Malassezia and Coconut Oil – QA

01 Oct


    Malassezia Q & A s 


         Malassezia OIL


Q1:  * will coconut oil kill Malassezia *

A:             NO It will NOT!


 Q2:   * Can coconut oil help Malassezia *

A:              ‘help Malassezia?’      

                 It most certainly can!     

                Malassezia thrives in Oil 

                and to my experience

Loves them All!


Q3:   * does coconut oil cure Malassezia *

A:              NO It Does NOT!


Q4:   * oil kills malassezia fungi *

A:              NO It Does Not! 

            On the Contrary…

     It Helps it Grow and Reproduce


Q5:   * coconut oil works on furfur *

A:      If by ‘Works‘ we mean 

          ‘Malassezia Thrives in OILS’

    then the answer is Yes….


Q6: * sesame oil and malassezia *

A:      NO hope! … Sesame oil – IS still OIL!!!


Q7: *Which oils feed malassezia yeast*


A:      Not sure if it is a matter of Oils Feeding Malassezia

    Oils certainly helping it Grow and Multiply.

    All OILS should be Avoided –  Topically

   and as Excessive Consumption of Cooked Fats

   that may arrive undigested in the Colon area

   where Malassezia concentrates


Q8:  *neutrogena body cleaner kills morgellons *


A:      ‘Neutrogena Face Cleaner’

     clears dry dead layer skin caused my Malassezia.

     It does Not kill Malassezia itself.

     I don’t know what it does with Morgellons

     as i don’t know what exactly IS Morgellon’s …

Please see Entries:  


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What Researchers have found

   Regarding Malassezia Requirements for Lipids:

Malassezia and Lipids 1-R

Malassezia and Lipids 2 -R

Anyone else said anything about OIL?

Yes, i’m sure i will return soon

with another bundle of hopeful questions

about Coconut and Other Oils…






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