                 the digestive process and Intestinal canal

                 and therefore causing the Dead Blood Odour.

                 Quite a reasonable assumption and thought more likely

                 than having anything to do with Malassezia

           2)   Some of the Symptoms experienced were identical

                  to Both New Malassezia Infestation as to a Die Off one

                  and some similar also to the whole bleeding experience.                                          

                  I have always been very careful and cautious

                  Not to Publish anything i do not feel sure about

                   -at least a the time  and to my knowledge-  

                  but since then i had several chances

                  of -Blood Free- Multi Week periods to clarify and verify


a) There is a Specific Taste – and Smell when a New Outbreak 

b) The ‘Dead Blood/Sewerage’ Odour is certainly a Die Off one 

     similar in quality to the New Infestation one

                       yet distinctly different                         

    as IF … the Same Substance when Alive and when Dead

c) Some of the Symptoms are indeed present

    in  Both New Infestation as well as a Die Off case.   


(See also … * Malassezia ‘Dying off ‘ Symptom *)


Malassezia cloning





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Malassezia and This or That or … Other – K–QA



    Malassezia Q & A s


Malassezia and This or That …


*K1 * malassezia aloe vera* 


Malassezia -Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a natural gel and as such it should attract Malassezia.

It does not appear to do so -as far i can tell- but neither repels it.

Malassezia responds to it – perhaps due to its contining alkaloids

                    but does not cause it to move away either.


           As the gel starts to dry though, it seems to inadvertently

              Kill Malassezia being trapped in it and drying with it.


             It turns very itchy for a while and then …  nothing …

           Once Aloe Vera has dried up new Malassezia batches

                 eventually return to the area but not as much

                  or as quick as with any other Oils and Gels.


                    Applied on Lesions initially it stings a bit

         but it is a good natural healer and inflammation soother.


      Due to its consistency it is best applied Only on open areas

                 where it can dry fast killing Malassezia along

                    while in enclosed or moist humid areas

                it can have uncertain or even inviting results.


     For this reason it is my less preferred option for most areas

          except for Eyelids,Eyelashes, outer Ears and Nose.


*Q1 *does aloe vera gel cure trich *

      Malassezia -Aloe vera juice

         I believe the Reader means a Commercial Gel in tube

     or it would be a lot of plant required to cover all hair and scalp.

        I had tried Aloe Vera Gel in tube and although it contained

  some alcohol type drying agents it did not prove to have any effect,

  other than a negative one of the alcohol attracting more  Malassezia.


         Would the fresh plant cure Trich?*


     NO!- – –  It could temporarily kill whatever dried up with the gel

  but given the hair and the large area it would leave a lot surviving.


     Even if it Did… Would it be the end? – Would it be a Cure?


If by ‘ Cure’ we mean either a once of – or a few repeated treatments

              that would fix the problem forever onwards, then 

  NO! … Nothing Topical can ‘ Cure” Malassezia but Temporarily.

* * *


  *Q2 * will a yogurt mask heal pityrosporum *

Malassezia yoghourt mask


         Repeated applications of a Yoghurt mask 

-depending on the extend and severity of the problem-

                      will Deter Malassezia settling on Scalp

                        Sooth Itching and Inflammation

                             and will Heal any Lesions

         but will not Kill Pityrosporum.


A YAM Mixture (Yog-Acidophilus capsule-Milk)

    may Deter Malassezia from settling in area

possibly even kill some but Not if in Spore stage

* * *

*K2* lemon juice against melassezie yeast *

*K3* apple cider for trich *


Malassezia -Lemon juice


                *Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar

                       were the first two items i used 

           when the problem broke out some four years back.


I used them repeatedly -both myself and my husband- and we both noticed

        that when Lemon juice was applied the ‘ Lice’ as we thought

              as we though we were trying to clear back then

              had Relocated down to our Shoulders and Back!

It was true, except it was not Lice which we did not know until a lot later…


Malassezia does not like Fresh Lemon when first applied on an area

but seems to love it when it dries out and so it is with Vinegar!

       Both of them seem to have the initial repelling effect

        followed by a stampede back once area dries out.


Considering that both are good Bread Dough /Leavening agents

it is not surprising that a similar Yeast family would like them too.

* * *


*K3* apple cider vinegar for malessizia *

*K4* apple cider vinegar Malassezia *

Malassezia - Cider Vinegar


It has been many years since i last consumed Apple Cider Vinegar

because it used to cause me kidney pains i have nowadays,

i m having nowadays, so i have not trialled it as an Internal treatment

against Malassezia but i dont think i need to!…. i know already…


I can imagine it going down a perfect brewing cauldron

of digestive Bacteria and Yeasts … and making their day!…

Beneficial i can imagine as digestion aid especially in breaking down fats?

    -not sure if a fact or fallacy as there are many- and most likely 

    helpful against some bad flora  – but not to a person already 

         – but not to a person already fighting Yeast trouble.

Its  a … Gut Feeling i have and i have learned to Trust it!

So, No, i do Not believe it would do any harm to Malassezia 

           if in fact it did not do it the world of good… 


I have though used it extensively on my skin and at times my head

    as a degreaser and hair lustre improving agent –pre and during

Malassezia times- and had found it good in all areas of expectation

    other than the Malassezia – due to the inviting after effect

                         as already mentioned above.

Its one positive against Malassezia is its degreaser quality

but ONLY IF there is a SEVERELY matted hair problem 

          and ONLY used ONCE for that Purpose

otherwise i would steer clear of it in Any area of the Body!

* * *


*Q3* does urine kill Malassezia *



   NO! It does Not!


 On the contrary, it Attracts both due to its Wetness bas well as its Acidity

    so it is imperative -and equally important for both men and women-

          that the genital area is thoroughly washed and dried

                  after each and every visit to the bathroom.

            A Painless Inconvenience against Painful Trouble…

* * *

 *K6* malasesia and vitamin c *

     Malassezia - Vitamin C -1


   Vitamin C -applied topically- appears to be Malassezia Friendly!

I had been inserting it in the Vagina with other ingredients for several weeks

running into months and had never suspected it was causing trouble

                                until i used it on its own.

Though Beneficial in so many ways,  areas and ailments under the Sun

it does not seem to make Any difference in Malassezia’s volumes or activity.


It appears to be Neutral in regards to Malassezia when taken Internally:  


I have been on very high dosages daily for many years due to my Lung illness

frequent bleeds and susceptibility to a host of secondary infections etc.

    I had also had to reduce considerably at times for short periods

           as well as -though most infrequently- stop completely 

         -depending on the circumstances demanding doing so-

but neither way has ever been an indication of any perceptible difference

in any way regarding Malassezia.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ***

 Malassezia Survival MD

Malassezia Defender




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