Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)

18 Jan



Malassezia Maintenance


  *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT1)*

               *how to.mininize malassliza yeast*

    (When i said ‘More Misspellings Arrow up wanted … I meant it!  🙂

More Wanted Typos


           ‘Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast’

                             YES …but ARE You READY???


              Three Reader’s Keywords Condensed in One

             Fit Exactly with my Purpose and Implementation

          of Daily Malassezia Maintenance Routine.


     I am guessing there are roughly Three or Four Categories

     individuals fit in, according to the Severity of their Symptoms

                and way of their Body handling them, i.e 


Category 1: Experiencing at present time -no one knows tomorrow-

                   only Sporadic Mild Symptoms and only on certain 

             small areas, such as Eyelids, Ears, Nose or Lips


Category 2: Discovering Itchy -or not- Bumps and Paper Cuts

                    here and there generally unaware of major traffic

                    and without experiencing any great discomfort

                    able to get on normally with life


Category 3: Frequent attacks in different small or larger areas 

                    experiencing symptoms with a degree of discomfort

                    and if sores in open view, embarrassed and frustrated.


Category 4: Savaged Continually, with high degree

                    and severity of symptoms and discomfort  

                    Never having a moment’s Peace

                    Feeling highly distressed and frustrated

                    deeply depressed  and at times even suicidal   

                                          Dec 2014

            Category 4 describes exactly my condition 5 years ago.

                   It has taken  Time, a lot of Experimentation

            many mistakes, failures and successes along the way

                              to finally Reverse the Order

    and arrive  to a much more comfortable and manageable state 

                 somewhere in between Category 1 and 2

   with surprises mainly occurring during Night time when asleep

                        but dealt decisively during the day.         


So the Questions above

*how to.mininize malassliza yeast*


                        YES … but ARE You READY???

                May have different importance and urgency

                         for different Category individuals


                           I have Myself met my Challenge

                             -a Constant One i must add-

                                and living the Difference

       despite some occasional mishaps


   For a Reader with high Severity of Symptoms

      and Urgency for Solutions


       Malassezia Despair


*  Having the Patience to just read through the 3 Parts of this Topic 

              to find out without scanning through quickly

   looking for the magic pill and dismissing half of what has taken

             Three Years to arrive at  through trial and error

        and more than a week’s effort to collate and present

                  will Definitely be a First Good Step


 * Then follows the Most Important but also most Difficult Part:

           Readiness and Determination to Act Decisively

             Commit and Stick to the Best possible Plan

              Allowing for the Length of Time Required 

 to take hold and Notice some Palpable results…

                                            ~ ~

   My Story MD

        There have been many Ups and Downs along the way

             not just Back then when the situation seemed 

                     or rather was entirely out of Control

                                but even to this Day

         when there is hardly any Comparison with the Past.


The Improvements too occurred in varied degrees of steadiness and duration.

    I will not refer to the temporary ones that lasted for a few days

                      but those that have lasted throughout

                         and Largely still Hold to this Day.

Those Improvements took place in a Noticeable Steady way and Duration

after many changes i had to Implement at various stages along the way.


    The Changes Implemented

                              * First Change

      Pool no more  

          First Change making a Noticeable Difference 

                          was the Forced Termination 

          of over a Decade Swims in Chlorinated Pool Water.

             It proved Detrimental in many other Respects

                   but Undeniably Beneficial for my Skin.


    * The Second Change

      Malassezia and Cosmetics

   Having gained more understanding of what i was confronted with

was the decision to almost totally Abandon Use  of ALL Chemical Substances

and Return to the Aid of some Natural -Beneficial to the Body- Ingredients

   that could offer Soothing and Healing of Lesions, Itching, Burning

    as well as Prevent or Reduce Malassezia Levels and Activity

     Generally on the Body and Specifically on Vulnerable areas.


      * The Third Change 

   Malassezia 3 Magic


* Was the Discovery of Benefits of Three Natural Items

   i have been using Systematically since then and to date

       -despite a couple of unfortunate vicious attacks-

     and Reduced now to alternating Only Two

  since the Third one has Not been Needed much anymore.


   * The  Fourth Change

   Malassezia Diffrence


   Was one of Reversal of Mentality and Approach

    since the Normal appeared to fail most of the time

due to the fact that Humans may be Perfect hosts for Fungi

  but their Biological qualities are entirely different to ours

     so instead of Acting by Human Reason and Logic

       and Anticipating Calculated or Desired Results

   i started to Observe Patterns carefully, Act upon them

    applying Possible solutions and then Observe again

              Assessing and Accepting the Results

          whether Successful or Needing Alterations.


This, as a Result caused to Finally 

   Notice More Consciously and take into Consideration

   two Facts i had noticed early enough

    but had dismally Overlooked: 

                                  One was that

   No matter how much i chased and dealt with Externally 

     there was Always More Coming Forth from Internally 

                               The Second One

        Creating a Problem by Failing to account for, was

                         The Relocation Factor!


PART 2 to Follow: ‘Results Following The Changes’





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