Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(2)

21 Nov




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT2) *


Malassezia~Acidophilus and the Creamy Yellow Blobs *


   PART 2


The day after the Lucky discovery of the

Acidophilus and the Fluorescent Green” 

Ears still treated with the Friendly –to humans– Bacteria

i used a Cotton tip to clean them and re-apply fresh dosage.

And here comes Surprise number 2!


After more than two years, if i recall correctly,

of never having collected anything ‘visible to the naked eye’

from the inside area of the ears, here come

not just one but two shapes of an old Familiar

‘worm looking like creature’ of a long time back, 

just like the one below posted in the PHOTOS Section

on * Malassezia Blog *  


   Malassezia Fatty Blob1 MB


Both of the New ones were the exact shape like the old one above.


My Phone camera could not ‘see them’ though, so i could not take a photo.

Not deterred by the set back and determined to ‘catch them’ while i could

i immediately unpacked Both Microscopes and tried the Digital one first

as it is the one that could take a magnified photo of the Cotton Bud

   without disturbing the Blobs –  just like the above .


Unfortunately i stumbled on a second setback:

My Laptop would not recognise the Digital M even though it was installed.

I had no idea where to find the CD to re-install it and no patience

to wait till dark when my man –keeper of Software CD’s– came home

so i proceeded to plan B, i.e try viewing under the Biological Microscope!


One problem with that was that it cannot ‘see’ through the cotton Bud 

so i had to scrape the Blobs as carefully as possible and transfer them

onto the slide… and in my excitement did not think to scrape only one…

so both Blobs were a bit squeezed and lost their characteristic shape

– the reader will have to take my word that both blobs

            looked like twins of the above old photo

but despite this additional setback there were a couple more revelations!


Well after the Transfer it just Finally dawned on my consciousness

a bit too late to avoid the ‘disfigurement’ of the Blobs… 

that for the past full year i had no reason to rely any more

on my poor quality phone camera

since my man had bought me for my Birthday

a beautiful Apple iPad with an Excellent camera!


So i tried it immediately to check how well it could ‘see’ them

directly on the slide – but not through the BM*


Here is how they ended up looking on the slide

after been gently scraped off the Cotton Tip


Malassezia Blobs

   They Both have retained a slight semblance

of their initial elongated wormy shape 


Then i had a great deal of trouble aligning

and focusing the i Pad Camera Eye

being on the top left edge of its rectangle shape-

with the Cylindrical Single Top Eye of the Bio- Microscope

but the end result after several ‘hit and miss’ tries

     was much better than any other photos i have presented before.


Below we can see what the Blobs looked under the Bio–Microscope. 

  Malassezia Blob under Microscope MD


The Elongated shape of this Blob is undeniable here

as well as its Yellow Creamy Colour and consistency.


          And partly of the other Blob below 

Malassezia Blob under Microscope 2 MD


These two Blobs were collected 20 minutes after having applied

Acidophilus treatment and it was interesting that viewed with naked eye

and photographed with camera they look like Creamy wormy Blobs

but viewed under the Bio-Microscope they somewhat retain some 

of the above characteristics and look more like the hyphae type of shards                                    

  as the older photos shown below  

  Original Photos  – taken long time Back

     Malassezia developing Hyphae2MB

                 and the two New ones together

EarBlob under BM                              

        but without any hyphae

 perhaps caught at an earlier stage either not mature enough or dead.


Looking more closely though there are some distinctly visible

             Long Filament like lines (hyphae?)

Malassezia Blob with Hyphae- Microscope MD 1

 … just about ready to separate from the blobby gel 

   and spring outwards seeking Blood?                                                                      

 (Easy to see a resemblance of a Dr Who extraterrestrial style 

                                     of ‘Alien life’

   and a possible alignment  with what is called …Morgellons?                              

                           But Morgellons it is Not!… )



A Pre Solidified Shard with at least two visible Hyphae:

One or possibly two already impregnated with Blood

which – if proves right –  adds another significant detail

to my theory during previous observations,

 that it digs in -after it solidifies- to get blood

in that perhaps it can also do so both before as well as after.


For this purpose i have deliberately left the samples on the slide

     in order to go back and check if there is any development

                        during the next few days.


 The million dollar question is:

             “Would they be able to develop further

          after been treated with Acidophilus Bacteria?”

  I have a photo, i will publish in a following Part of this topic 

  which casts doubt that it will be able to do so

       unless it had already done so prior to Acidophilus

                   – as might be indicated above.


   (DM* Digital Microscope)

 (BM* Biological Microscope)

                      * * *

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