Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Series 2- (PT1)

26 Dec




*Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Follow Up (PT2)*

  “Microscope Samples – A Few Weeks Later” 


     PART 1

    ‘Disintegration of the initial Ear Blobs’

Malassezia Blobs

Fatty Gel like Particles under Digital Microscope



 Above is a Photo of two Blobs collected from one Ear

               as Initially Viewed under Digital Microscope

                     and details described in Entry:

             Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(2)


Below are the Same Blobs as viewed under Biological Microscope

EarBlob under BM

Fatty Particle under Biological Microscope 1- Fatty Particle – 2 – Hyphae Developing

 After Viewing and Photographing the Samples

   i left them on the slide in the same position

                     for further viewing at a later stage.


    On the Second Viewing, part of the gel had dried out

and some filaments pictured above were isolated.

    Some Red filled with freshly drawn blood  

   and some Grayish disintegrating

Malassezia Filaments

Malassezia Filaments 1- Red 2- Gray disintegrating


as seen above and in Entry    

Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(4)


On the 7/12/13 i looked again before intending to remove the slide.

   Now i could only see a very Long Filament 

 so long i could only focus the lenses on a small part at a time.

   It looked completely Black, shrivelled, burned – dead dry!

Malassezia Disintegrating Filament 1 MD

 The arrows indicate the extensive length of the Filament out of focus.

Bewildered by the fact that no gel was visible

         i scrolled a little in each direction and discovered

                     this very long filament, also naked, black and dry.


Malassezia Disintegrating Filament 2 MD

                 It appears as though inside the protective wrap of the gel

                 the Filaments kept growing for a while

   or the thickness of the gel prevented clear view

                          although i believe the former is more likely

               because i remember slight but visible sample augmentation

              observed in the past when Microscope had been purchased.

                                                     * * *




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