Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2)

20 Jan

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       *Ways to Reduce – Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2) A*                          

Results Following The Changes

    The First Change 

 Giving up Chlorinated Water

     Dive no more


        Resulted in an Overall Improvement of my Skin

       -Despite Constant Malassezia Savaging Attacks.

               Although i had no indications that the Chlorine

            provided any particular benefit against Malassezia

                    and plenty that was bad for my skin

               i was initially acting on ‘human reasoning’

                  that any Chemical is bound to harm it

                and tried to imitate the Pool environment

         with All sorts of Laundry powders, Bottles of Peroxide,

         Iodine, Pool Salt, Soda, and various Tablets and Herbs

                        and later on, added Seawater

               Carrying Bottles from the Sea, etc, etc,

            until i finally Progressed to The Fourth Change 

                                and gave it all up…


                                              The Second Change

            Returning to All Natural Ingredients and Methods

                 Malassezia Natural

As a General Rule Stopped – Avoided or Replaced

* Stopped using All Fancy anti-Dandruff Shampoos

  and Conditioners and kept only the Old formula 

  of Head &Shoulders Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo.


* Instead of focusing on what or how to Kill Malassezia

     I went the Opposite way trying to Avoid Killing

  and instead Promote and Enhance the Environment

      and Presence of Natural Friendly Body Flora

in order to create Natural Competition against Malassezia.


*  This in practical terms meant also giving up

    All types of Body Wash and All Chemical substances,

    such as Peroxide and including Salt, Soda etc 

    i was adding in the Bath Water and Replaced All

    with just the same Head Shampoo HS-ZP

                                Dec 14:

       Discontinued too later, after noticing changes

         in results and suspected Formula changes.


* I Discovered the Mighty Power of Warm Tap Water 

       and a harsh Face Cloth  or Cotton Wool

        for cleaning Malassezia occupied areas 

         and started using a large Nail Brush

   to Scrub my Body and Scalp while having a Bath


                This had an immediate Steady Clearing effect

                on the Extremely Full and Bumpy Leg Hair Follicles

    and my Legs have Remained Steadily Clear since.


Next Followed the Clearance of other Large areas of Constant Problems

such as Scalp, Back, Chest, Belly, Inner and Outer Buttocks and Feet.

        The Only two areas that had suffered lightly and only sporadically

      were miraculously my Face and now and then my Arms…

    Of them All – Back, Chest and Belly have been practically Free

            while the Rest is having only Minor Periodic attacks

             being protected and assisted by…  


  The Third Change

           Discovery of The Three Natural Items

       Malassezia 3 Diffenders

 One being Natural Seawater the other an Acidophilus

   Probiotic Capsule – diluted in water.

  I have had no need for YAM mixture for quite some time

      and this in itself is a major improvement.


            Another Essential element i had to Implement   

                             was – and still is-

           the Frequent Cleaning with Warm Tap Water 

                   using Towel Cloth or Cotton Wool 

  of any area where Malassezia Presence is Felt

              Prior to Applying either Seawater or Acidophilus.


  The  Fourth Change has also helped with more discoveries

         due to a more Open Mind, Better Observation

                 and more Strategic Action Plans.

     The Best Benefits have been more Calculated moves

            and Consciously taking into Consideration 


  The Relocation Factor!

                Malassezia Relocation

Having been aware for some time of Relocation repercussions 

   i consider the possibility of whether it might be preferable

            for instance, to allow to suffer a gritty scalp

            -despite knowing how to clear it perfectly-

       rather than cause an upset and heavy Relocation

              to the Eyes and Ears -harder to treat-

     or even worse to the Genital area already one of the Highest

    Vigilance points and Daily Battle trying to keep clear.

                An annoying Sore on the Shoulder or Chest

    may be Unsightly or Itchy but it is Not as Painful or Debilitating 

                    as heavily mucused Congested Eyes 

                     making hard to see, work, drive etc

          or a Sore in the most Sensitive Privates area

           where sitting down is very uncomfortable

             and a Paper Cut excruciatingly painful

          when urine trickles on it and ‘burns’ all the time …


                   Therefore i do my utmost best to protect

    the most vulnerable and attractive to Malassezia areas

           and the most Sensitive that would cause me

              a great deal of distress and discomfort.

 General Care Rules

            Malassezia Daily care

     I have establish a Daily Routine of thoroughly Cleaning

                          All Vulnerable Areas

    Irrespective of any movements, sensations of traffic Felt or Not.


I Respond Immediately – Not Later! – to any sensation i feel

                       by washing the area thoroughly

                   drying and then applying a deterrent.


      Enemas are also a Frequent Part of the Routine when needed

   with indicators being

* Restless Leg Syndrome 

* Leg Cramping

* Blocked or Congested feel in the Anal area 

* Increased Malassezia traffic.                                               

   I know that for many people the idea of having Enemas

  to Clean and Relieve the area, sounds quite Repulsive Yuck 1

while Keeping it all Inside, Rotting, Packed up and Piling on

                                              Malassezia in Poo MD

   Poisoning the Entire Body with Toxins and Putrefaction

                only slowly coming out through a meagre 

       and totally inadequate Regular’ motion once a day…

                         … or every two or three

                                             Malassezia - Poo and Enemas 2 MD

     … strangely, somehow … is Not!…wondering


I have been Careful Not to Overeat – keeping within quantities

   that feel comfortable and have signs of better processing

          rather than Piling up each meal after another

and fooling myself this will provide more nutritional elements

  that would stand true only if they were well processed!


  Now, One might say all this sounds ‘Too Simplistic’ to be a Solution 

    for the Magnitude and Persistence of such a Malicious Problem.

       (Maliciousia would be a more appropriate name)


             I can understand how this can sound reasonable

                    from a surface point of view

  And if not The One Telling the Story out of First-hand Experience

  I too would have been as sceptical thinking exactly the same way!


                                  Part B 

         But Now Let us Compare the Alternative…                          

Ways to Reduce–Minimise Malassezia Yeast (PT2-B)                                                  

Malassezia Defender




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