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16 Jan




    *Healing and Maintenance*                             


           Burn Under Breast

            I have Only had two nasty Under Breast incidents

                                   over the past 5 years

               – both occurring during Night time while asleep.

                Malassezia Breast Burn 4

         One on each side, on separate occasions 

            and both came up rather unexpectedly

so i have been normally leaving the area completely Unprotected


           Below The Top Photos show the latest incident

                                    Nasty Red Burn

  Surrounded by the Sticky Orange turned Dry and  Brown

Malassezia Under Breast

     The Bottom ones show the Area as is Currently – well Healed


  This i treated with Acidophilus water and it took an entire week to heal

  -Not bad considering Lesions usually take near Four or more.

                  This is because Malassezia had settled well in

     and formed Blisters under the skin –barely visible on photos–

    and due to itching and Inflammation – both attracting elements-

                    it made it much harder to prevent attempts 

             of more trying to settle in the area.


    Once Acidophilus had done the ‘job’ and the blisters had dried up

            i continued applying Acidophilus in the Morning 

  and Talcum Powder at Night until completely healed and safe

    Malassezia Under Breast healed

   Now i only apply Talcum Powder morning and night

    – for a little while until i am sure it is safe to stop –

     to keep the area Dry and deter any fresh attacks.


  The Long Toe Story

   Malassezia Infected Nail

This Toe has had an Over a Decade Long Story of Malassezia attacks

   before i even had the slightest idea what it was.

    It lost its entire Nail several times and people were telling me

    to have it pulled out but i did not believe in Punishing the Toe

                         for what it was been done to it 

                  so i nursed it back to health several times

              only to lose it repeatedly, often just a day or two

             before ready to declaring it as Absolutely Perfect!…


   The Doc had said it was Onichomycosis but i was not convinced.

                    (different fungal creatures and behaviour.)

               I had a gut feeling it was some other devil  

      and was right as discovered many years later.  

            It used to start throbbing and getting a red hot swelling

                             just after 6 pm every evening

  then filled up with pus, losing the nail yet again within a day or two.


             Numerous greasy creams i was using for healing

            had not help and rather exacerbated the situation. 

            It only started getting a break for months at a time 

                     once i had finally stopped them all 

    but has always remained ‘attractively’ vulnerable to attacks

             and the Battle has been on going … for ever…


           So, at night i wrap Both Big Toes in a Cotton wad

                 with either Seawater or Acidophilus water

                      and cover with Elastoplast rigid tape.

                        Malassezia can still go under it

               And it does, since … it can still  ‘Breath’ lol!

        but it thinks twice before it settles in an environment

                 that does not sense it as ‘naturally’ confined

                         like some folds of the skin etc

  not to mention it would have to survive the Acidophilus presence.


                The other Toes i just Splash with Seawater

                          and keep my fingers crossed

    since they are easier to treat if anything goes wrong.


                   A Cheesy Toe, on the Outside  is Painful

         Tedious to Clear and Heal and Requires Digging out 

     but Not as Bad as when Inside in either Side of theToe Nail

         which is extremely Painful and not always Accessible

             and can only be dealt with the Peroxide Torture!


                                  Should it happen:

 I would start with Saturating the Toe with Seawater for 48 hours

if this does not work i would try the same with Methylated Spirits 2%

     – Not ‘Rubbing Alcohol’ as it is too weak and does not work-

   if this did not work either, then i know not of any other choice

                                  than the Peroxide… 

  It does not require any saturation – just a splash, which froths 

         stays deceptively quiet for a few moments and then…

 … it acts like a medieval torture or operation without anaesthetic…

                       and goes On and On for hours …

         till all drops dead … including the patient, Lol!                                                                      

               Admittedly, i have not had a chance to trial

             wetting the entire Toe with Acidophilus water

          then empty and paste on an Acidophilus capsule

         and wrap it up with an Acidophilus water Cotton wad

     and protective rigid Plaster to keep it enclosed and in place.

              Hopefully i will never Need to trial this option

          but should the demon manage to get in there after all

                  i would certainly try it before the Peroxide

               or in fact of any other item mentioned above

      even if it might mean taking an extra -Painless!- day or two.


This is what i have to do Nightly to Keep a Healed Toe Safe

                                       First Photo: 

       How it looked some time back after an ugly attack. 

Malassezia Infected and Healing Toe

                                  Middle photo: 

                    Some Acidophilus Capsule’s contents 

                 pasted on the vulnerable side

         where Malassezia Sinks in – if not prevented-

       and starts its Evil and Very Painful work. 

                       Third photo: 

                    Nightly Plaster Wrap

                     on Top of an Acidophilus Cotton Wad wrap.


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