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06 Oct



Malassezia Q & A s

Q1:  * does malessizia bury into skin of human *

   Malassezia in Follicles and Skin


A:   The answer is Yes!

Malassezia is only briefly exposed on the surface of the skin.

It usually settles deep down in the hair follicles

or under the outer skin layer until ready to mobilise

and find a place to attach to and start digging in 

to draw blood and presumably reproduce.


In the photos below can be observed

1- Settling into Hair Follicles

Malassezia Hair Follicles2 MB

Hair follicles are visibly Swollen and Pus-filled.


2- Forming Bumps under the Skin

Bumps under Skin MD


3 – Developing into larger deeper Lesions

Malassezia  Bumps1 MB

Two Black –Blood – Specks on the left photo indicate entrance points.


4 – Some appear to erupt suddenly from under the skin

where No Bumps have been present prior

forming very Itchy Burning Paper Cut Scratch lines

Scratch Lines MD


Of course it could be deceptive surface attack just digging in

rather than erupting outwards and no doubt hard to verify.

Paper Cut Scratch Lines never seem to grow in size or develop 

cheesy centers – or if so they are minute and invisible to the eye- 

and lasting only  –a least on me – a few days.

Several of them i have viewed under Digital Microscope

did not appear to have a discernible cheesy center


*Q2:  * do malassezia yeast sores have centers *


Malassezia Lesion MD


A:     I am not sure what the Reader means by ‘center’


I have suffered in the past several large as well as small Lesions

with an initially whitish yellow watery but clingy cheesy nucleus

formed in the center, becoming progressively thicker

and impossible to separate and scrape off the skin.


Perhaps it was part of the skin layer that turned that way

and possibly all lesions cause that center but not always visible.


This type of lesions are the worst and once formed

they keep reproducing  throughout a 24/7 cycle

of a ‘Start/Rest – Start/Rest – Start/Rest ‘ rythm

at 2-3 hour irregular intervals that last for 3 1/2 – 4 weeks 

causing itching and burning during the active periods. 

On Rare times i could bite my lips and dig in and scrape the yellow out

if successfully done i would find either it had finished – and stopped 

and the lesion started to heal or if left some still in there 

it had formed more but smaller than the initial and kept reproducing.

This indicates that there is some significance to that Yellow substance

perhaps –and i say only perhaps!– being the Fungus itself!


Malassezia  Lesion5 MB

Photos  1 and 3 show a more widespread initial yellowing

  which eventually contracts as it thickens and hardens.


I remember back then i used to treat them with Soda, Salts

and a wide Variety of Creams and Chemicals

producing Agonising pain and making Bath time  

an excruciating experience. 


I don’t get them anymore which coincides with starting

to use only Natural Preventative means

against Malassezia settling and forming them.


Whatever sparingly appearing small lesions i happen to get

–usually produced during the night while i m asleep– i treat 

with Seawater, YAM Mixture, or Acidophilus capsules

 in a little water and they heal quickly without dramas. 


For details See the  ‘PHOTOS’  entries on * Malassezia Blog*





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