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03 Nov




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   Now where can one find a Nuclear Bomb?


Malassezia - Clean


A Nuclear Bomb

                   Just about the only way to get rid of it in the environment

                                             … temporarily!


                       Some time back when innocence still reigned high 

                             After All treatments had Failed to eradicate

            the offending “creature”  or produce a reasonable outcome

                                or produce a reasonable outcome 

                             where life could at least partially return

           form the realm of nightmares and the depths of utter despair 


Malassezia -Treatments


we decided to Bomb our Home while spending a couple of hours

         at our beautiful local Beach while waiting for it to work.


          It was not long before we discovered to our dismay

that the effort had failed entirely much like anything else before

         so we decided to repeat more thoroughly next time

                   and go away for an entire weekend 

                allowing it more time to settle and work.


                                    Well …It did Not! …

                             And neither did  We give in…


      So we decided to go the whole distance… and distance it was! lol!

                                    We planned Big

           and after a year we took a much more drastic action: 

                           We put our home up for Sale


      Malassezia for


  and proceeded to Rent an immaculate Newly Built apartment

–ourseves its first occupants – signing a Lease for an entire Year.


            Additionally we threw out near 2/3 of our household,

                                 from Personals  to Furniture

       and Purchased New ones delivered directly to the New place

                                  to avoid contamination

          having treated our Home and Bodies from Top to Toe

             and moved to the New place to start a New Life! …

                                       But Did We???


  NO, We did Not! …


Our faithful enemy followed us and remained with us all throughout.


Over $30,000 spent for this Futile expedition and still four months

of remaining lease to go, we Returned home disappointed

– but thrilled and relieved our home had not sold – a Blessing in disguise –

                 now a Lot Wiser with New Knowledge

and far Better Understanding about the True nature of the Bast

                         and the way it Operated

as well as what did make any difference and what did not

      this being the ‘Silver lining in the dark Cloud…’


  Moving away, Stripping the house off Curtains, Carpets, Furniture

         and Washing madly Everything touched Every Day 

       trying to Clean the Environment as well as our Bodies

                             Proved Absolutely Futile, 


                           and Extremely Expensive,

                                    to say the least.


      I still Pre Wash  – Soak for 6 hours and Rewash Daily

  Everything Personal, ie Clothing, Bedding, Towels especially

                   but do not go overboard like before

knowing it might make Only Negligible Difference in the end.


   So i am not cynical or disrespectful to the Reader

    when saying ‘where can we find a nuclear bomb’

       i understand, having been at the exact same stage

                         of hopeful innocence myself

and i am only trying to emphasise the Impossibility of it.


Now just disillusioned… i am more focused towards small , simple ways

                     that Can make some Difference

                   in making Life way more liveable!


         It takes acceptance, effort, alertness and dedication

it hurts less, practically near normal household level financially

         and there are No adverse cumulative effects

   for the Body, general Health, Immunity and its Friendly Flora…


Malassezia Defender


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