Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers

05 Jan



       Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers


    K1:  * chamomile tea Malassezia * 

  Malassezia chamomile  

I can almost hear Malassezia Replying:

                  ‘Yes Please!’

 Chamomile Tea is a gentle mild sedative, nerve relaxing etc

  and will do No harm either to a Person… Or to Malassezia!


     K2:  * sugar malassezia  *

      Malassezia Sugar

I can almost See Malassezia Licking its Lips! … instead of mine!

Lab research has not discovered yet how Malassezia processes Sugar.

From personal experience i can say i have to wash my lips thoroughly

after each Fruit meal or it  moves quickly and covers them over

 like a Cocoa Butter application.

            It tastes Bitter with a hint of Sour…

and if left there long enough it digs-in creating Herpe like Sores

     or Bleeding Cracks – which is the same…

                               One word: NO!


     K3:  * raw meat diet for Malassezia *

      Malassezia raw meat

           I can imagine ‘Raw Meat’ for Malassezia

        resulting in  ‘Dead Meat’ Sufferer!

 I cannot see how could this possibly

 have any negative effect on Malassezia

         Unless it is … Poisoned!… 


    K4:  * shea butter malasezzia *

Malassezia SheaButter

A: Quick embarrassing story:

Back before i knew anything about Malassezia i purchased a luxurious

Shea Butter container to just once help my Chlorinated by the Pool skin.


        I applied it at Night and by morning my New white Nighty

  decorated with delicate Flowers-a Special Gift from my Husband

        was completely ruined with what i had thought at the time 

  was …  ‘Orange Rust like’ Colour … Shea Butter smeared all over it

           which never came Off even after several washes.

     I emailed the company and complained…

       It would have been very right of them to have been mystified…

          And the Point of the Story is…

      Malassezia (Orange!) Loved it!

         I shall let the next Keyword give the answer…             


K5:  * malassezia no oil  *  


          Finally someone’s got the message Right!!!!

     If it is Oil – Fat – Grease… It is a definite No! No! NO!!!!


      K6:  * vitamin b5 and Malassezia *

Malassezia Supplements

      A: I have been taking B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

           not just as part of the B Complex tablets

but additionally to them – often 2-3 per day for the past 20 years or more…

Excellent for many things especially protecting against stress

but IF it was doing anything against Malassezia

i would not be typing this right now and this Blog would not have existed…


 K7:  * lysine to kill malessizea yeast *

         I had been taking L-Lysine for a number of years

             before and throughout  my Lung Treatment

              and for the purpose of fighting Lip Sores

                   for which is reputed to be helpful

          but never had any noticeable effects on Malassezia.

      L-Tyrosine though i remember pacified the trillions of pricks

    i felt all over my body and some unexplained leg jerkings at night 

             -not knowing about Malassezia back then

            and having attributed  to Antibiotics side effects

                of which of course Malassezia was One… 

 Whether it only had a temporary pacifying, relaxing effect

    either on Malassezia or any anti-Inflammatory or Relaxing effect

   on my own Body’s Responses, i am unable to tell and regrettably

    neither can i take L-Tyrosine anymore due to Kidney sensitivity

to retest it again and verify/and or clarify its effect.

       K8:  * progesterone and Malassezia *
A:  Totally Contraindicated!…

      Lab Research indicates increase of Malassezia at the onset of Puberty

due to hormonal development and increased gland secretions, etc.

        I have been both on HRT for near 8 years

and a couple more on Natural Progesterone…

  I have a feeling Both Promoted Malassezia Growth

   but have no way of verifying it anymore 


  K9:  * will getting hair bleached kill mallezia *

                  Malassezia Bleeaching

I can imagine that perhaps Locally and Temporarily it would

     but it would not solve the problem in the Long term…

Malassezia not Topical


      Please Note Changes in Keyword Availability:

Google Keywords

I have a Long List of Keywords and Keyword Questions

and i shall keep Collecting while available and deal with 

in-between Entries Regarding  Discoveries, Experiments

and Microscope samples Examining, until None Visible.



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