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20 Oct



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There can be a Number of Causes for Bad Breath

* Anxiety or  Worry

* Illness

* Flu

* Infection

* Rotten teeth

* Bad gums

* Bacteria coated tongue

* Heavy Undigested Food

* Stomach acids

* Bacteria in the stomach

* Bacteria in the Intestinal tract

* Congestion in the Colon

And possibly many – many more.


Can Malassezia cause Bad Breath?


Yes, it can!


Malassezia has a very distinct smell when on the outside of the body

and recently i have identified a specific internal odour coming up

                    when there is overload in the intestinal tract.

      It can be so potent that i can smell it through my own breath.

Not surprising since Malassezia lives and multiplies in the lower intestinal canal.

Although this odour is definitely and distinctly one of ‘Death’ combined with

a sourly gone bad ‘Sewerage’ one, i have not been able to determine

whether it is one of a sudden New internal infestation or of one just Died.


This particular odour when i detect it in my breath prompts me to have

some  enemas  immediately to clear it out, as well as its cause

and when i do so, sure enough the same odour is potently

and overpoweringly present in the waste that comes out.


Congestion in the Anal area can have a great impact on the quality 

of breath -Malassezia present or Not – but can be relieved and got rid of

       with a couple of Litres of Enemas clearing the Colon area.


* * *

I do have a Theory that points to an Infestation having ‘just Died’

 rather than the start of a new one but have not been able to verify yet.


My Theory is that since i have not yet identified anything that i have ever 

consumed in the past or present that causes Malassezia to die internally

or externally –excluding external topical treatments– then it could be  

that at times – despite careful measures and precautions- it is possible

for It to transfer –as it is liquid and mobile!– from my hands into foods

and from there into the Stomach –and assuming it survives the acids–

             it multiplies causing the New or Over infestation

 but the New Batches**1 are either unequipped yet and unable to cope

with the internal environment and die, or they are too far up 

the intestinal track and cannot make it outside to the surface of the Body

             – a part which appears to be Crucial to its Cycle- 

              so it dies and thus the Putrid Sewerage Odour….


**1 Much like newly hutched Turtles coming out of the eggs

  follow their instinct to the Sea… so the new Malassezia clones

  try to find their way to the outside – but not being close enough

  to the elimination exit point they cannot make it in time and die.

Their life cycle is only 3 1/2 days while the breeding /cloning cycle

                   (within a Lesion) is near 4 weeks.

The passage from the stomach to the final elimination point of the intestines

in an old sluggish system can take more than 1-2 days

by which it may be too late for Malassezia to find its way out

to complete its reproductive cycle and therefore at the end of it, it dies…


One good verification of this Theory would be whether i experience

the ‘Dying off’ Symptom/s prior to the appearance of this Smell.


This would clarify also whether the ‘Dying Off’ Symptom is in fact after all

Malassezia dying rather than my Body’s defence mechanism

   responding to a new Infestation as i have seen it all along.


( I shall keep Alert Attention for next time this occurs and will Report.)

                                               * * *

 Dec 2014: There had been a couple of reasons why i had not been able 

                       to verify back when this Entry was posted  

                  if it was Malassezia Dying or Malassezia New etc:

            1)  I was experiencing frequent Lung Bleeds

                 with Blood consequently going down and through

                 the digestive process and Intestinal canal

                 and therefore causing the Dead Blood Odour.

                 Quite a reasonable assumption and thought more likely

                 than having anything to do with Malassezia

           2)   Some of the Symptoms experienced were identical

                  to Both New Malassezia Infestation as to a Die Off one

                  and some similar also to the whole bleeding experience.                                          

                  I have always been very careful and cautious

                  Not to Publish anything i do not feel sure about

                   -at least a the time  and to my knowledge-  

                  but since then i had several chances

                  of -Blood Free- Multi Week periods to clarify and verify


a) There is a Specific Taste – and Smell when a New Outbreak 

b) The ‘Dead Blood/Sewerage’ Odour is certainly a Die Off one 

     similar in quality to the New Infestation one

                       yet distinctly different                         

    as IF … the Same Substance when Alive and when Dead

c) Some of the Symptoms are indeed present

    in  Both New Infestation as well as a Die Off case.   


(See also … * Malassezia ‘Dying off ‘ Symptom *)


Malassezia cloning





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