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17 Oct



Malassezia Q & A s

    *Malassezia Updates and Answers to YOUR Questions*

                     Malassezia Updates


I have a number of New Entries on the Processing board

but when i saw this keyword i thought i might give it Priority

as i judged it Relevant to All New or Regular Visitors


*K: *any new updates to sonatas story about mallasezia furfur*


Unfortunately, this very well and specifically phrased keyword

although it theoretically should have directed straight onto this site

it most likely did not and possibly neither did it land the Reader

         in the right place in the Original Sonata’s Blogs ….


     So the Response  to this Keyword is

                             * * * * *

* Malassezia Daily *

      IS the NEW Site for ALL UPDATES 

     while the * Malassezia Blog*

                  is now Completed

                            * * * * *


               * Malassezia Blog *

       Has just been Updated,  Edited,

           Corrected and Enhanced 


I endeavour to post an Entry a Day but although each Entry

takes a few Seconds to Read, it takes a Lot of Work

Time and Effort from Beginning to End to achieve 

a Completed, Coherent and hopefully well Presented End. 


Malassezia not the only Evil i have to deal with in my daily life 

and with very Low reserves of Energy plus a Long List of 

Q & As and Keywords and Daily … Adventures of my Own 

with New Insights, Discoveries or Mishaps …during sleep

i can see i have enough on my plate to last me to the end of my days 

so i have already decided to Live Like A Tree….

Living and Dying like a Tree

and Die Like a Tree… i.e Standing Up!


This is one of the Reasons i also decided to devote my time to posting

an Entry a day that may Benefit many Readers for months to come 

rather than engaging time and effort on a one to one correspondence. 

Some Serious cases Excluded of course, even though most likely

this may cause a day’s delay in posting my Daily Entry

but i Cannot deny Help to anyone in genuine Need or Urgency

and when obvious they have already done their legwork

on the Entries already published.
This is the Note Informing All Visitors
                    Malassezia Correspondence


 How the Queue works:


I don’t know if Google has detected by now and Included *Malassezia Daily*

in its search engine and and if Keywords would direct here

so  i check Daily the Original Sonata’s Blogs 

and from there i collect and compile a List of newer or not dealt with topics.


I prioritise those QAs and Ks more frequently used by Readers

or i feel there is an interesting new angle to the QAKs 

that make me think i have not addressed them adequately or as specifically 

in my previous entries, or i have Discovered/ Confirmed/ Re-evaluated

            Newer Information about a topic. 

The queuing also depends on the length of info and work i have to put in

in addressing each topic – often  working on several Entries simultaneously

and promoting shorter ones to keep up with the daily posting if possible

while taking work to Bed on my Apple iPad at night if not too tired or sleepy. 


So, i hope making it as clear as this, i can rely on your patience

bearing with me with the belief that sooner or later you may find 

your Own QAK replied to, with the most recently updated 

information available to me 


Bookmarking *Malassezia Site* can also bring you directly here.



Malassezia Updates




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