Malassezia~New Discoveries-PhotosConfirmations(6)

27 Nov




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT6) *


    * Malassezia~ Now you See it – Now you Don’t! (PT 2)  *


PART 6/2


                             So the next day…..


I had my Bath early morning, using H& S Pyrithione shampoo

both for the Head / Hair as well as the Bod

as described in my Daily maintenance routine Entries,

in the * Malassezia Blog *  making absolutely sure

Not to touch any Seawater and especially No Acidophilus…


Had Breakfast as usual about an hour after the Bath

i turned on the Laptop and the Digital Microscope

and started observing the same fingers as the day before. 

   Previous day’s dull Green was not present.


All fingers totally clear and … apparently Only! … Clean!…


   I tested and photographed a few of them to confirm

   consistency of appearance, behaviour, and pattern


 And then the games began!… 


<—  Now you See it on the Left ~ Now you Don’t on the Right —> 

Malassezia Fungus on Fingers 1 MD

  Playing ‘Peek -a- Boo’ with the Microscope Light… on my fingers

     Liquid droplets flickering and ever changing shape and size.

                This time No Acidophilus, No dull Green!

                                And … It is Alive!!!


                         As soon as the light flashes on them

                       they dive under the skin and disappear

                      waiting until  light is withdrawn

                    then come up to the surface again…


                Same Photo as above darkened for more detail

Malassezia Fungus on Fingers 1-1 MD


Another finger another adventure

Malassezia Fungus on Fingers 2 MD


Same Photo as above darkened for more detail

Malassezia Fungus on Fingers 2-3 MD


                       Then i noticed a tiny C shaped Eye?

                    so i zoomed in photo (right) and so it was!

Malassezia  Spore  SemiCircular shapes 1 MD


Another photo 

Malassezia Fungus on Fingers 3 MD


Darkened for more detail 

    Malassezia On Fingers


And Another … so there are No doubts!

Malassezia Fungus on Fingers 4 -1MD


Darkened for more detail

Malassezia now you see it


Before Acidophilus                              After Acidophilus

Malassezia Before - After Treatment MD

I believe though Acidophilus does not have any effect

                         on well protected  dormant ‘eyelet’ clones

                  – until gel sack dries out and are directly exposed to it

Malassezia  Spores 3 MD


                                     Convinced and Satisfied

        with what i had been observing repeatedly now and in the past 

    and with my Interpretation of it as ‘Liquid stage Malassezia’

                                   i can safely consider it

               as Another Confirmation – with a New Element added 

                          of the C shaped worm-like shape

                     with evil ‘Eye’ beads – of Future ‘Sisters’ in it…


See also: Malassezia~Acidophilus and the Evil ‘Eyes’(PT3)


                                   ( DM * Digital Microscope)

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