Malassezia~New Discoveries–PhotosConfirmations(7)

01 Dec




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT7) *


     * Malassezia ~ Live – Active – Dead –Yellow- Orange- Gray *




There was one more part i needed additional evidence and confirmation.

This being that the Yellow/Orange  or Green, turns Gray when dead

      -but still dangerous and contagious.


I started with a new Transparent container placed under the Urn tap

and emptied and rinsed –but not wiped or scrubbed– in frequent intervals.

Took quite some time for the Orange to build but remained Orange

and only losing some of its brightness as if a tinge of gray was mixed in it

– but not confirmable enough to rely on for the experiment.


     Here is the container below

Malassezia in water container 1 MD


Then i had an idea that what was really needed was a place that got wet

frequently but did not ‘hold’ any water for any length of time

and this was …the wash basin!…

             A little inconvenient and unhygienic to leave dirty

                      but necessary for the experiment.


I did not clean it for several days and it started building the Orange quick

           then… after a few days … it proceeded to oblige!…

      The outer edge, away from the drain started to turn Gray!!!!

I left it more days and new orange was concentrating near the drain

while more of it was turning Gray in the outer areas where there was

less water through and remained dry longer than the drain in the center.


I took a couple of poor photos since the penny of the New i Pad camera

                had not sank in yet, and when i finally realised it

              i intended to take new much clearer ones but alas!..

i forgot to tell my man i had let it get filthy for a Malassezia experiment.

He thought i had left it because i was sick or in pain as usual

so without saying a word he got on the job and washed it sparkly

squeaky clean!…  I did not say anything and was grateful and touched

by his usual caring and now i am not inclined to repeat all this

so the poor quality photos will have to suffice.


                         Be Prepared for an Ugly sight!

                     Here is the Dirty Wash Basin Below

Malassezia in washing area 1-1 MD

               The Orange Arrow  indicates the Orange areas

             and the Gray one the areas that had turned Gray

         Gray not as clearly visible through poor pixel quality 

         Hopefully the the Orange and Gray still visible to Readers.

   I have darkened photo below to show more clearly

   the Gray areas, indicated by Gray arrow and semicircle.


 Malassezia in washing area 1-2 MD


It is obvious that Malassezia can survive and even thrive

where there is constant supply of water – loves humidity!

             – but perishes in dry environment.

        Paradoxically, it is Warm water used properly

        that is as much of  an enemy to it as Dryness.

       Nothing cleans better the sticky layer – Biofilm?

          than a Scrub with Warm/Hot water soaked 

                  Old Pile-less Harsh Facecloth .

         On hands sometimes i add Pyrithione shampoo*

but for sensitive areas just plain water is the miracle cleaner

                    – hard to believe but true!…


Now i have to confess that in order to be absolutely sure and convinced

i conducted the same experiment with the Toilet Bowl

– flashed water but did not brush clean nor used any chemical germ killers


                  Within a few days the same Results:

       Closer to the Water pool there was Orange ‘scum’

      the Higher and Outer Drier area was Distinctly Gray.

      (No Surprising, Malassezia lives in the intestines!)


   I cannot provide photo evidence because my Mr Squeaky Clean

            Malassezia in the Loo

        made this one Sparkle too!  


           In the end i can say i am Convinced and believe

                      that i have enough confirmation

      The  Yellow/Orange means Live and Active and fairly sticky

                  while  Gray means turned Dead and Dry 

                          clinging even worse on the body

     and much harder to clean off with water and brushing or scrubbing

    but not necessarily safer either since we have seen in the BM photos

        that Gray contains Evil ‘Eyelet’ –  Clones …developing Hyphae!


          That’s why it is imperative to wash it Off as soon as it is felt

                      while Yellow/Orange, Liquid and Mobile

               and a lot easier to wash off and get rid of Hyphae

                 before they embed themselves into the skin

    for a copious Four week Cloning reproduction…


                               Pyrithione Shampoo: *

                       Product Changes Detected

               – New warning Entry has been posted 


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