Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1)

30 Jan



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  * Malassezia: One -Two or Many*

  * What The Photos Reveal – PT 1*    


        In the Days way Back, before the Malassezia Identification

 i had the Distinct Sense i was dealing with Two Different ‘Creatures’

 with the same –yet not quite– Behaviour and Symptoms.


Even after Identification and Confirmation i still felt the same.

It was only after closer Observations and as the fragmented Pieces

started to come together that i finally came to see and regard it all

as “Stages Of Development” of the Same Creature, i e Malassezia Furfur

with its More than one names, to add to the overall confusion …


Having confirmed and established this as a fact through observations 

and whatever other means available, my position has not changed since 

except for a Belief or Feeling that there is still a Missing Link

connecting the patterns and stages that somehow have been eluding me.


   When i recently came upon this Piece of Information below

                      i realised the Missing Link was 

 Connecting the Yeast Stage – To the Mycelia / Fungus  One…. 

      M stages

The Researchers have since moved on from this position

into trying to establish different Taxonomic Divisions and Classifications

for a more defined or agreeable common ground of Identification Process

due to which a lot of Research must now be Repeated… etc.


I will not pretend i wholly or even sufficiently understand all that

and i am neither here -nor am i qualified- to question or contradict

either their methods or existence of different Malassezia sub-species.


For Myself  though since i have still remained in the same position

i wanted to check more systematically the Common Characteristics

presented in Samples Collected from Different Parts of My Body

in Regards to My Own Body Specifically – as i cannot know,

speak or check other people’s except perhaps of my

‘Silent Guinea Pig’ partner, whose several samples

i have already published in earlier Entries in the *Malassezia Blog*

and are so very much alike my Own despite the difference

in Severity of Symptoms – His  a lot Milder than mine.


In carrying on this Project, i thought rather than including Links

Referring and Connecting to Relevant Entries already published

thus Sending the Reader in a tedious Back and Forth cycle, to instead

Present here the Photos Related to this Topic with Brief comments

as well as New Ones – Not been Published Before.


    For Details Regarding Previously Published Photos

Please Refer to Relevant Entries – Listed on Side Menu

                                      * * *

  Malassezia Common Characteristics

 Observations On Different Parts of the Body


    Earlier Observations – Visible to the Naked Eye

Malassezia Yellowish Gritty Grains embedded on Eyelashes

Malassezia on EyelashBeds


   Acidophilus Imbued Cotton Wad 

   Inserted in Ear to treat Malassezia

Malassezia Fluorescent Green

            Turned from Translucent to Fluorescent Green


 Malassezia Green / Orange Sticky Liquid 

   Malassezia Fluorescent Green.Orange

                 Seeped on my Skirt

 and other Clothing including Bed Sheets etc


  Malassezia affected

      Fluorescent Green Lung Sputum Blobs

Malassezia and Lung  Experiment 4-2

Malassezia and Lung  Experiment 3


Creamy Orange Colour

                        Worm looking like Blob from Ear

                       Malassezia in Solidifying Process

Malassezia ear blob

                        Visible with naked eye on Cotton tip

            Photographed under Digital Microscope for detail



    Under the Microscope

     Malassezia in mobile Liquid state around the Corner of the Eye

Malassezia Near Eye 1

        And Orange Sticky Layer Spread on the Eyelid

Malassezia Eyelid Orange Layer 2jpg


Malassezia in mobile Liquid state ( Left )

Malassezia On Fingers

Disappearing after sensing Microscope Light (Right)


Under Finger Nail – 3 Stages 

1- Semi Liquid mobile     2- Orange Liquid         3- Crystalline/Gritty

Malassezia 3 stage digitsl view2

  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)


              ( PART 2  * Head – Leg – Pubic Area Hair Strands *)







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