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22 Nov




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* Malassezia and Atypical TB – Lungs *
     Malassezia and Atypical TB
Q1 * is atypical and anaeraboes the same *


A:  As i  understand the word ‘Atypical’ can be medically addressing

      a number of diseases but i am guessing this question comes from

      an Atypical (TB) researching person since some people who read my Blogs

      are Atypical TB interested ones, therefore i am taking a short brake

      from my stream work to address this Question.


Atypical TB -or more specifically- ‘Mac Avium’ Can Be an Anaerobe

according to my earlier Research on medical sites

and a lengthy discussion with one of my early Lung Specialists

who said Atypical Tb should have been named ‘Environmental TB’

– and i couldn’!t agree more!- due to being amply in the environment

 in the air, in waters, on our pets, on our walls, our curtains, carpets etc./     

but the ‘Anaerobic Malassezia’ phase  referred to in this Blog

                   Is Not the same as Atypical TB


I will Clarify what i know from Own Experience:


Malassezia is a Natural Body Flora that lives on our Bodies quietly

                       and unnoticed until things go wrong

                   and cause to upset the Natural balance

by such as Illness, Medications, Low Immunity etc.


A person with Atypical TB does not necessarily 

suffer exacerbated Malassezia symptoms 

–  but given an already low immune system fighting TB 

as well as being burdened with the Long term Antibiotic treatments

–and frequent X-rays– that do not only kill the Pathogens

but also  the Friendly Protective Flora, especially in the Intestines

one is more vulnerable and susceptible to a takeover by Malassezia.


If the Atypical TB person is on Antibiotics and X-rays regime

without any signs of Malassezia it would be wise to keep up

a good supplementation of B Complex – Vitamin C  

 and Especially

Acidophilus- Bifido- Bacteria in substantial dosages.


 If  already exhibiting signs of Malassezia, then some as above

 would still be helpful as well some natural ways to control it

as presented from my own diaries shared in these pages.


                Soon i am going to present a report                         

         – and if lucky backing photos of Malassezia in the Lungs!


                     This is a quick response to this question,

           but if any additional details surface from my busy mind

            i will address the subject again in upcoming entries


                            Please See Also :

       “Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning”


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