‘Malassezia – Acidophilus Round 2 & The 8 Hour Kill?’

28 Dec




*Malassezia  ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Follow Up (PT 2-3)*

 “Microscope Samples – A Few Weeks Later” 


     PART 3

    ‘Malassezia –Acidophilus Round 2

                       Malassezia Under Digital Microscope1

    This was the very First View under the Digital Microscope

     after handling Acidophilus, as described

                   in the Initial Entry:

    ‘Malassezia~ Now you See it – Now you Don’t! (PT 1)’ 

 Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(5)


It Revealed a Static ‘Photo-like’ of a dull Greenish Gray.

Nothing moved as should have been if Malassezia

had been Present and Alive as shown below and detailed

in Entry Malassezia ~ New Discoveries–Photos–Confirmations(6)


   Malassezia now you see it


  So, an hour after deliberately handling liberally Acidophilus-Water Mix

 i checked my Fingers under the Digital Microscope  

  and here again comes a Static ‘photo-like’ view 

                            of what looks like Malassezia

as compared with previous photos of  ‘Moving Malassezia’.

     Since of course it was Not moving there is always a possibility

                  it might be just pieces / fibres of tissue paper…

    Malassezia Under Digital Microscope


The important Point here is Not whether the Pictured dots on both photos

  Are or are Not Malassezia 

– or what is pictured is Malassezia Dead or Tissue fibres resembling it –



  This is the Second time of a Static View and of

     ‘Malassezia looking Dead – after handling Acidophilus’


 Two Right Hand Fingers -below- Both exhibited Static View

           Malassezia Under Digital Microscope

                       Is this a Confirmation that Acidophilus Kills?…

                     I was still rather Sceptical

               l never accept ‘face value’ easily as facts 

                      unless i have Repeated Proof

    … so it seems i Tempted Fate…


                 The Next Incident Served as the Proof i needed

              and a Memory Engraving Unforgettable Experience…


           If you were Interrogated and asked every few minutes:

              “Now!… Do you Believe?…”

                What would you Reply

 after Eight Straight Hours

                  of Unbearable Merciless Unrelenting Torture?…



    *Malassezia ‘New Discoveries–Photos’ Follow Up (PT 2- 4)*


  Warning MD


     PART 4

        ‘Malassezia – Acidophilus –The Eight Hour Kill?’

         Acidophilus Capsule


   In several of my Entries I have stated that Acidophilus

does Not appear to Kill Malassezia – at least not on Impact.


I have Repeatedly Observed: 

* Where there is a crawling, itching or burning sensation

  applying Acidophilus  brings Instant relief and quiet.


* Wherever i apply it Protectively, Malassezia invariably avoids

  or moves away from that area except in rare occasions

  and this i believe it is usually due to its stage of development

i.e when nearing immobility.


* Where there is already a lesion it helps heal at a fraction of usual time

  but have never had palpable proof it was due to Killing Malassezia.


Yet recent findings indicate it Possibly Does Kill – slowly but steady.


What follows below is a Long story with Connecting threads to past Entries

but i will omit all previous links and details, even though risking

giving a false impression of inconsistencies in reporting events

and results – but the main Purpose here is

to Bring the Reader Faster to the Main Point of this Entry.


In as near as perfect environment as could possibly be

– after recent turbulence during experimentations-

there was a one in a million adverse event that acted 

to the Devil’s advantage and lead me temporarily back to hell.


A Water Mains Pipe Burst, leaving our Local Area

without supply for several hours  – – –   just before Bed time!


My Man phoned the Company and was informed 

it would be a few hours before the problem was fixed.

There ad been no warning and no chance storing emergency water

and to top Bad luck even our tea kettle and my Bathroom Urn

needed a complete refill.


I was too tired and thought it was futile to sit up waiting

not knowing exactly how long the ‘few hours’ would be, so i reluctantly

decided to risk going to Bed with only Partial Protective Maintenance

hoping  i was faced with  Day 1 activity and not a stage of a

maniacal ‘I have to Dig-in and Clone evil Sisters’ Day 3 or 4.


Alas… i was twice Unlucky!…



I woke up in the middle of the night with Burning Vagina and Jabbing Pains.

Got up and tried to clean walls with warm water and cotton wool 

and inserted a new Acidophilus capsule and returned to Bed.

Had a harrowing night and by morning i could hardly stand up straight.

All three Orificies were Burning and Bearing Down violently

as if i had a simultaneous Bladder – Vagina Infection

as well as severe gastrointestinal diarrhoea

– something of course a couple of litres of enemas prior to bed time

would have prevented had water supply allowed it…


I had my Bath as quick and early as was possible

–after letting all taps running to clear muddy residue from the pipe damage-

and when i got out again i wiped the vaginal walls gently with cotton wool

and noticed some blood –a confirmation that the jabbing pains and Burning

were a severe Invasion and Dig-in attack in the cowardice hours of the night

– but then that is Malassezia’s active time and an unfortunate -for me- stage 3.


    I inserted as usual a new Acidophilus Capsule

         but in desperation i had an idea:

To break a Second one apart and insert its two parts Open

so that the Contents would Spread along the wall Faster

than it usually takes for the gelatine capsule to dissolve

acting in a way as a slow release throughout the day. 


         Excellent Idea! … in Some Way!…

Within a few minutes i could hardly believe what had hit me…

                                          It was

Either Labour inducing Uterine Contractions on a duration of

     1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 Steady High Intensity

             with just a brief 1-2-1/2 Relaxing

    and starting 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 again…

   and again… and again… and again … with No End in Site


  OrMuch Higher Intensity … Peroxide Killing Torture!


It is one thing to experience Peroxide Killing on a Toe or Foot or Ear

or other unfortunate exposed flesh part but to endure the same internally

in the Vagina -or Penis for that matter- is altogether another level of experience.

I have given Birth to Two Girls so i am not a Gentle Flower

and i usually bear Pain to extreme levels and carry on irrespective.


After 2 Full hours where my Endurance and Pain Intensity were running

in opposite directions and from moaning, groaning and whimpering

i started screaming … closed doors and windows and was grateful

my man was at work and did not have to suffer it with me

because i just could not keep quiet anymore and was pleading

with the universe for either the end of my Life

or immediate release of the Torture there and then… 


Neither happened and little did i know

that it would Surpass even the 4-6 hour torturous Peroxide Kill

to an Unbelievable Relentless 8 FULL HOURS One 

    A … KILL???…

      It Better!…


Then it all Stopped Abruptly and there was Absolute Peace

                       in Hell’s Cauldron… 

No Digs, No Burning, No Sliding, No Crawling – NOTHING…

Just the Usual Coolness of  Acidophilus Soothing…

Finally like DEATH had taken the Devil’s Cursed Soul where it Belonged.

But by that time i was so Bruised, Battered and Broken

that when my man arrived home shortly after

he stopped abruptly took a good look at me up and down

and was just about to ask  …‘what ???…’

but instead, opened his Comforting arms silently and wrapped me in

while tears were flowing quietly down my eyes.


Ironically, the entire external area, was immaculately Symptom Free… 

All was Dead quiet even by Bed time but i took No risk!

I had quite a few Litres of Enemas to Clear the Colon

A Flat Spoonful of Vitamin C powder to  deal with the Bladder, and 

i inserted the Usual Night time Acidophilus Capsule

… INTACT this time.


The next morning after my Bath and knowing there were  still

a couple of small Lesions near the Cervix, i repeated last night’s routine

but inserted 2 Capsules -both whole- as i could not bear going 

through the same experience again and fair enough

after approximately an hour, there was a Repeat

but with only of 40% intensity and lasted for only a couple of hours.

I could live with that and with the New Knowledge

of ‘The Silver Lining’ as it is Called!- that the Pain meant

Death for Malassezia and Healing for my Privates…


Acidophilus had never delivered such Performance before in any way 

                         with Results such as:

-Malassezia Response causing such Extreme – Peroxide kill like Pain

-Nor obvious, immediate Evidence of Actually Killing Malassezia even if slowly.

It was more like an uncertain deductive  speculation of

“It possibly does, otherwise how come there is no follow up after applied

in areas of crawling, pricking, sliding and even digging-in if caught early”

but  confusing by follow up in already cloning lesions

where new clones crept out like sand onto the surface.


Perhaps because Malassezia largely avoids Acidophilus being a larger

than itself creature and there are fewer -to death- confrontations.

This had been my constant impression resulting from lack of immediate proof. 


I am Curious whether the Devil suffered as much during its dying as i Did!…


Would i have done it had i known what i would have to go through? 

No… i would have most likely chosen the much lower dig-in jabbing pain

but of much Longer duration – possibly of the usual four weeks

shortened to One by the eventual slow release/action of Acidophilus.

Malassezia’s  Dig-in vibrational jabbing is of tolerable intensity

though higher if internally due to sensitivity of internal parts

only lasts for 15-20 minutes at the time and rests for another

15- 20 minutes and  often up to more than an hour or two

but goes on for many days -up to four weeks if large concentration.


The Peroxide Kill on the contrary – which in itself is Painless if applied

on Malassezia Free wounds, causes Malassezia to React 

with a Continuous Unbearably High Intensity stabbing  

much like high voltage electric currents for 4-6 hours 

-depending how large the area and challenge 

much like the above Acidophilus Surprising Performance.


I am still at a loss though as to why / how such a Massive  Response

because  i have applied Acidophilus contents directly on open lesions

on external Body areas repeatedly before and apart of an initial

brief stinging sensation there is a quickly followed soothing one.

Could it be that in smaller areas Malassezia dies faster

while in this Incident there was a Massive attack

that took much longer for Acidophilus to deal with?

It is all just speculation at this stage, so i shall have to watch

more closely from now on and see if this hypothesis can be Confirmed…


          I have Observed by Repeated Results achieved

     that there is a difference between the Acidophilus Kill

        -if that  is what it was- and the Peroxide one, in that

                                Peroxide Kills

       All stages Malassezia Including Cloning Sisters

                           and ‘Beady Spores’ 


Acidophilus Kills  

               All Malassezia stages – Cloning Sisters

                     but Not the ‘Beady Spores’

until they start developing and come out on the surface.


So… If you were Interrogated and asked every few minutes:

        “Now!… Do you Believe?… Beyond any Doubt”

                  What would you Reply

after 8 Hours

       of Unbearable Merciless Unrelenting Torture?…




Fortunately, i Survived the Ordeal and All Restored…. for now..

There is never permanent peace or any area reclaimed for ever.

There is always another place for its evil opportunistic manifestation

and Constant Vigilance, Routine Maintenance, Preventive Measures

and a bit of …Luck … are the key to fewer traumatic incidents.  


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