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11 Oct



Malassezia Keywords

   Malassezia and Probiotics

Malassezia and Probiotic Bacteria

*K:   * bacteria vs Malassezia *

      I assume by ‘bacteria’ the Reader means Probiotic Bacteria

             as in Acidophilus – Lacto-Bifidous Family, etc


* Friendly to the Skin and to the Gut and help Cure many Infections.

* Highly Improve the Condition of Malassezia troubled Vagina.

* Deter Malassezia in any area they are applied on 

Sooth and  help Lesions Heal fast – but Do Not directly Kill Malassezia…

I can confirm the above declarations after conducting repeated trials

            over many months and several stop – restart treatments.

                 2014: This reference is to taking them Internally


   Even a Creature like this


 …Cannot Kill Malassezia

     (This is meant to be Funny!)

                            Except for Hydrogen Peroxide

           but at a High Price of Mess and unforgettable Pain

                              Not sure worth the trouble  

                  given the Temporary nature of the Victory!


*K    * inulin Malassezia *


Inulin is a processed Plant Sugar usually added in Probiotics Capsules

                    as Food for the Acidophilus Bacteria.

Unfortunately, they have been found to feed some bad Bacteria as well

and most likely some rather … appreciative opportunistic Yeasts!


Personally, when i take them orally i experience nail-sharp headaches.

I had  written previously that they did not seem to adversely affect my man

but recently trying to build his immune system prior to an overseas trip

    i gave him one capsule daily for a month and he did not tell me

     he had been experiencing side effects until after he had made 

    an appointment with the dentist for a tooth extraction due to pain. 

     I told him it was likely Inulin causing pain and other symptoms

       and after i stopped giving it to him – tooth ache was gone.

             He felt embarrassed he had to tell the dentist

                    and proceeded for a routine clean…


For myself to minimise the effect i insert them directly in the vagina

and in the Anal areas as this way they also bypass the stomach fluids

                    and with a higher chance of survival.


Judging by the ‘Before –During – After’ Acidophilus treatment results

it is Obvious the Benefits far outweigh any discomfort or inconvenience.


*K    * malassezia probiotics*


Beneficial as Probiotics may be, one ought to be very careful

about the Brand and Total list of Ingredients,

as Inulin may not be the only one  contained.


Searching for a list of ingredients in other Brands

i found this piece of information which indicates

 Malassezia inflicted people should be wary  

about all the contents in a product as some ingredients

may compound a problem one is endeavouring to solve: 


Saccharomyces Bouldari P.

                               ( Click on Image to Enlarge )

     Saccharomuces Boulardii Yeasts belong to the Probiotics category

and may be beneficial for digestion, against diarrhoea and other conditions

but obviously not for those with Malassezia affliction or week immune system

           according to the information provided above.


       Not All good things are good for everything…


*Q1 * is lactobacillus rhamnosus effective for treating Malassezia*


Lactobacilllus Rhamnosus is part of the Natural Friendly Flora

found in the digestive system, Vagina  – Urinary and Genital tracts

where it protects against antagonistic bad bacteria.


           I have been using a Brand containg L Rhamnosus

                       for the Vagina and Intestinal area


Malassezia and Acidophilus


                        and a cheaper Brand that without it

as a Deterrent/ Soother/ healer etc for external areas and sores.


Malassezia and Probiotics F


Some times when i have used the non L Rhamnosus ones for the Internals

i thought they were not as effective but it may have been a preconceived idea

– preconceived ideas can often inhibit perception of reality in any area of life! –

or perhaps because they are bubble seal packaged keeping fresh longer.

The other ones seem to dry out after a week or so…  something to consider…


Now to answer the Question:


             If by “effective treating Malassezia” is inferred “Killing it’

                                 then the answer is No.

       If it means as a ‘General Beneficial Treatment against Malassezia’

                                 then I Can say Yes!...

           I have found it to be So – with absolutely No doubt.


   Malassezia and Rhamnosus

                                  ( Click on Image to Enlarge )

Lactobacillus Ramnosus is definitely effective for treating Malassezia


                         I must clarify though what i mean:


* It is effective in Improving and Restoring the Vaginal environment

   after Malassezia’s often devastating effects – my long term battle

    good testimony of a finally victorious result – beyond my best expectations  


* It Deters Malassezia presence – Reducing it considerably  in time

   if applied frequently and consistently over several weeks or months

   -depending on the individual’s condition.                                                                      

 2014: It took a long time to discover that they actually Do

    -at least Acidophilus does-  slowly and steady 

Not on Impact and as far i can tell not the Spore stage either 

                         ( details later Entries)


Generally speaking Probiotics prove to be Beneficial for many more areas 

than the intended treatments not only in capsule but also as contained

                                      in a variety of foods.




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