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Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1)



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  * Malassezia: One -Two or Many*

  * What The Photos Reveal – PT 1*    


        In the Days way Back, before the Malassezia Identification

 i had the Distinct Sense i was dealing with Two Different ‘Creatures’

 with the same –yet not quite– Behaviour and Symptoms.


Even after Identification and Confirmation i still felt the same.

It was only after closer Observations and as the fragmented Pieces

started to come together that i finally came to see and regard it all

as “Stages Of Development” of the Same Creature, i e Malassezia Furfur

with its More than one names, to add to the overall confusion …


Having confirmed and established this as a fact through observations 

and whatever other means available, my position has not changed since 

except for a Belief or Feeling that there is still a Missing Link

connecting the patterns and stages that somehow have been eluding me.


   When i recently came upon this Piece of Information below

                      i realised the Missing Link was 

 Connecting the Yeast Stage – To the Mycelia / Fungus  One…. 

      M stages

The Researchers have since moved on from this position

into trying to establish different Taxonomic Divisions and Classifications

for a more defined or agreeable common ground of Identification Process

due to which a lot of Research must now be Repeated… etc.


I will not pretend i wholly or even sufficiently understand all that

and i am neither here -nor am i qualified- to question or contradict

either their methods or existence of different Malassezia sub-species.


For Myself  though since i have still remained in the same position

i wanted to check more systematically the Common Characteristics

presented in Samples Collected from Different Parts of My Body

in Regards to My Own Body Specifically – as i cannot know,

speak or check other people’s except perhaps of my

‘Silent Guinea Pig’ partner, whose several samples

i have already published in earlier Entries in the *Malassezia Blog*

and are so very much alike my Own despite the difference

in Severity of Symptoms – His  a lot Milder than mine.


In carrying on this Project, i thought rather than including Links

Referring and Connecting to Relevant Entries already published

thus Sending the Reader in a tedious Back and Forth cycle, to instead

Present here the Photos Related to this Topic with Brief comments

as well as New Ones – Not been Published Before.


    For Details Regarding Previously Published Photos

Please Refer to Relevant Entries – Listed on Side Menu

                                      * * *

  Malassezia Common Characteristics

 Observations On Different Parts of the Body


    Earlier Observations – Visible to the Naked Eye

Malassezia Yellowish Gritty Grains embedded on Eyelashes

Malassezia on EyelashBeds


   Acidophilus Imbued Cotton Wad 

   Inserted in Ear to treat Malassezia

Malassezia Fluorescent Green

            Turned from Translucent to Fluorescent Green


 Malassezia Green / Orange Sticky Liquid 

   Malassezia Fluorescent Green.Orange

                 Seeped on my Skirt

 and other Clothing including Bed Sheets etc


  Malassezia affected

      Fluorescent Green Lung Sputum Blobs

Malassezia and Lung  Experiment 4-2

Malassezia and Lung  Experiment 3


Creamy Orange Colour

                        Worm looking like Blob from Ear

                       Malassezia in Solidifying Process

Malassezia ear blob

                        Visible with naked eye on Cotton tip

            Photographed under Digital Microscope for detail



    Under the Microscope

     Malassezia in mobile Liquid state around the Corner of the Eye

Malassezia Near Eye 1

        And Orange Sticky Layer Spread on the Eyelid

Malassezia Eyelid Orange Layer 2jpg


Malassezia in mobile Liquid state ( Left )

Malassezia On Fingers

Disappearing after sensing Microscope Light (Right)


Under Finger Nail – 3 Stages 

1- Semi Liquid mobile     2- Orange Liquid         3- Crystalline/Gritty

Malassezia 3 stage digitsl view2

  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)


              ( PART 2  * Head – Leg – Pubic Area Hair Strands *)







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Malassezia: Which? … Where?… and …The Invisible!

 Warning MD



          Malassezia at Home Malassezia in Lab




  * Malassezia: Which? … Where?… and …The Invisible! *


          The Condition of Malassezia Symptoms is Referred to 

      as ‘Pityrosporum Folliculitis’ – ‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’ etc

        Although the Dermatologists prefer to call it…

Deception MD

            ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ or ‘Parasitophobia’

                as well as other Disguised variations

              carrying the same ‘hint’ as the above… 

              which Translates to: ‘Its All in your Mind’ 


        Fortunately the Medical Researchers have advanced past 

   this fixated and highly embarrassing for the Profession ignorance

 providing evidence that it Is actually a ‘Creature’ after all

   and … Materialises … on the Body –  and Not the Mind!


 Tongue in Cheek aside… there is still a little hindering problem …

                       How Much of the Body

          … is actually considered as ‘existing’ and as part

            of the field to be examined  by those Researching

the Relationship of Body and Manifestation of Malassezia Symptoms.

                                        For example

         This appears to be a mighty good effort but does it go far enough?

M Distribution on sites     

(Click on Photo to enlarge)                                                                    

Let’s See:

Chest, Mid line Back, Scalp, Ear, Upper Back, Upper Thigh and Cheeks (= 7)

Which ones could be the 13 other sites missing mention in the list above?


If i were to guess the most probable sites been checked i would add:

Forehead?- Eyelashes?- Nose?- Neck?- Arms?-Fingers?

Finger Nails?-Chest?- Belly?- Legs?-Feet?-Toes?-Toe nails? (=13+7=20)


        It would be interesting to know the sites examined

            rather than trying guessing them


           Even if these sites were added to the List above

                               it would still leave out

                    Hair? Nostrils? Lips? Buttocks?-Legs?

                   Feet upper/heels/sole?-Toes-Toe Nails?

  Some of these may be among the ones checked instead of my suggested

              but it nevertheless leaves out many sites unchecked


     And what about….


Vaginosaurus?-Analosaurus?- Penis-PurpleoSporum? and IntestinoSporum?

        Are these … the Invisible  ‘Dinosaurs’ in the Research Room?

considering that the same Symptoms are also afflicting the ‘unmentionable’ parts

of our bodies where the same Rich Follicular environment is naturally provided

and even Richer in many other respects in the Intestinal Canal – and manifesting

on the outside as Itchy, Burning, Purple Bumps, Lesions, Paper Cut lines? etc.  


 I have not come across any research yet mentioning these areas at all.

All the ones i have read refer to manifestation of Malassezia symptoms

i.e ‘Pityrosporum Folliculitis’/‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’/Tinea Versicolour, etc.

        usually Concentrating on the Upper part of the Body

      as if the Lower does not exist or it is off limits…


I wonder if adequate research has been done on samples from these vital sites

from where Malassezia Emerges, Returns to, and habitually and stubbornly

Settles and Clings on in the Surrounding areas, especially the closest ones

such as the Vulva, Anus and Inner Richly Follicular Buttocks

as if for its Dear Life … and Inevitably its Evil Purposes… because

                           Its Persistent Clinging there 

                         Is Not Haphazard or Accidental

           but a Strong Instinctual Urge and Directive

                            despite these areas often Rendered 

                            by different Treatment applications 

       Inhospitable to its Survival and Completion of Cycle.


               Hopefully one day the Penny may drop and Prompt  

             ‘The Research  Field’  to turn the Light of its Attention 

    on these most important yet -apparently so far- neglected areas.

                 In the mean time I will keep searching and hoping

                                        and who knows

   ‘Knock and Thy Shall Find’   may prove true …if i am still around…


                     Well… well!… what do you know…Lol!…

It seems my hopes and prayers were answered faster than i had anticipated 🙂

Some time back when i had Googled Malassezia and Vaginal  Penis problems

       i had only found a relevant Link where the document concluded

           that samples from the Penis did not contain any Malassezia

         and the Vaginal one turned out referring to Candida Yeasts. 


No Malassezia on Penis? …“Yeah?… on what Planet?”…

Subsequent ones did not yield any better result in either Male or Female areas

                      and as for Malassezia and Intestines…

                    most of the links lead to my Own Blogs

              of which the contents and findings i knew well

                    but wanted to find out any Lab ones….


 Perhaps it had more to do with my developing Searching Keyword skills 

         that did not lead me to the right links but i shall never know.


 So just before clicking ‘Publish’ -this Entry- a little wise voice inside my head


 ‘Why don’t you try Googling’ Malassezia and Penis /Vagina’ one more time 

      just in case there is something more recent – so i Did and Voila!… 

M Yeast on Penis

Malassezia in the Vagina area is described in one site as ‘Superficial Infection’

                              Superficial??? … i Wish!…. 

Mind you nothing much more than that in regards to links and findings

-Could be my Googling skills again, Lol!- but at least it appears

                  the Body areas  have been Discovered

        and some of the ‘Dinosaurs’ are becoming Visible!


Reading the article above about the abundance of not just Malassezia Species

       but the many other types of Yeasts in Both V and P areas,

  it makes me think my referral -at times of high frustration and strain-

of my V being the ‘Cauldron of Hell’ may have sounded rude to some

but now i think the name can be well-deserved – when things go wrong.

   As for the P i have just lost my innocent regard of it and inclined

to see it as a Potential ‘Lethal Weapon’ … as much as its… Sister V.                                 

A quick read of the complete article above can be adequately convincing.

The Reality is they are All Part of our Bodies and all is well and perhaps

there is some purpose to their presence as long as things run smoothly…

                     After all. the Naming is not important

as much as Discovering and Establishing  the areas of  Affliction

  and Available Solutions to when/where they become a Problem.


                                  So where to from here?… 

Treatment Goal

I absolutely agree with this statement – Yeasts may have some Purpose

but I can say that for me it is too late and near impossible to achieve

   Complete Normal Balance  due to my Multiple Health Problems

that thwart and inhibit the best possible approaches to arrive there

    but a Younger or a Healthier person without a serious Illness

                       i believe there is a good possibility

–IF willing to sacrifice a lot and implement a Healthier life style

and pursue a Strict Maintenance regiment – as described in my Entries 

  Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)

there is more than a good chance – fragile and temporary as it might be

 to Revert to a Normal or near Normal Level and Balance of Presence





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Malassezia – Site Entries & Links (1–82)



                Malassezia Daily Navigate

* Malassezia  Entries & Links Navigating the Site *     


                 The Story is unfolding in Chronological Order 

                while the Entries are presented in reverse.

     i.e the newer added at the top etc –  so starting from the beginning 

          especially where some Entries are presented in several Parts

         they will make more sense if read in the right sequence.


  Updated List  * Malassezia ~ LIST OF ENTRIES 1 – 150 *


                            NAVIGATING THE SITE 

       Those Unfamiliar with the Site having landed in an Entry

              determined by the use of Keywords or Links

         may find some helpful Tips below:


At the Top of each page there are 2 Links


<–Previous               and                –>Next Entry

Malassezia Daily-Navigate1

                 The same Links appear at the Bottom of each page as well.

                        In each Section such as the  Archives

  where there are more entries than can be displayed on one page

        there is an ‘Older Posts’ link that loads the earlier ones

                                          in that section.


                 Some times there are some Helpful ‘Related’ Entries Links

            picked by the software – while mine are provided Inside the  Entries.

Malassezia Daily-Navigate2-1


There is a Side Bar Menu

Malassezia Daily Menu bar

   And Below it

    a Quick way to Visit *Malassezia Blog*

               or one of my other Blogs

             with just a Click on the Icon

My Other Blogs

       Best Starting Options:

1– Start with Clicking on the  First Entry  and continue on

     to the –  – – > Next as indicated above, and so on 

2 – Continue  to ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ from point of arrival or choice 

3 – Click on  ‘Related’

4 – * Copy and Save the Entry Link (on Browser Bar) or

  Bookmark Entry before leaving the site–if Intending to Return 

* * * 

 Malassezia Daily-Navigate3

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Malassezia: A Rare ‘Triple Stage’ View under Digital



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      *PT 1: Malassezia Nails: Then and Now ~ Microscope Vs Eye*

      *PT 2:       Malassezia: A Rare ‘Triple Stage’ View* 

      *PT 3:       Malassezia in Action around Eyelid * 


  PT 1: Malassezia Nails: Then and Now ~ Microscope Vs Eye


    These two Photos below i had already published quite some time back.


      Photo 1 Shows a Naked Eye view of Perfectly Clear looking

     – though not manicured- set of Finger Nails  

Photo 2 Shows the invisible but True State under Digital Microscope

Nails under Digital

Corrosion, Blood Specks i.e. ‘Dig-in’ points are visible in several places 

and a Retracing – Hole Forming- Cuticle Opening along the side


Below, Current Naked Eye view of Perfectly Clear looking Finger Nails

Eye view of finger nails


   Below, Top Row: Right Hand – Bottom Row: Left Hand

   NO Blood Speck ‘Dig-in’ Points – No Retracing Cuticles

Finger Nail view of Digital Microcope

Healthy Cuticles. MD


(Click on Images to Enlarge)

White spread across is Acidophilus capsule content clinging and protecting.

I cannot work with gloves so the Right hand is the one mainly handling

and exposed to any area that requiring washing, scraping, brushing

as well as splashing Acidophilus or Seawater where needed.

   It is both exposed and vulnerable but also well protected.

 I am surprised it looks so good, i dreaded checking expecting to see

extensive corrosion and damage, considering the frequency of exposure.

Acidophilus is proving a Better Protector than any expectations…


Top Row left side Right Hand photo reveals 2 Dig-in Black Speck entries

 under Nail as shown below but without having caused further corrosion.

                                              (Good Acidophilus!)

     Malassezia under Nail


     ~ ~ ~

    PT 2:       Malassezia: A Rare ‘Triple Stage’ View

        The Photo below i have published with accompanying details

                                                 in the Entry

                           “Now you see it – Now you don’t


           Left side shows Malassezia caught on the Surface of the finger

                  but as it senses the Microscope Light and Heat

         it dives quickly under and disappears within a few quick seconds 


Malassezia now you see it

               While i was taking these Photos and Processing them

                    for Publishing in the Entry mentioned above  

          i failed to notice i had a shot of an Accidental Rare Catch!

                                          A ‘Triple Stage’ View

   Malassezia 3 stage digitsl view1


Photo1:Semi liquid mobile–Photo2:Orange liquid–Photo3:Crystalline/Gritty

Malassezia 3 stage digitsl view2

                                   (Click On Photo To Enlarge)

Again, considering that those Nails have been soaked in the Bath

for one whole hour as well as scrubbed with a Nail Brush  

and then Scraped with a Nail File after the Bath

it is downright disheartening to see  how much pile up of Grit

                      the Devil manages to pack in there.                                   

Way back before the blessed discovery of the Acidophilus Benefits

i used to put Neutrogena at night to prevent Malassezia settling

and corroding the Nail bed but it was not convenient to do so

during the day not to mention that frequent application due to its 

containing Salicylic Acid – a Blood thinner – was creating

problems and imposing limitations of frequency and quantity

while Acidophilus is a safe ‘all time- no side effect -protector’

   and of the result the photos speak a thousand words…


Stage 4 is revealed after harvesting a sample of under Nails Scrapings

                            Visible under Biological Microscope

                    in Queue  to be Published in Upcoming Entry


*PT 3:    Malassezia in Action around Eyelid *

     I felt the Malasseia Wet Fiery Burning on the Corner of my Eye

                 and turned the Digital Microscope on and there it was!

                 Flickering and Changing Shapes in its Evil Dancing (Photo 1)  

                 then Sensing the Light and Heat of the Microscope

          started to move away changing shape and disappearing

          under the surface (Photo 2) –near completely gone (Photo 3)

Malassezia Near Eye 3

Malassezia Action around Eye

(Click On Photos To Enlarge)

                Orange Sticky Layer Covering the Eyelid.

      Malassezia Eyelid Orange Layer 2jpg

    To the Naked Eye it looks like the usual dark circles around the eyes.

   It invades the eye as well covering the retina and causing clouded vision

and gritty/sand like feeling.






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Malassezia Little Treasures of … MisSpellinfs!


     (Updated and Re-Blogged for Your Amusement)




    Malassezia Humour

      Malassezia Little Treasures of  … MisSpellinfs!


Malassezia Typos

It has been an absolutely mystifying little word for me

with, i believe, embedded evil ‘finger tripping’ powers

judging at the frequency of typo style misspelling it

– an occurrence of near 9 out of 10 times.


It is like the Keyboard plays mischievous tricks 

or the Keys keep jumping places

or i have some deep resentment for the word

because of the problems its representative

 is causing me -including its spelling! 

– until i started to notice through keywords

that many Readers seem to have the same problem too  


  One good explanation is that its letters are not in a keyboard friendly order 

  and the fingers trip over themselves in trying to achieve the sequence

  and /or the brain spells it faster so the fingers miss and scramble to catch up. 


 Anyway, there are only that many ways a word can be misspelled

– though i would not be so sure about this one

   being as proliferate as its evil Owner-  

         so here is an increasing Collection of little ‘Treasures’ so far…


  And to my absolute horror i discovered i had placed an Entry

  Tagged as ‘Pubic Showers’ – instead of Public Showers!…

  The defining letter ‘  missed from the sequence 

  and the word being correct slipped easily through Spell check…


(More might be added depending on creative … Contributions 🙂 Lol!… )


   Site AD MD



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Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT3)

                     To View Part 1 and 2 First

                       Click on Links Below:

Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)

Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) A

Ways to Reduce–Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2-B)


Warning MD



Malassezia Maintenance


  * Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT3)*                            


*Topical External Care*    


     I have written Extensively about External Care in several Entries

   and more Specifically and Detailed in the *Malassezia Blog* Entry:

             Malassezia Yeast: ( Before – Now) – How (2)

Therefore here i will only cover areas where some recent changes

   of additions and/or alternative methods have taken place.


  Head and Scalp

Malassezia Scalp

The Best Results i have ever achieved are described in the Entry:  

                                “ Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment ”


 Eyes and Eyelash Beds

Malassezia Eyelashes

 I Wash with warm water and Face Cloth and Dry well.

Then i Apply Aloe Vera Juice during the Day

and Seawater Eye Patch on Each Eye during the Night



    Malassezia Ears

I Clean well with Cotton Tip Morning and Night and Cover with Shampoo

      during Bath time then Dry with Cotton Tip when i finish.

During the Day and especially Overnight if i feel Malassezia Presence

  i use a dropper to fill each Ear with Acidophilus diluted in water

      and seal with a small piece of cotton wool to keep it in.



    Malassezia Face

Never had too much trouble with the Face, ironically my most Oily area.

I can often feel its presence, or some crawling or scrape some dried blobs.

When i clean it with Warm Water -or as some time back with YAM

on a Cotton Bud- it comes up very Yellow/Orange

obviously Malassezia layer spread all over but rarely any sores.

I have noticed when standing too close to our Food steamer

             the Steam seems to mobilise it away... 

      a good little tip to know should it ever go naughty

     but must always consider possibilities of Relocation…


   Under Breast

Malassezia burn under Breast.

  I have only had two nasty incidents Under the Breast area throughout.

         One on each side, on separate occasions 

            and both came up rather unexpectedly

                  during Night time while asleep

     so i have been normally leaving the area completely Unprotected


This one i treated with Acidophilus water and took an entire week to heal

      – not bad considering Lesions usually take near Four or more –

because Malassezia had settled in and had formed bubbles under the skin

  –barely visible on photos– and due to itching and Inflammation

as both are attracting elements, it was much harder to prevent attempts

    of more trying to settle in the area.


Once Acidophilus had done the ‘job’ and the bubbles had dried up

          i continued applying Acidophilus in the Morning 

and Talcum Powder at Night until completely healed and safe

  Now i only apply Talcum Powder morning and night

   to keep the area Dry and deter any fresh attacks.


   Buttocks, Pubic and Vagina 

   Malassezia Buttocks

I wash thoroughly after Every Bathroom visit, dry well

and then Apply Acidophilus water.

It does not stop traffic In and Out of Internal areas

but the entire Outer Area is Absolutely Clean and Clear.

I have also introduced a trial run of Menstrual Pads

which Malassezia seemed to avoid only during the first 2 days

 due to its moisture absorbing qualities

and i am now hooked to the convenience and dry feeling

immediately after having applied Acidophilus water


So in this Regard it is Great and very Convenient

because i can Treat the area Liberally and still feel Dry

and Acidophilus being a Live Creature knows where skin

and warmth is and travels there, instead of

-as i used to worry- sink at the bottom of the Pad.

Should this was happening the area would not be as clear

and i would be fighting diggings and lesions…


I used to wash the Vagina walls during Bath time

or prior to Inserting an Acidophilus Capsule

but i have now changed to a way that works much better.

I do not wash it Internally Unless and Only if /when i feel

Malassezia brazen invasion despite Acidophilus Presence

or of  negligible chances to settle there.

I always worry it might travel upwards to the Uterus.

In these cases, fortunately very infrequent

i wash, and dry and insert a new Acidophilus capsule.

The rest of the time i only insert the Acidophilus 3 times daily

morning, noon, night and let it Saturate the area thoroughly!


Feet and Toes

  Malassezia Toe

I used to have a persistent problem with swollen feet back when able

       to stand up a lot longer and do a lot more than recently.

Then i discovered that sitting in a Recliner Chair

thus able to keep my legs and feet raised

 helped with better blood circulation

and all swelling and inflammation ceased and since then

there  has been way less attraction for settling in the area.


I still apply Seawater or Acidophilus water for Prevention

           but not ever trusting its Evil Nature

   i always Protect thoroughly the Two Big Toes.


       And a Bit about The Skin in its Entirety

I Like this So very Much and i Totally agree with it

               It also Confirms the Benefits

   of Pursuing the Natural against the Chemical

The Skin


                     The Skin a Live Entity of its Own

         Relies on Diet as a Main Contributor of Elements

             that can Help Boost or Weaken its Health.


    Live Nutrients are the Building Blocks of our Entire Body

                        Internal as well as External 

                      And must Never be Overlook

            Or come Second to Any other Treatment

Malassezia My Dinners

                    Malassezia Defender 

       Regarding Prescription Medications

   Malassezia and Prescriptions

From Personal Experience as well as Shared Visitor Communications

there is a certain number of hurdles to overcome in order 

to be Diagnosed first and then -perhaps- if lucky, obtain a Prescription


1- Doctor Believing and Complying about Prescribing Diagnostic Tests

2- Prescription for the ‘Right Tests’ is not always guaranteed and doctors

    have their own mind and guidelines as to what to look first

3-  The Tests Producing a Right Diagnosis

4- The Tests even if the Right ones, Producing Conclusive Results

5- Co-Operative Dermatologist for Treatments etc

    …Not kind issuing the ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ verdict.

 6- Past successfully the last hurdle… one is faced with having to take

    more Antibiotics… for – most likely – Only Temporary Results

    and Risks involved with high dosages and/or  Long term are required.

Malassezia medications


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Ways to Reduce–Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2-B)


                                  To View First:

    *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) A*


    *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) B* 

  But Now Let us Compare the Alternative… ‘Normal’…

  Let us Observe a very Normal, Average Person

                             suddenly experiencing

                a Small Bundle of Malassezia’s Symptoms

   but not knowing what they are or what causes them

              so they go on about their Normal day

   using their Normal variety of Shampoos, Conditioners

    and other types of Cosmetics and Toiletries such as

Deodorants, Lotions, Shaving Creams, Perfumes, After Shaves

and so on, while All Contributing to an Already harassed skin

by providing a Proliferating ground for Malassezia, 

so the situation gets Progressively worse.


They look in the Medicine cupboard, in the Kitchen Pantry, etc

        and they start throwing at “It”- whatever the ‘It’ is!-

                          in order to Get rid of it 

and it might appear for a day to two, that this was it… it feels better

… only to find a day or two later the “It” … is back again 

 perhaps with a vengeance and Itches, Crawls and Burns and so on!


                               In the meantime …


       They have their Usual Normal Three Meals a day,

Deserts Snacks and Drinks  and … a highly Congested Colon

of which they are totally unaware of except perhaps some itchng

        and perhaps after a Night out or Social gathering etc,

some Indigestion symptoms resulting from consuming extras

  which …  of course will go away soon with some Fizzy Antacid drink.


           Some crawling sensation here or there,

           some Burning or Itching in the Anal area

  or even No awareness of any sensations whatsoever

– just a nasty Outbreak of Symptoms of that pestering ‘something’

         a day or two later  (All  Excesses Forgotten)

and just continuing piling up … the ‘Normal’ in all areas …


All of the above contributing perfectly to an ideal environment

     for Malassezia’s Growth, Spread and Permanence!


         Due to the Aggravated Progression of Symptoms

   the Person is now Moving to more harsh ‘Antibacterial’ Anti-fungal

        Disinfecting, Germ killing Creams, Lotions etc

all blindly and in the hope if not expectation that they will work

             but as before, they appear to do so briefly

then return fiercely and often spread to additional areas, etc…


     And of course, all else …’Normal’ goes on as before 

              and without any ‘True’ effective Measure

                    to work against the problem

which will keep Perpetuating itself with any Opportunity

                    Created to its Advantage.


                       I guess  now the ‘Too Simplistic’ 

                     might start making a bit more sense

                          Compared to

                      Continuing Wrong Action

               And with NO  Right Counter- Action

                                ~ ~ ~

          So…. Remember the Question?

           ‘Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia’                   

                  YES… but ARE you READY?

       ~ ~ ~

      The Plan in Two Categories 

The ‘NO’ Category

    Malassezia No's 

* NO Cosmetics for Any part of the Body

* NO Fancy Foods

* NO Alcohol of Any Type

* NO Smoking

* NO Caffeine, Tannings or Fermented Teas

* NO Cooked Oils, Fats, Sauces, Chilies, Ketchups,

  Vegemite, Salt, Pepper, Vinegars, Sugars,

  Preservatives or any Colourings or Artificial  additives.

  NO matter how Natural or Good they might be Labelled

  or Promoted as being so.

* NOthing that has been Commercially Processed

* NOthing that comes in a Commercial Bottle, Packet etc.

  such as Jam, Relishes, Pickles or Similar

* NO Crisps, Biscuits, Pies, Crackers et all

  NO matter what they are Made off

  or what they Do or Do Not Contain.

* NO Gluten Products

* NO Suspicious or Reputed foods

  that might Contribute to Yeast Proliferation


The ‘DO’ Category

   Malassezia Do's

* Top to Toe Daily Meticulous Cleansing and Drying of Body Parts

   as many times as required or practicable

   Such as  Scalp and Hair – Finger and Toe Nails, Ears, Eyes

   Nostrils, Mouth, Especially Privates each and every time

   visiting the Bathroom  (Details in PART 2)

*  Applying Preventative measures Repeatedly

   and if Healing is also Required

*  Cleanse Colon with Enemas to Relieve Waste accumulation

   and Malassezia activity and Congestion

* Reduce Red Meat and Preferably Replace with

  Fish, Goat Milk, Natural Plain Yoghurt

  and Small quantity of Raw Unsalted Nuts 

* Eat Only Fresh, Unprocessed, Unsalted, Foods

* Add Immuno-Boosting Supplements

  (Vitamins, Herbs and Probiotics)

  such as B Complex, B3 Niacinamide, B5 Pantothenic Acid,

  Vitamin C  as Calcium Ascorbate Powder

  – No Sugars or other additives added

  and Acidophilus Probiotic Capsules 

 (Please Read Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM )

* No Avoidance, No Excuses, No Exceptions,

   just Solid Dedicated Adherence to All Rules

       –and they are only the Major ones–

              Allowing ‘Adequate Time’

         for Noticeable Change to Occur

  aware of Adjustments and Modifications (if) needed

             and Alertness to Results.

 Many of these strict Measures above are not just to directly impact

 on Malassezia but to Improve General Health and the Body’s Defence.

 Most of us have lived for many years without being aware of its presence

 or existence for that matter until something went wrong and allowed it

 to turn into a Pathogen, take over and start manifesting in all its nasty ways.

 Trying to Restore as much Health back into our Immune system

             and Promote Proliferation of Friendly Flora

        is One if Not our Only Tool to Fight this Beast.


             Time, Patience and Persistence

              have been Important Elements

that have helped with the Tremendous Difference

       Achieved in my Own Already Tightly Regulated

                          Routine and Habits.      


Attempt to Implementation and Adhering

    to the Rules of the Two Categories

       could Easily Provide 

  Not Only some Great Degree of Improvement    

                  but also Demonstrate

  that there is Nothing ‘Too Simplistic’ in this Plan

                     in Fact it Being a Rather 

       Studied, Highly Methodical and Strategic 

           and that is the Reason it has Worked. 


 Part 3 to Follow: *Topical External Care*   

Malassezia Defender



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