Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(3)

23 Nov




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT3) *


      *Malassezia~Acidophilus and the Evil ‘Eyes’ *




As i am typing right now ears have been clear for several days

and apart form a last ‘Lucky dip’ i had no other ‘harvest’ material.

The last one though provides some additional details.

No Wormy looking like Blobs, just shapeless Blobs as shown below

viewed under re-installed Digital  Microscope.


Malassezia  Fatty Ear Blob1 MD


Initially it looked like ‘nothing much to see’ 

but looking closer … one can observe

an elongated shape like a transparent worm

                   that has swallowed …

     Transparent Bubbles

      with Black … ‘Beads’ in their Center!


Malassezia  Spores 1 MD


There are more ‘Beads’ scattered around


Malassezia  Spores 2 MD


Looked under Biological Microscope the ‘Beads’ look more

like… Evil Eyelets Filled with Round thready (hyphenated ?) circles! 

Malassezia  Spore Eyelets 1 MD


And then it Struck me!


They are – – – Must Be! – – – the Evil Spores?

              that i have mentioned coming out of Lesions 

                         for approximately Four weeks

        when  Hyphenated Shards have managed to successfully

                   dig into the skin and start reproducing!…

and start reproducing!…


  Dare i see it as Another Confirmation??

                       Of perhaps…. Mother – Daughter Collaretts???

Malassezia Reproduction R



 Below Comparing the Circular C shape as viewed by both Microscopes

Malassezia  Spores - Microscope Views 1 MD 

This semi-Circular Beaded appearances tie up and explain perfectly


* The Spontaneous Burst of Paper Cut Scratch lines

* Their often somewhat semi-circular or curving shape

* The Separated Beaded look when looked under microscope

* Why it is hard to reach while protected under outer skin layer 

             As Shown Below   

(1) Beaded look of Paper Scratch line photos on skin

Scratch Lines Buttocks Arm Thumb1 MB


(2) Under Skin layer inside Hair Follicle

Malassezia Hair Fiolicle MD

 Malassezia  Spore containg Circular shapes  MD

      Photos 1 & 2 First Published over two years back  in my Original Blogs  

     and recently Re-Blogged in the PHOTOS Section of  * Malassezia Blog*


For your Convenience:

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(1)

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                       (Part 8 to Follow)



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