Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(4)

25 Nov




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT4) *


* Malassezia~ Evil ‘Eyes’ – Two Weeks On  *


                                          PART 4


Blobby Ear samples left deliberately on BM* slides exactly as they were

in order to be observed in a few days again for any possible changes.


Below Blob One – First Day

As detailed in Entry

Malassezia~Acidophilus and the Creamy Yellow Blobs(PT2)

Malassezia Blob with Hyphae- Microscope MD 1

Long Filament like lines (hyphae?)


A week and a half later, part of the blob/gel like ‘Body’

  had partially dried and thinned out

  to separate droplet like particles

Malassezia  Revealed Hyphae MD

while some disintegrated leaving behind

     what initially had looked like  ‘Filament / Hyphae’ lines, 

      that Actually Were Hyphae!


   One Alive and Blood Impregnated

previously obscured by the gel

and the Other Gray and Disintegrating


They were very long and i had to scroll down the slide

taking several shots to cover their entire length.

Again i found it very hard to align the iPad camera

 with the Top viewer Eye of the BM*

mainly a ‘click – hit and miss’ pot luck effort

but i got a few good shots


Here is what the Second View Revealed 

  The Red ‘Live’ One

   (Scrolling from top tip along its length)

Malassezia Hypahen with Blood

Malassezia Red Hyphae 2 MD

I suspect the split indicates where a Nodule part may have been 

Malassezia Red Hyphae 3 MD

(Noting Similarity to Red Hyphae in the Earlier Original photo Below)

Malassezia  Coloured Filaments3 MB


The Gray Disintegrating One

Malassezia Disintegrating Hyphae 1 MD

  Malassezia Disintegrating Hyphae 2 MD

Malassezia Disintegrating Hyphae 3 MD


Below Emerging from the Blob

Malassezia Emerging Hyphen 1 MD

And Zoomed-In (by sere Luck!) for more Detail  


Malassezia  Semi-Circular shapes  MD

                A Circular shaped part also clearly visible                                                              

                       And as viewed by both Microscopes  Below

    Presente in  “Malassezia~Acidophilus and the Evil ‘Eyes’(PT3)

     Malassezia  Spores - Microscope Views 1 MD


Following the Hyphen all the way down its length…

Malassezia Long Filament MD


   * * *

(BM* Biological Microscope)

(DM* Digital Microscope)


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                       (Part 8 to Follow)





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