Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily!

17 Dec



    Malassezia and Diet


  * Malassezia ~  Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! *


 In any of my Entries where Diet or Food is mentioned

                i have stated categorically that to this day 

       i have Not found Any type of Food either Adding or Subtracting

  to have made any difference to Malassezia.


I have found that Sugars – fruit sugars in my case- seem to trigger

Malassezia into activity – not necessarily proliferation

but have not been able to verify without any doubt either way.


I have found that Undigested Food, Crowding the lower Intestinal Canal

attracts Malassezia Concentration in that area – a highly preferred area

  causing Restless Leg Syndrome, Tremors and Cramps

    and Enemas can Temporarily Relieve the Condition.


I still stand by the above –  but for small exceptions here and there

   and a more Stand Out one where my condition forced me into

          and noticed a considerable change almost to a halt

             but not sure whether either this particular Diet

        or effect on  Malassezia can be sustainable Long term.


       My Regular Diet I have described in lengthy detail in the

            * Malassezia Blog *  


It was approximately a year ago i went through a period

of tremendous volumes of Lung related Blood Loss

which took me a while to find the cause

and which not only brought me to a hair’s breadth from dying

but has left me extremely weak and housebound ever since

and with series of several ribs  breaking with hardly a sneeze


Both of us were Convinced i would not make it beyond six months

  if so –  had started discussing arrangements such

   as Burial or Cremation and when to tell our Girls…


   Then, by now a usual phenomenon with me

came a sudden unexpected turn and my Body started fighting back. 

   I felt ravenously hungry, so much so that i would tell my man 

                ‘If you are not home in time for Dinner 

        …i am likely to start demolishing the kettle handles’.

Until the turn i had cut down to so little food that my Total Daily intake

hardly amounted to ‘half of just One’ of my Regular meals

              and even that i had trouble digesting

as if my body had slowed into an almost complete shut-down.


With the Turn, what was quite peculiar was not the extraordinarily

strong Hunger – which was understandable – but the Insatiable 

Cravings for Greens, Raw or Cooked and quantities as Huge 

      as an entire family would consume in several days

            constituted just One of my Day’s intake.

I believed my Body Knew Better what it Needed, so I reluctantly

replaced one of my Fruity Raw meals with one Mixed of Raw/Cooked

but the need for Greens was so wild that shortly i was forced

to give up a second Raw Fruity and Replace it with another Green Mix.


I thought i had started to notice some Initial Slowing of the Yeast

but with many interruptions such as Broken Ribs, more Bleeding etc

i could not tell for sure what could be causing the slowing

                  and whether it was temporary.


During that time i experienced again Dehydration symptoms 

which drinking water regularly would not relieve the condition

                 and seemed to ‘activate’ the Yeast

     – something i had known already and always dreaded

                  drinking water  in-between meals

          but my Kidneys needed it so it was a necessity.


It came to the point that drinking water acted as a

‘Lets get Going Action Bell ‘ for Malassezia.

To cut a long story short, being on this diet for several months

         i still concluded that no matter what kind of Food

   -On or Off it-made any significant mentionable difference.


           That until, again due to particular circumstances

my only choice ended up being temporarily 3 Green Meals a Day

for an entire Week – and Nothing –ABSOLUTELY NOTHING– else!

             Much as if i was in Jail or Hostage or something.

           And This Did Make a Difference! 

Malassezia appeared almost Non Existent as if completely gone

It was very Odd – So many hours, practically amounting to near All Day

yet Nothing Felt, Moved, Crawled or tried to Dig-in anywhere …

              until i worked out Some Possible Reasons.


1- Lack of Hydration of the Body *1

2- Lack of ‘energy providing’ Sugar – i was falling asleep myself! Lol!

3- Cooked items No Digestive enzymes present

  (Low in Digestive Enzymes meant Slower Digestion

   and Consequently Slower Peristaltic Motion*2

4- It lay Dormant waiting for more favourable conditions

                then a lot of it … Died… judging by the following

                        ‘Dying Off’ Smell and Symptoms…

           *1  I know not the mechanics of it but have observed

       that Malassezia unfailingly Responds to Hydration – by Activation

            or Fluid Retention / Dehydration – by Halting Activity 

          *2 It is also unfailingly Activated with each Peristaltic motion

                such as after consuming  a meal, drinking water!!!…

     Perhaps the water activation is connected to the Peristaltic Motion

                                                  as in

Water/Food = Activation of Peristaltic | Peristaltic = Activation of Malassezia.


                    Though highly tempted to continue for ever

            when the week was over i added back One Fruity Meal

                           for which my Body felt grateful 

         and by then it had curbed significantly its Green Cravings 

             having been deprived of so many other vital elements.

            That caused the gradual Return of the Devil back…


 As I said earlier this diet was Too Poor Nutritionally  to consider long term

                 without risking Serious Health Consequences

        and Uncertain whether there could be a long lasting Result.

       When i say Uncertain … i mean… I am Absolutely CERTAIN!…

     there could be No Long term Lasting Result Regarding Malassezia…


 I would only consider it as a last resort in a case of severe

       Re-infestation and only for a short period of time.


I have been considering but not had the chance to trial yet

 adding to it a great number of Raw Greens

but there aren’t many that can replace the richness of fruits.


                                 Temporary Benefits:

– Cause Some of it to Die without completing its Cloning Cycle *1

– Allow Partial Clearing of it Off the Body

– Faster Healing without attracting New hoards to Inflamed areas

– Allow some Peaceful time

– Catching up with some Restful Sleep

 *1 It appears it needs to come outside to obtain some element/s

     and then either remain and settle on the skin or return inside to clone

     but there is a limited time it can do so – its cycle 3 -1/2 days approx.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Here is the List of All the Ingredients Contained in Each Meal

but in Different concentration of ingredients in each meal.



Raw: Avocado, Cucumber, Capsicum, Lettuce

Steamed: Broccoli, Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Okra, Zucchini,

Also: Cauliflower, Potato, Tomato

Malassezia Diet 1

Not all ingredients showing or available when photo taken

    Some hiding underneath – such as Avocado and Cucumber –

and Lettuce, Green Beans missing… 

Green Caterpillar  Green Caterpillar G ate them all up


    The Fruit Meal was also cut down significantly in size

for better chance of being digested, so it mainly consisted of

– 1 – 2 Medium /small Bananas only

– 1 Whole Avocado

– 1 Thick slice of Pawpaw 

Malassezia Diet 2-1

It may be Noted here that there is No Yoghurt or any other type of Protein

due to the fact that my Kidneys had to handle a lot of Lung Blood

that was making its way down and creating serious problem.

So i had to stop it temporarily until bleeding had stopped and Kidneys

                 had returned to near normal functioning .

I tried re-introducing it several times later but it was rejected…


This makes this Diet even more Poor and unbalanced

with the additionally ‘going off ‘ Beetroot ant Mushrooms

which i could also not digest as a consequence of those events.


  Perhaps so Poor that even the Yeast could not meet its needs…

So i replaced one of the three meals with Fruit as before

          and make do with the Yeast consequences.


 I will never know if this Diet would have worked the same way

had i not been forced to discontinue Protein or to Re-introduce it.

          Given of course the entire condition of my Body

  what appeared to have a Drastic temporary Slow Down Effect  

    may not work the same way for a Younger, Healthier Body…


  Next:  ~Choice Between ‘Two Evils’~



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