Malassezia~New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(8)

02 Dec




*Malassezia ~ New Discoveries and Photos Confirming Old (PT8) *


     * Malassezia Fluoresces again ~ Orange and …Lime! *


    PART 8


              Despite having Returned to Total Clearing

                  and Control of Lesions in all areas

                  caused by a Change of Products

             and despite a New  Product Calamity*

                producing as bad results as detailed 

                               in the original

          “Malassezia Treatment-Relocation- Attack”)

          Heavy production is still continuing

                      and has made itself

            … Fluorescently Present in two areas:


On my Skirt

               Looking like Bright Orange Rust

          on the corresponding upper thigh area

  as shown below

Malassezia on Clothing 1 MD

Due to sitting down a lot, this area is naturally pressed against the skin 

and can easily absorb fresh new Liquid Malassezia

as it arrives from the Internal Private areas and spreads over the Body

Malassezia on Clothing 1 -1 MD


             And, not surprising but rather Confirming my earlier suspicions

                                        it also Invades the Lungs…

Below, as i accidentally noticed, Fluorescing Lime-Green Sputum

              in a temporary container i was transferring for proper disposal

Malassezia In Sputum 1 MD


Malassezia In Sputum 1-1 MD


I Must Note and Clarify here a few Important elements:


1) There is No Presence of Acidophilus or any Other Natural

     or Chemical substance in the Container 

     Only Sputum from the Lungs and tissue paper

     (Neither am i on any Internal or External Medication)

     I use New disposable bags several times a day

                 due to a ‘productive’ chest


2) There is No Green food residue in the sputum

              such as avocado or broccoli etc

    as none had been consumed prior to expectorating


3) It is not unusual to produce greenish or green/yellow sputum

    due to different causes, one immediately after consuming coloured food

    and another a possible infection etc but None ever looks Fluorescent!…

    Can be looking containing freshly green particles

      after consuming avocado or raw greens

     dull green after consuming cooked Greens. 

     Red if Bleeding Lung and Maroon to Chocolaty when Old Blood clearing.

    The Usual colour is dull Creamy Yellow when all reasonably well

    which makes it impossible to detect Malassezia.

    None of the above colours has made it easy to detect or confirm

    Malassezia presence and i have gone by other indications

    all remaining more as a suspicion up until this lucky(?) event.


4)  I have been dealing with A–TB Illness for Fourteen Years

     and i know Intimately All variations of Sputum Colours

     and/or quality encountered so far


5)  I am not the least inclined to jump into quick conclusions

     or consider them as facts without prior

     Rigorous Testing, Confirming and Re-confirming findings

      and exhausting other knowing  possibilities as causes.


6) I do not consider this Sputum as hard Evidence or Confirmation yet

    but rather as a preliminary indicator of a possible confirmation

    of a suspicion i have had for some time, fortified by other indicators

    so now i intend to conduct a series of specifically targeted experiments

    the Results of which i will present when ready.


7) The quality of Fluorescence in the photos above has been compromised

    by- software / pixel differences etc- through transference

    but Oiginal live ‘Eye to Site’ View was Vibrant and Certain

    and hope the medium of collection for the experiments to follow

    will produce a Better result on Screen.

                                             * * *


              New Product Calamity* Re: Pyrithione Shampoo: 

                               Product Changes detected

              New Warning Entry will be posted immediately

         immediately following the end of the current

                 “New Discoveries 1-10″ series


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