Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings(1)

19 Dec



Malassezia and Diet


  * Malassezia ~ Food-Diet Questions & Lab Findings PT 1 *



Does Malassezia Feed on Sugar? 

Is there any Relationship between Certain Foods and Malassezia?


These are some of the Questions i had not so far been able to answer

    with absolute certainty throughout my several experimentations

some on a small and brief scale and some over several weeks or months.


    Some of my Findings i have already published in Earlier Entries.

Some Previous Search regarding prescription medication for Malassezia

   indicated that the medication worked by interfering with the utilisation

   of Vitamin D (and  Calcium?) that Malassezia needs or the formation

      of its Cell,  i have been unable to trace back that source again

          but the information was neither clear nor very detailed.                                                    

          Anyway there is enough material below at least for now…  

  Here i shall endeavour to make sense and deal with more questions

arising from some Researchers findings.

Malassezia composition

                            My Questions …unanswered… 😕

      Q1: What does ‘Malassezia was unable to Ferment Sugars

                            means in practical terms?  


Q2: What are the Implications of Not Fermenting Sugars 

      for Malassezia or the ‘Patient’ in connection with Diet


 Q3: How does Fermenting / Not Fermenting affect Malassezia


 the  ‘Major Components of  the Cell Wall are Sugars ~70% 

          (similar Relationship to Water and Human Body)


    The first part of this piece of information indicates clearly

Malassezia utilises SugarProteinLipids and certain Minerals

for the Construction of its Cell – and my guess is, most likely also

        for a good Reserve to Impart to its Cloning Sisters

             for their survival and initial development.


       No doubt All these Elements are Readily Available

         and Provided by our Bodies in several ways

                 i.e By Blood, and Digestive Track

   From Mouth right through to Eliminating part of the Colon…

            Digestion is Dependent on Digestive Juices

        such as Produced by Pancreas and Gall Bladder 

               and Bacteria and Yeasts (Probiotics)

    for the Breaking down of Foods to Category Elements.

If Malassezia is Part of them i have Not Seen mentioned anywhere

                                 or whether 

           ‘Malassezia unable to Fermenting Sugars’

            means in the Lab /Petri Dish – (as Food?)

       or in the Body – (as Part of the Digestive function?)


A few questions arising from the above may indicate whether Diet

and / or Specific Foods Could Directly affect  Malassezia Provision

or whether- as I have been suspecting all along makes No difference:


Q4: How  does Malassezia Obtain these Elements?


A) Directly from Consumed Foods – i e Digestive / Intestinal Canal


B) From  Other Body Sources

    such as Body Fluids, ie Male/ Female Genitals


C) From Blood


D) Already Processed Readily Available Elements in Faecal matter.


E) Does it Obtain 

    1) For Itself/Constuction, Survival etc from A – B – D

    2) For Cloning Provisions from  Blood  (- C)

    3)  Uses Blood (-C ) only for Cloning.



A) – Malassezia Fermentation Ability 

     would be required for a complex extraction/utilisation process


B) and D) – Would Explain


1) It’s Constant and Persistent Presence

    and In and Out Traffic in Both these Areas


2) A and D would also mean that Individual Foods

    and/or Specific Diets  may have an Impact 

    on its Condition and Ability to Complete its Cycle 

    should those Elements be Provided

    While in case C

    It would make No Difference to either Diet or Individual 

    or Groups of Foods, since the Body Processes All Foods

    and Converts them  into a Variety of Elements

    Contained in the Blood

My Personal inclination is leaning towards:


1)  Utilises Nutrients as in (D) – in Fecal matter

2)  Blood (C) for Cloning


                  In Either case

1) A Variety of Elements are available

2) No Specific Diet or Foods make any Difference


     I guess we ll have to wait for Professional Research

             to Discover and Eventually let us know


          In the meantime Personal Experimentation

               with what works even if Temporarily

-Remembering the Entire Body Health is More Important Long Term-

                       is the way i go about.


        One Observation i have witnessed Consistently 

                since i started my Malassezia Blogs

          is that After the Christmas Holiday Season

 The Number of Visits in All of them climb to Quadruple!

                        …and they are not spam!


I believe it is not coincidental but as a result of systematic over-Indulgence

during the entire holiday season with so many culinary temptations around

that eventually bares some Impact on Malassezia also Feasting its way

and People experiencing either a Surprise Start-Up for the Susceptible

    or Bad Flare – Up for those already suffering from the affliction


This is the ONE OVERALL Aspect in regards to Diet and Foods

            that i have seen as Making a Difference

            as i have already mentioned in the Entry

    Malassezia ~ Diet that made it Submit…Temporarily! 


There is one more i have also observed during ‘On – Off ’ times

but Cannot Substantiate and it is that Dairy and Mushrooms

   Provide either directly Calcium or via Vitamin D related

connection/conversion to Calcium which Malassezia needs

to Build its hard Cell – (when it turns to the Crystalline Hyphae Form)


Malassezia Diet – Foods Entries in Order:  

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