Malassezia~New Discoveries-Photos-Confirmations(1)

19 Nov




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT1) *


* Malassezia ~ Acidophilus ~ and Fluorescent Green *


A persistent devil digging furiously inside my Ear with maddening Itch

another ripple effect of the recent

  “Malassezia Treatment-Relocation- Attack” 

resulted in treating it with Acidophilus Capsule diluted in water.


It took a few days to clear but in the meantime it furnished me

with additional Photos, Confirmations of Previous findings and Interpretations

as well as possibly new …somewhat hopeful …if not exciting Discoveries!


There are different distinct parts to this topic

    which will be necessary to present in Several Linked Parts

– Every bit worthy and Interesting




Acidophilus and the Fluorescent Green 


Being busy and totally immersed working through my

‘To be Posted’ entries and not wanting to get up,

 i discarded two small cotton wool buds from each

of my Acidophilus treated ears into a small disposal container

placed by my work station instead of doing so in the bathroom.


A couple of hours later i pulled the plastic bag out of the container

to dispose it properly and something strange arrested my eye!


Both the Cotton Wools with the diluted Acidophilus

and presumably the offending Malassezia digger,

 were Brightly Coloured


… Fluorescent Green!…


I was totally mystified because Acidophilus is almost colourless

and Malassezia harvested from the Ears normally a weak creamy yellow.


All previous cotton wools for the brief period remaining in a discarding container

were the usual colourless creamy yellow as far i can tell and without anything

detectable on them – other than the Peace achieved in the area used.


So what on earth was this Fluorescent Green???


It crossed my mind that there might be a chemical interaction

between Acidophilus – or some ingredient in the capsule –

and the Orange Malassezia but why only this time???


Here are the two Photos i took right upon discovery


Malassezia Fluorescent Green 2Malassezia Fluorescent Green


The finding –the Only one like it ever – kept piercing my mind

more than even the digging devil that prompted the treatment did

and for the rest of the day and long into the night when finally a faint memory

surfaced from some distant time back when i had read somewhere…

something …about …. something that was … or showed fluorescent???

Information links buried in my old hardly functioning Laptop too hard to access…


       I checked some current documents about the Orange/Yellow

Pityriacitrin compound but there was nothing about it being Fluorescent, 

                      so an idea emerged in my mind;

Why not Google it? …


And here is what came up!


Malassezia greenyellow fluorescent

Malassezia Fluorescing


I wonder what circumstances or chemical reactions made it 

fluoresce this particular time while never previously.

I am guessing due to the Acidophilus interaction but why not other times???

Of course it is possible there may have been other times

but just did not happen to notice as it had never occurred to me before

to examine disposed rubbish closer.

Usually … i close my eyes when i get rid of things, Lol!


Anyway, what comes out of this, is


                           1)   * One More Confirmation

                    that Symptoms Are Caused by Malassezia!

2) *  A good Possibility that Acidophilus Bacteria 

     are not – after all – just Soothing and Healing Fast

                     but Do Kill Malassezia

– perhaps not instantly but within a very short time?….


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                       (Part 8 to Follow)



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