Malassezia: A Rare ‘Triple Stage’ View under Digital

25 Jan



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      *PT 1: Malassezia Nails: Then and Now ~ Microscope Vs Eye*

      *PT 2:       Malassezia: A Rare ‘Triple Stage’ View* 

      *PT 3:       Malassezia in Action around Eyelid * 


  PT 1: Malassezia Nails: Then and Now ~ Microscope Vs Eye


    These two Photos below i had already published quite some time back.


      Photo 1 Shows a Naked Eye view of Perfectly Clear looking

     – though not manicured- set of Finger Nails  

Photo 2 Shows the invisible but True State under Digital Microscope

Nails under Digital

Corrosion, Blood Specks i.e. ‘Dig-in’ points are visible in several places 

and a Retracing – Hole Forming- Cuticle Opening along the side


Below, Current Naked Eye view of Perfectly Clear looking Finger Nails

Eye view of finger nails


   Below, Top Row: Right Hand – Bottom Row: Left Hand

   NO Blood Speck ‘Dig-in’ Points – No Retracing Cuticles

Finger Nail view of Digital Microcope

Healthy Cuticles. MD


(Click on Images to Enlarge)

White spread across is Acidophilus capsule content clinging and protecting.

I cannot work with gloves so the Right hand is the one mainly handling

and exposed to any area that requiring washing, scraping, brushing

as well as splashing Acidophilus or Seawater where needed.

   It is both exposed and vulnerable but also well protected.

 I am surprised it looks so good, i dreaded checking expecting to see

extensive corrosion and damage, considering the frequency of exposure.

Acidophilus is proving a Better Protector than any expectations…


Top Row left side Right Hand photo reveals 2 Dig-in Black Speck entries

 under Nail as shown below but without having caused further corrosion.

                                              (Good Acidophilus!)

     Malassezia under Nail


     ~ ~ ~

    PT 2:       Malassezia: A Rare ‘Triple Stage’ View

        The Photo below i have published with accompanying details

                                                 in the Entry

                           “Now you see it – Now you don’t


           Left side shows Malassezia caught on the Surface of the finger

                  but as it senses the Microscope Light and Heat

         it dives quickly under and disappears within a few quick seconds 


Malassezia now you see it

               While i was taking these Photos and Processing them

                    for Publishing in the Entry mentioned above  

          i failed to notice i had a shot of an Accidental Rare Catch!

                                          A ‘Triple Stage’ View

   Malassezia 3 stage digitsl view1


Photo1:Semi liquid mobile–Photo2:Orange liquid–Photo3:Crystalline/Gritty

Malassezia 3 stage digitsl view2

                                   (Click On Photo To Enlarge)

Again, considering that those Nails have been soaked in the Bath

for one whole hour as well as scrubbed with a Nail Brush  

and then Scraped with a Nail File after the Bath

it is downright disheartening to see  how much pile up of Grit

                      the Devil manages to pack in there.                                   

Way back before the blessed discovery of the Acidophilus Benefits

i used to put Neutrogena at night to prevent Malassezia settling

and corroding the Nail bed but it was not convenient to do so

during the day not to mention that frequent application due to its 

containing Salicylic Acid – a Blood thinner – was creating

problems and imposing limitations of frequency and quantity

while Acidophilus is a safe ‘all time- no side effect -protector’

   and of the result the photos speak a thousand words…


Stage 4 is revealed after harvesting a sample of under Nails Scrapings

                            Visible under Biological Microscope

                    in Queue  to be Published in Upcoming Entry


*PT 3:    Malassezia in Action around Eyelid *

     I felt the Malasseia Wet Fiery Burning on the Corner of my Eye

                 and turned the Digital Microscope on and there it was!

                 Flickering and Changing Shapes in its Evil Dancing (Photo 1)  

                 then Sensing the Light and Heat of the Microscope

          started to move away changing shape and disappearing

          under the surface (Photo 2) –near completely gone (Photo 3)

Malassezia Near Eye 3

Malassezia Action around Eye

(Click On Photos To Enlarge)

                Orange Sticky Layer Covering the Eyelid.

      Malassezia Eyelid Orange Layer 2jpg

    To the Naked Eye it looks like the usual dark circles around the eyes.

   It invades the eye as well covering the retina and causing clouded vision

and gritty/sand like feeling.






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