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11 Nov



Malassezia Maintenance


*Malassezia – Research and Attitude *

     researching Malassezia


Attitude can be a Tremendous Helper or a Stumbling Block of Impediment.

   In understanding and dealing correctly with the Malassezia problem

  I am very much like any average, person, wanting something to happen

         Right Now and with the Minimal Expenditure of Energy,

                     Effort or Inconvenience, as any other…

and these Keywords below could very well have been mine

–if they had not already been in deed –as this was my Initial attitude

that lasted for a long unproductive time not only inhibited progress

and lead to it through immense Pain and Extremely High Financial Cost.


Malassezia to kill


‘quickest cure for Malassezia’

‘how do i get rid of malassezia’

‘kill malassezia’

‘what will kill malasezzia fungus’ 

And so many other alike


     So i often wonder about different types of personalities 

and what attitudes can be Helpful or Inhibiting, for each Reader.

I do not mean to preach on any one – i mean to draw attention

to the Right attitude than can lead faster to better understanding

and of dealing more effectively with such a persistent problem


 Attitude 1 – Quick Fix


      Malassezia quick search


As i have described my own self above, is looking for a One Off

‘Quick Pill’ – No fuss, No mess, No effort, No inconvenience

that fixes the problem permanently and go back to living happily ever after.

This means Scanning through the Entries quickly Missing or Dismissing

a lot of Crucial Info, grubbing one piece or another of mentioned treatment

–isolated from the entirety or part of treatment– and going away

adapting it further still to one’s own convenience and expecting it

                           to be the one that will work!…


This of course is not the right attitude and not productive for achieving results.

Malassezia goes on, adapting and bypassing every little pebble or rock

of impediment placed in front of it and any person soon finds out in frustration

that there was more on those pages that may have been overlooked

and return to read again but still holding on to the same attitude

       of a ‘Quick – No trouble – Permanent Fix.’


Attitude 2 – Mix and Match  


     Malassezia adapting methods


Preferring to take control of the choices presented,

with more zeal and attention to detail but equally eager

 for a ‘Quick- not too much mess- Fix’ and as well missing

         or dismissing crucial helpful Information,

   believing that combining, adapting or omitting things 

                a result can be achieved faster.

More Normal attitude but still not quite what is required 

for dealing with Malassezia.


  Just a couple of small examples:

1- Where i refer to Seawater many Readers interpret

     or elect substituting with Salt + Tap Water


2- Where i refer to Neutrogena clearing Malassezia caused Dead Skin 

   many Readers have interpreted and tried it as a Cure for Malassezia                                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                     3- The Right Attitude:

        Patient ‘Researcher wise Owl’ Style


Malassezia thorough research


Slow, thorough and methodicalgathering information carefully

considering the depth of the meaning and its implications

without resistance or rejection of any notion presented

and willing to test the Essential Requirements that can confirm

Producing as Close to the Desired Results as can be Possible

with a Problem as Tough, Highly Persistent, Invasive and Pervasive

            Internally and Externally on the whole Body

           as well as Highly Evasive to the eyes of Observer

           and Resistant to Treatments,  as Malassezia is …


I sincerely hope that there are –for their own benefit– some Lucky Readers

                that already possess by Nature the Right Attitude

   for meeting the challenge of this Tough and Highly Persistent Problem

                which took me near Three Full Years to develop

     dealing with inherit resistance which proved more Troublesome

                 and way less Helpful than what i was striving for

                  and causing me to miss Crucial Understanding

        that was right in-Front of my Eyes


                      When we bought our Digital Microscope

                     and had our first glimpse of my fingertips

                     while my man spontaneously exclaimed

                         ‘Gees! …this Looks like FUNGUS!’

    i was myself in utter disbelief and Impenetrable Resistant Denial,


‘ No way i could possibly have such horror on my skin … and moving!…’

so i promptly dismissed the idea until a lot later when we finally bought

the Biological Microscope and the reality of the ‘dismissed horror’ started

to become more clear – sending me back to the Digital to observe anew

                           and without resistance this time.

It was then that i could see it in its liquid stage and its peculiar behaviour

 and response to the heat and light emanated from the D /Microscope.

              The same was observed on my man’s fingers.


   The more solid form and the hyphae, as well as the abundant

                    spherical shapes surrounding them

         came with the viewing of the Biological Microscope

               of samples collected from different areas,

                  some already viewed under the DM.


       It is only when all resistance was finally pulled back

   that i started to understand better and could move forward 

     but still with the same fixed mentality of having to kill it

   by any means –  and resistance accepting that even if i did 

                    it might still make No difference

         and It could/would continue to live and reproduce 

                           on and inside my body…


When this fact was accepted i could finally turn my attention

on how to start protecting rather than keep harming my Body

by endlessly chasing a killer solution for Malassezia

                       and find Healthier ways

                      to Relieve the Symptoms

       and Control Malassezia Presence and Activity

as much as possible and minimise Pain and Inconvenience

           not to mention the emotional Roller-coaster

    from high ignorant hope to utter despair of factual truth …


                        Now, more often than not 

               when i Do something i Do it Knowing

                  when, how and what to expect 

and being realistic as to how much can be achieved or for how long.

Now i can safely say i am about 95% in control throughout the day

and only partially vulnerable during the night when in deep sleep

still enjoying maximum protection by my usual daily helpers

applied just before bed time and often visiting the bathroom at night.

      I have now unpacked Both Microscopes at the ready

and have more photos with what appear to be new revelations

and some confirming previous theories or interpretations of photos,

stages or events, which will be presented in upcoming entries.




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