Ways to Reduce–Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2-B)

20 Jan


                                  To View First:

    *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) A*


    *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) B* 

  But Now Let us Compare the Alternative… ‘Normal’…

  Let us Observe a very Normal, Average Person

                             suddenly experiencing

                a Small Bundle of Malassezia’s Symptoms

   but not knowing what they are or what causes them

              so they go on about their Normal day

   using their Normal variety of Shampoos, Conditioners

    and other types of Cosmetics and Toiletries such as

Deodorants, Lotions, Shaving Creams, Perfumes, After Shaves

and so on, while All Contributing to an Already harassed skin

by providing a Proliferating ground for Malassezia, 

so the situation gets Progressively worse.


They look in the Medicine cupboard, in the Kitchen Pantry, etc

        and they start throwing at “It”- whatever the ‘It’ is!-

                          in order to Get rid of it 

and it might appear for a day to two, that this was it… it feels better

… only to find a day or two later the “It” … is back again 

 perhaps with a vengeance and Itches, Crawls and Burns and so on!


                               In the meantime …


       They have their Usual Normal Three Meals a day,

Deserts Snacks and Drinks  and … a highly Congested Colon

of which they are totally unaware of except perhaps some itchng

        and perhaps after a Night out or Social gathering etc,

some Indigestion symptoms resulting from consuming extras

  which …  of course will go away soon with some Fizzy Antacid drink.


           Some crawling sensation here or there,

           some Burning or Itching in the Anal area

  or even No awareness of any sensations whatsoever

– just a nasty Outbreak of Symptoms of that pestering ‘something’

         a day or two later  (All  Excesses Forgotten)

and just continuing piling up … the ‘Normal’ in all areas …


All of the above contributing perfectly to an ideal environment

     for Malassezia’s Growth, Spread and Permanence!


         Due to the Aggravated Progression of Symptoms

   the Person is now Moving to more harsh ‘Antibacterial’ Anti-fungal

        Disinfecting, Germ killing Creams, Lotions etc

all blindly and in the hope if not expectation that they will work

             but as before, they appear to do so briefly

then return fiercely and often spread to additional areas, etc…


     And of course, all else …’Normal’ goes on as before 

              and without any ‘True’ effective Measure

                    to work against the problem

which will keep Perpetuating itself with any Opportunity

                    Created to its Advantage.


                       I guess  now the ‘Too Simplistic’ 

                     might start making a bit more sense

                          Compared to

                      Continuing Wrong Action

               And with NO  Right Counter- Action

                                ~ ~ ~

          So…. Remember the Question?

           ‘Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia’                   

                  YES… but ARE you READY?

       ~ ~ ~

      The Plan in Two Categories 

The ‘NO’ Category

    Malassezia No's 

* NO Cosmetics for Any part of the Body

* NO Fancy Foods

* NO Alcohol of Any Type

* NO Smoking

* NO Caffeine, Tannings or Fermented Teas

* NO Cooked Oils, Fats, Sauces, Chilies, Ketchups,

  Vegemite, Salt, Pepper, Vinegars, Sugars,

  Preservatives or any Colourings or Artificial  additives.

  NO matter how Natural or Good they might be Labelled

  or Promoted as being so.

* NOthing that has been Commercially Processed

* NOthing that comes in a Commercial Bottle, Packet etc.

  such as Jam, Relishes, Pickles or Similar

* NO Crisps, Biscuits, Pies, Crackers et all

  NO matter what they are Made off

  or what they Do or Do Not Contain.

* NO Gluten Products

* NO Suspicious or Reputed foods

  that might Contribute to Yeast Proliferation


The ‘DO’ Category

   Malassezia Do's

* Top to Toe Daily Meticulous Cleansing and Drying of Body Parts

   as many times as required or practicable

   Such as  Scalp and Hair – Finger and Toe Nails, Ears, Eyes

   Nostrils, Mouth, Especially Privates each and every time

   visiting the Bathroom  (Details in PART 2)

*  Applying Preventative measures Repeatedly

   and if Healing is also Required

*  Cleanse Colon with Enemas to Relieve Waste accumulation

   and Malassezia activity and Congestion

* Reduce Red Meat and Preferably Replace with

  Fish, Goat Milk, Natural Plain Yoghurt

  and Small quantity of Raw Unsalted Nuts 

* Eat Only Fresh, Unprocessed, Unsalted, Foods

* Add Immuno-Boosting Supplements

  (Vitamins, Herbs and Probiotics)

  such as B Complex, B3 Niacinamide, B5 Pantothenic Acid,

  Vitamin C  as Calcium Ascorbate Powder

  – No Sugars or other additives added

  and Acidophilus Probiotic Capsules 

 (Please Read Malassezia – Product Clarification and Warning –DM )

* No Avoidance, No Excuses, No Exceptions,

   just Solid Dedicated Adherence to All Rules

       –and they are only the Major ones–

              Allowing ‘Adequate Time’

         for Noticeable Change to Occur

  aware of Adjustments and Modifications (if) needed

             and Alertness to Results.

 Many of these strict Measures above are not just to directly impact

 on Malassezia but to Improve General Health and the Body’s Defence.

 Most of us have lived for many years without being aware of its presence

 or existence for that matter until something went wrong and allowed it

 to turn into a Pathogen, take over and start manifesting in all its nasty ways.

 Trying to Restore as much Health back into our Immune system

             and Promote Proliferation of Friendly Flora

        is One if Not our Only Tool to Fight this Beast.


             Time, Patience and Persistence

              have been Important Elements

that have helped with the Tremendous Difference

       Achieved in my Own Already Tightly Regulated

                          Routine and Habits.      


Attempt to Implementation and Adhering

    to the Rules of the Two Categories

       could Easily Provide 

  Not Only some Great Degree of Improvement    

                  but also Demonstrate

  that there is Nothing ‘Too Simplistic’ in this Plan

                     in Fact it Being a Rather 

       Studied, Highly Methodical and Strategic 

           and that is the Reason it has Worked. 


 Part 3 to Follow: *Topical External Care*   

Malassezia Defender



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