Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(5)

26 Nov




      *Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT5) *


Malassezia~ Now you See it – Now you Don’t! (PT 1) *


   PART 5 /1


The Day after the Digital Microscope was re-installed in my laptop

i thought it would be a good idea to check my fingers and see

how things with Malassezia were going and whether i could see

the same things as back then when i had trouble accepting what it was

and if my observations and interpretations of its liquid state

were as constant and correct.


Below is the first Photo i took of one finger

– the rest three or four of them looked pretty similar. 

  Malassezia after Treatment MD

   ( Dead after Acidophilus???… )                                                                     

  The First thing i noticed

  was the Dull Green Colour as if tinged with a touch of Gray.


The Second thing i noticed was that the View was Static!

Nothing was moving, nor Shining or Playing ‘Peek -a- Boo’

with the Digital Microscope Lights hiding then re-appearing etc

   as i had observe some time back no matter how long i kept

     the DM on, withdrew it and tried again and again…


 I had an hour’s Bath at 5.30’ am and it was now Noon.

       I had already applied a couple of Acidophilus treatments 

      in some areas due to movement i felt and some for prevention

 but had not directly treated my hands or fingers

  so i could not explain what exactly was the situation.


    This was now the Second time catching Malassezia

looking Green – but Not Fluorescent like below

Malassezia Fluorescent Green 2Malassezia Fluorescent Green

                                          as in the Entry

  “Malassezia ~ Acidophilus ~ and Fluorescent Green (PT1)


 Could the Grayish tinge be a Confirmation

that Orange/Yellow or Green (fluorescent) turned Gray  when dead?


                      Being Static seems to prove this idea 

                 but i never like to jump to quick conclusions

             preferring to put things under persistent scrutinising

            repeated testing and observing within a length of time

                    before i can feel reasonably comfortable

 accepting theories and possibilities as closer to facts.  


     And if dead … then what had killed it?


               Was it because my hand was handling 

                  and applying the Acidophilus Mix?..


  1- Original photo – 2 and 3 in two different hues to illustrate clearly

 the consistency of the dull Green look

Malassezia after Treatment 3 MD


To test the Theory of Acidophilus possibly being a slow Killer

but Killer nevertheless, instead of just a protector or healer

     i decided to take a different action and check results.


       So the next day…..

( Continues in next Entry)


     (DM* Digital Microscope)

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