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12 Nov



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*Morgellons and Demodex Symptoms – Malassezia Solutions *


Morgellons scalp





*K1 * i have found a morgellons organism made of slimy gel

          it moves the crown of my scalp when i come towards it *


*Q1  * how to fight morgellons*


*K2 * crawling under scalp parasite *


*K3 * sticky matted hair itchy skin on body *


* * * * * * 




*K4 * demodex between fingers *


*K5 * demodex yougurt *


* *  * * * *

     K1: My Question is:
* How was the Organism Identified as Morgellons?
         * I am not sure what the Reader means by

                           ‘when i come towards it’
Never mind the name or classification, some three years back
there was an area on my upper Back between shoulders and waist
where i felt a sliding movement under the skin  as if by some
half moon shaped liquid the size of a small fry pan.
Also back then i experienced the sensation
as if the surface of the scalp was moving or sliding
or something sliding underneath it
as well as burning, itching and hair falling in clamps.                                                      
It took a long time to clear both and never felt it since                                                     
but it feels much like it -i.e warm gel type liquid 
either in the above mentioned areas nor as in such size                                                 
but it feels much like it -i.e warm gel type liquid                                                               
spreading outwards from the private areas.
I know it as the Orange liquid stage of Malassezia.
I have detailed ways and substances i used to treat both problems
in the * Malassezia Bog *

*Q1  * how to fight morgellons*

   I do not know how to fight Morgellons

but I Do Know how to Fight Malassezia!


I will not say Morgellons does not exist just because:


             “This condition is not currently recognized

                      as a distinct clinical  disorder 

                  with established diagnostic criteria

                      that are generally accepted

                      by the medical community…” 


but personally i am more Inclined to Look first on the Earth

where something has been Identified and displays similar

                 -if not identical-  symptoms

rather than try to search out there on the Moon …


I believe no matter if Morgellons, Demodex or Malassezia

since all three appear to cause very similar symptoms

it would not hurt trying some harmless natural methods of treatment

           to at least alleviate some of the symptoms                    

for something that seems of its nature practically incurable…


        There is a very good chance that applying the method

                                detailed in the Entry


  “Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment “


might be helpful to the First Reader with the Scalp problem.


*K4:  I am also not sure either of what is meant by

  ‘demodex between fingers

How was it  identified as ‘demodex’ and what does this particular 

                  ‘between the fingers’ looks like? 

Lesions? Dry Scaling Skin? Sticky substance? Paper Scrarch lines etc?

Overall i would try washing and scrubbing with warm water

and an old harsh facecloth -with warn off pile-  loofah or nail brush,

              dry and then apply either Natural Seawater

  or an Acidophilus Capsule diluted in 2 Tbs warm water

           preferably at bedtime and leaving overnight.


*K5 * demodex yougurt *:


      It is not mentioned for what area of the Body

is the Reader looking for applying a Yoghurt treatment.

Yoghurt or YAM or Acidophilus Bifidobacteria Capsule

       diluted in water can be helpful  for some areas.

     More Info can be found in the * Malassezia Blog *                   


                  Please read Probiotic Waning in previous entry

   “Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning


*More Details on Methods and Treatments see



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