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01 Oct




       Malassezia Humour


        The FUNNY and the SERIOUS SIDE


                          The FUNNY


  * malassezia everywhere *

   Malasseia Itch

     Sounds Cuckoo ? … Certainly does…

     A warped mind’s insane perception? … 

     For sure a Challenging Puzzle

            for any normal mind.


* laundry with demodex *

Malassezia and Washing

                       No Thanks!…

  Just washing Powder will do for me…


*malassezia yeast moisturizer*

Malassezia Moisturizer mock

             Is it a New product made of 

     Fresh … Malassezia Fungus? Lol!


    * malassezia yeast scalp tablets *

       Malassezia Itchy scalp

     Scalp Tablets made with Malassezia?

     Are they Complimentary to the Moisturiser?




*malassezia everywhere*

Malassezia Presence and Behaviour can certainly challenge

any Normal Rational mind to its Stretch

and drive one to despair and doubt their own sanity.

I know this stage and despite my much better current condition

there are still times i find myself revisiting the doubt

not so much of Malassezia’ s existence internally or externally

but of the extend of its pervasive evil presence

and resulting symptoms that cannot be verified beyond doubt.

(Some medical /research sites use the term ‘Ubiquitous‘ i.e Universal,

   Widespread, Pervasive, Omnipresent etc – and No doubt So it Is!)


* laundry with demodex*

I am guessing here that the Reader is suffering either a Demodex

or Malassezia affliction and wondering how to go about with Laundry

i.e, what to use, what to wash, what can get rid of ‘it’, etc.


First i must clarify that not dealing with Demodex, 

although symptoms and behaviour according to research are similar

i cannot consider as having observed enough about Demodex

to know and reply with any certainty.


If on the other hand the Reader has not been medically identified

as having Demodicosis and is possibly troubled by Malassezia

and suspecting so but not knowing for sure … here i believe 

i might help …  with not so pleasantly helpful or hopeful info!…


Ordinary washing does Not kill the Malassezia beast..

I don’t think hot water is lethally hot

– not sure about the Drier either

Have tried Both to insanity but nothing made a dint.


The Problem is not the Clothes, Bedding etc

even though Malassezia can survive on them for some time

and possibly contribute to partial re-contamination. 


Soaking any suitable items  prior to washing

into high concentration Bleach and left for sometime

might do the job but then what? … and for how long?


Even if it worked it would not be the end of the Problem!….                                            

              * malassezia yeast moisturizer*

I don’t know if the Reader was looking for a moisturiser

that would  provide relief to Malassezia’s symptoms 

or a Lotion that could possibly  kill Malassezia.


Whatever the case, most moisturisers, if not All, contain oils

emollients and other greasy items as well as some types of alcohol

such as acetyl or benzoates, etc – which may provide temporary relief

but cause a frenzied Malassezia return to a more favourable environment.  


* malassezia yeast scalp tablets*

I am not aware of any Scalp tablets – medicated or otherwise.

In the * Malassezia Blog * entries especially the one about

Scalp/ Hair Treatment, i mention Acidophilus Capsules.

They work! …  IF done properly and with consistently.


Malassezia Internal External. MDjpg





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