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Malassezia – And The ‘Miracle Oils’ Saga goes On…



          Malassezia Readers Keywords – Quick Answers


 * Malassezia and The ‘Miracle Oils’ Saga goes On… *


 K1 * coconut oil cured malesszia * 

                    IF Only!… 

     Then we would All Be Cured

       Rejoice and be Delighted…

       If Only!...

K2:  * Oil that kills Malassezia * 

K3 * coconut oil for skin malesszia *

K4  * malassezia tea tree oil *

K5  * will neem kill malasezzia *


For as Long as Brains are Fixed and Locked in the notion 

 of OILS – ANY OILS – as means of Fighting Malassezia

while Bombarding Daily Heads and Bodies, Skin and Hair

with Cosmetics RICH in OILS labelled directly

         or under different indirect names

Promising to provide ‘Luxurious Shine or Feel’

   – which they might Do-

   There will Be NO Reprieve in Symptoms

        Nor Chance of True Improvement

         Only a … Hyena’s Smile

       Hyenas smile

          On Malassezia’s Cloning ‘Teeth’


( A Selection of Keywords From Previous Entries )            

* will coconut oil kill Malassezia *

* Can coconut oil help Malassezia *

* does coconut oil cure Malassezia *

* oil kills malassezia fungi *

* coconut oil works on furfur *

* sesame oil and malassezia *

These and Many – Many More!

  The Most Frequently Used Keyword in dozens of variations.                                       

Doesn’t the Fact that Most Products we use in our Daily Hygiene

from Shampoos to Conditioners, Deodorisers and Body and Hair Lotions

       Enriched with Varieties and Combinations of Aromatic

       and / or Antiseptic, Anti Bacterial and Anti- Fungal Oils

      supposed to be Hydrating, Enriching, Restoring, Balancing, Healing etc

                      Scream Loud enough the Obvious

              Regarding  their (NON) Effect on Malassezia                      

             or Even Worse … Its Perpetuation and Thrive?                                                              



                             wouldn’t we Know?                                                                            

               Why then Are we pursuing them Individually

                           as if suddenly and inordinately 

       they might turn into miraculous ‘Cure’ weapons?

                        Doesn’t that Defy Logic?


    To Anyone asking about Any OIL and Malassezia

    I have only One Answer:

   Try the OIL alone or as Part in any Cosmetic products

  and if you still have Malassezia in a week’s or month’s time

                   – if in Fact not even More of It! –



I had to take the Same Test Myself


and Paid the Price … and it was not just in Dollars…  


           Just one rather recent personal example:

A few months back forced by my recent health condition to change my diet

i started drinking a fresh orange juice upon rising 

and extended the benefit of this for my husband as well.

So i was squeezing manually 2 Oranges into our cups

and thinking it as also presenting a good chance to test the Natural

‘Orange Peel Oil’ which is a great degreaser and with perhaps

the additional benefit of some chemical bluish spray that coated  

the Peel surface and messed up  my ‘squeezing’ hand, Lol!

and their potential deterring or even detrimental effect on Malassezia…

Surprisingly the effect was the opposite of what i had hoped:

Instead of deterring it, it attracted it and i ended up with lots of minor

but still painful and annoying paper cut lines and pin pricks.


Soon i learned to wash it off thoroughly after – and re-apply Acidophilus.

Now it could be that it was the Orange juice Sugar that attracted it

and not the Oil itself but the End Result was that

Neither OIL Nor Chemical Spay on Orange Skin deterred or killed

and since Malassezia Utilises Oils as medium for its growth

       – No matter what their other qualities are – 

i still consider it as an equal suspect if not the principal one.


As this proved Painful, Inconvenient and Bothersome long term

and since i cannot work with gloves on, we purchased an Electric Juicer

and my husband now has undertaken the task of squeezing

our morning Oranges and i sit like a Lucky Queen enjoying drinking

 without itches, scratches and pains anymore ! 🙂

So… another Oil -to add to the list- that bites the dust for me…


                             K6:* Caprylic Acid * 

CA 1

 (Click on Any Photos to Enlarge)    

CA 2            

           K7: * Monolaurin *



        This is my Last Entry On the subject of any OIL and Derivatives

     unless there is a special point or twist that must be brought to light


               Click Here for   * ENTRY LINKS 1-100 *  


                   New Site       

         MQ LOGO-1

                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet  



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Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT12)

                          To View Part  1 or 11 First

                                    Click on Links Below 

                Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1) 

                Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT11)




                                     Under Digital


           * Malassezia: One -Two or Many *

           * What The Photos Reveal – PT 12 *



        * The Colour Kaleidoscope *


                                    * The Common Characteristics *  


 Malassezia Colour Kaleidoscope

Malassezia Colours R - MD


Malassezia for me started as Fatty Blobs or Gritty Crystalline Shards.

It was much later on that i became aware of the Gray Sticky Layer

on Both my Body and Clothes and it’s ‘Connection’ to Malassezia

                        and even later still that i realised that

Gray Sticky was Part of Malassezia and a Stage of Development

Biofilm, acting much like a Carrier and / or Protective Amniotic Fluid 

Malassezia on Body and Clothing

        I cannot recall exactly when i became aware of its presence

but if i were to guess it appears more reasonable and likely that it was

                    that it was after i had given up Swimming  

and there was no Chlorine  to inhibiting it sticking on my Body

or perhaps the Daily Chlorine saturation had caused the demise

of other Friendly Fora while stripping the natural body oil barrier 

exposing and leaving the skin vulnerable such that Malassezia

did not need to produce its own, finding digging-in quick and easy.


When the Skin Restoration started, the Natural Skin Lipids were not enough

      to allow it to stick on the skin and neither could it ‘dig-in’ as easy

             – this been the case ever since – 

      so it started converting and spreading its own etc.. etc… 

              All speculation of course ...


             Anyhow, at First it was Gray and on the Dry Side

                     – as shown on the photos above.

              Later on it seemed to have gradually changed 

            to a more Liquid Stickier, Greasier Consistency 

                      and a rather Brownish Gray hue

                 progressively arriving to the more recent

                      Rich Fluorescent Orange.

Malassezia Fluorescent 1

                  Then it Rapidly acquired a Lime hue to it.

Until the most Recent Surprise of a very Rich Deep Fluorescent Green

Never encountered previously – Neither suspected as exiting or possible

unless -as reported- when viewed under Wood’s Lamp

             but Not visible to the Naked Eye!

  Malassezia Fluorescent Green 2

I assumed it may have been a result of Malassezia-Acidophilus Interaction

      which may still be the case, as what has followed since

has been Fluorescent Green Sputum  and even Green Hyphae

             as seen in the Malassezia Liquid in the Eye. 


Truly though i do Not really know what has caused these colour changes.

Another possibility might be that for the past year i had to change my Diet


a) Reduce Considerably the Quantity i was used to consuming

 – after some abrupt declining in my health  and my Digestive System 

   unable to handle anymore- even though mainly consisted of Fresh Fruit

b) Discontinue some other Vital Foods such as Yoghurt and Nuts

      providing Protein, Calcium and other minerals

c) Replace One and often Two of my Fruity Meals 

      with an All Greenies lightly Steamed  Dish.

EMy Greenis Diet MD

 (A Happy recent Addition 2 Walnuts and 1 tiny Fig in the middle)

(Fig promptly dropped again after unpleasant Repercussions… 😦  )


Why would have taken that long for the Change of Colour and Quality to occur

-should that have been the cause-  i don’t know …. but i am rather worried

                   that One morning i may look in the Mirror

        And … Not Recognise Myself! …


A Green Smile

   But  Not  very likely -under the circumstances- that i  d’ be

wearing such a Broad happy Smile on my … Rich Green Face!


I am inclined to believe that the change of Diet may indeed

have caused Malassezia to adapt, since it utilises practically

every nutritional element, provided abundantly by the Body

in the Digestive and Intestinal Canal but to prove so 

i would have to go back to my previous diet which i could not do

unless i got a clear Directive from my Body

while following sensitively and sensibly its needs

and navigating between the limitations of ‘Can’s and Can Not’s’ of it all.

                                Dec 14

Another recent experimental Diet change with Less Cooked Greens

-unless coincidental or other undetectable cause- has resulted

a return to more normal? Orange colour Biofilm

and have not detected any Lime Green during this time.


So Far i have Discovered and Confirmed a Correlation between

eating More Fruit and having More and -More Frequently- produced 

Malassezia Liquid Gold/Green but with Milder Burning quality

              against Eating More Greens and having Less

                       and -Less Frequently- produced

    but More ‘Caustically Burning’ when it spreads on the skin

                 ( as the Under Breast attack indicated.)

Malassezia Breast Burn 1

          Anyway, the Purpose of this Project was to Find out

if there were any Common Characteristics in the different Samples

that could indicate of Malassezia as One, Two or Several Species.


The Results indicate clearly throughout –as far as i am concerned

that there are Consistently Common Elements such as

 * Green / Orange Fluorescence

 * Orange Sticky Liquid

 * Fatty or Gritty Particles Consisting of

 – Circular C Shaped Eyelets with Cloning Beads

 – Long or Short Hyphae also containing Cloning Beads.


These characteristics seem to be consistent throughout

from whatever part of the body they may have been collected.

The only difference in some samples appears to be

               the size and /or look of the Hyphae.

Looking at some samples below it would be reasonable to assume

                that the Hyphae can appear different, i.e

                          Smaller and Thinner if  

   a) They develop at the Yeast stage and  b) During their Early stage of growth

Malassezia beaded Hyphen

                              Or Larger and Fuller

                 a) at the Mycelial / Fungal stage  and

                 b)  During a Later stage of growth

    Malassezia Hypahen with Blood

I cannot tell with certainty that my interpretation and stance is correct

                  Nevertheless!…. at this Stage

  To me it all  still indicates One Malassezia Organism In its Two States 

    i.e  the Yeast and the Mycelia / Fungus.

Until some other discovery or element sheds more light disproving this theory

                 i am tentatively standing by my current position

      -but always ever ready to embrace Fact against Theory

                            when it comes  sufficiently 

                      Tested – Provedn and Validated

                         whether it be Mine or Scientific. 


  How I would love to see for Every Ailment Big or Small 

   * A Correct Testing Method 

   * A Correct Conclusive Diagnosis 

   * Medical Specialists with Open Co-operative Spirit , 

                  and Most Importantly 

     * Available Correct – Harmless to the Body – Working Treatment! 

                        Am i Dreaming about Some Other Planet

                            … in Some Other Solar System? 

               I guess I Am!…  


   In the meantime as i have stated all along

for me the Name or type of sub Species is not as Important

as finding how it Operates and ways to Control and Minimise

            the Damage and Discomfort it causes

    therefore, i will be watching for signs such as

* What Causes  or Inhibits the Yeast from Developing to Fungus

* Are Different treatments More suited to Each or it makes No difference.

* Are there any Elements that Favour One Form More than the Other

                                  and so on… etc …

                                        … or …

Lay Back and Relax and start reading a Couple of Good Novels Lol!

          BR MDjpg

    which i am already doing when i can keep my eyes open…

                                   * * *

  Having Completed successfully this Major Project

                        i shall now turn my attention 

          to a Collection of Readers’ Keywords /Questions




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Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT11)

                          To View Part  1 or 10 First

                                    Click on Links Below 

                 Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1) 

                 Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT10)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


                  Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 11)


                Reflection – Saliva and Lung Blood Samples 

A  Last Minute Temptation!


  Clearing Unsuitable for Use Photos from my Folders  

i caught a perfect one of a Reflection of the Microscope Lens

                                  onto the sample

       Lens Reflection on sampleMD

A few days back on the same day i collected the Vagina Sample

                          i had also placed a Saliva sample on a slide.

             The First View of Both was absolutely mystifying for a few seconds

Lens Reflection on Saliva sample MD

       until the penny dropped that every Saliva Bubble

                          was reflecting the Microscope Lens back


                 A few hours later when most Bubbles had dried out

            i re-adjusted slightly the focusing and some flattish circles

                        came to view that i could not easily identify

          so i discarded the sample and concentrated on the Vaginal one.


                           All the while, thinking that if i had found

                      Fluorescent Green Malassezia in Lung Sputum

              it was only Logical there Must Be present in the Saliva as well

                     especially since it seems to gather around my lips 

                    practically after every time i have eaten my Fruities.


So when i got a sudden Lung Bleed it presented a last minute 

                           temptation and opportunity to find out: 

              a) What i could see in the Lung Blood Sample, and

              b) If Any Malassezia Presence in Blood or Surrounding Saliva 

    Here are the Results:


                The First View of the Lung Blood was pretty much consistent

                 with the Microscope Reflection so i thought it was a lost case

                 and did not bother for all the trouble and effort it takes to try 

                 to align the camera over the Microscoper Viewer to take a Photo

                 but i left the sample on the slide for ‘just in case’ there was

                 something worth viewing after drying up… and i was not wrong.


              Lung Blood – Spot 1 – Second View 6-8 hours later

Lung Blood with Malassezia Yeast buds

onsistent with the Previous Samples in the series

                             *Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal*

         Obvious Malassezia Budding – if the Identification has been correct.


Lung Blood – Spot 1 – Next Day

    No Further Changes detected

Malassezia Yeast buds in Lung Bood Sample


Lung Blood – Spot 2 – Viewed also the Next Day 

Malassezia Yeast buds in Lung Bood Sample -1

Day 3

 That Intuitive urge i get when i tune into things whispered again:

                                  ‘Check one more time’

                  I expected it would all be dead and dry by now

                    since there had been No change on Day 2’

                   but since i had to retrieve and clean the slide

                    i thought i might as well have another look.


                              And the ‘Whisper was Right!’…

                                   A Last minute look

                     Perhaps Finally Brought the Proof needed!


                     A Budding Yeast with a Cloning Collaret???

Malassezia Yeast buds in Lung Bood Sample -2

  Still No Hyphae anywhere big or small

                                   but this looks pretty much like

                             a Cloning Collaret Budding Yeast!

                                Perhaps the Proof needed?…


 Malassezia Globosa?…

  Malassezia Globosa in Blood


Comparison with Grit in Eye Liquid — and Google Malassezia Images

    1) Lung Blood – 2) Grit in Eye – 3) Google Malassezia Images 

Malassezia Globosa 2

                                 (Click on Images to Enlarge)

Comparison with Malassezia Globosa Google Images

Malassezia Globosa 1

                                                My Verdict

                              Malassezia Everywhere – Inside Out

                                   Contained and Controlled

                           as Much  as Can Possibly Be Externally

                             but generally Inaccessible Internally.


                      I do Not give up easily so i intend to trial an idea

                         i have been considering for quite sometime

                         on how to administer Acidophilus Bacteria

                         as Close and Directly to the Lung as Possible

                     Bypassing Stomach Acids and Enzyme interference


   The Official Stance…

Eleven Species M

                    Hard to tell which one, whether Furfur or Globosa

                                or any of the 11 Species Identified                                                               

(PART 12: * 1)The Colour Kaleidoscope – 2)The Common Characteristics *)



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Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT10)

                               To View Part  1 or 9 First

                                    Click on Links Below 

            Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1) 

            Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT9)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Warning MD

                    Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 10)


                               Current Faecal Samples

                                   Another Surprise!

                I guess there is no need to point out that

                      * I am No Professional Microbiologist

                      * Faecal material is Rich in Elements

                         i could not even imagine existing

                      * There could be many things staring me in the eye

                          i would have absolutely no clue 

                          that they are staring me in the eye or what they are…

                           So!… Not having pointed this out…

                                        I shall Point out that:

          Here I am Only Looking for Malassezia Yeast / Fungus

                    in its Different Stages of Development

                   the way i have come to Recognise them

                                and it is on this basis

              i will be presenting the Photos of the samples below

                    -This including possibilities of Error.


(No Microscope Oil has been used for any of these Samples)

  Faecal Sample 1

View of Part 1 of Sample 1


Photo 1 and 2 Show a number of Large Circular Shapes

                                looking rather too large to be Yeast

                       compared with the size viewed in other samples

        and quite Irregular to be Fluid Reflection of the Microscope’s lenses

Faecal Sample 1

Zoomed in

Fecal sample 1-1

              I called My Man – even more of an amateur than i am – for a

                                       ‘What do you think you See’

and he suggested they looked like ‘Fat globules’

-clever man!- and somehow i agree…   but what kind of fat?  …

   ‘Fat’ as Faecal matter Fat or as Malassezia ‘Fatty’ globule / blobs?

           Certainly a good chapter of confusion and uncertainty this one 😦 …  

                                                     Dec 14

                               Editing this Entry i Noticed 2 things:

              1- The “Fat’ globules have a slight hint of a protrusion…

                           that normal Fat globules do not have

               2- Perhaps the Darker outer Peripheries

                   are the Developing Familiar Semi – Circular                                      

                             Beaded/Spore Eyelets ???

        If that is so, it would explain why they are -initially larger in size

                    as being in earlier stage of development  

       and why i could not quite identify them with the same confidence.

View of Part 2 of Sample 1

  Photo 1 Shows more of the same circular shapes

                    Photo 2 Shows a stray dead Malassezia hyphen 

Faecal sample 2

 Faecal Sample 2

                                     View of Part 1 of Sample 2

 The same Circular Shapes

Faecal sample 3


Below comparison with Google Malassezia Images


 Looking at the Photos above and comparing with my samples

       something tells me ‘yes, similar … perhaps identical

           …yet … not Quite…’   but i cannot tell why not…

  Perhaps because all spherical shapes i have seen in previous

 faecal samples were much smaller without the ‘Fatty’ full look

     and usually scattered around very long ‘nodulated’ hyphae  

              much like the second Google Photo above.

                               (See Note Above)


          Comparing My Samples with Google Photos 

                              There may be Difference in Microscopes

                     or Method, i.e. use of Oil, Focusing and /or Magnification

                    that may make them look similar or different…

                           I usually prefer the ‘almost identical’! 


      Comparing My Previous with the Current Samples

The Microscope is the same, and so is the Magnification.

Only the Focusing is adjusted where different parts 

  of the sample come clearer or go out out of focus 

 so Perhaps -and more likely to my guessing judgement-

       the difference may be in Different Stage of Development?

                      and /or Yeast versus Fungus…


                           Part 2 of the Sample 2

    The same Circular Shapes but also presence of Blood in two areas

         making the ‘Malassezia Fatty Globules’ theory much more likely

Faecal -  Blood in sample


But there is More!

           I left the sample on the slide until the next day

     to see if there would any detectable changes.


                                   Part 2 of the Sample 2

                                     Viewed the Next Day

            The ‘Fatty globules’ seem to have Changed overnight

                 Faecal -  Blood in sample 1

                 They look fuller and augmented … much like yeast does…

     Some have augmented so much that they Bump onto Each Other

as shown Below

                            Day One                               Day Two

Faecal sample 5


  Changing Microscope Focusing deliberately but on that Same Spot

the Circular shapes go out of focus but Something Else comes to View

Faecal  Blood and Malassezia Hyphen 1-2

                            ( Click on photo to enlarge )

 Right below the Circled Big Blood Blob

 looks like another dangling empty, dead Malassezia Hyphen


                                      Below Zoomed in

Faecal  Blood and Malassezia Hyphen 1-3


                                   So, to Sum it Up:

                     1) Spherical Shapes that seem to Augment

                     2) Blood Presence

                     3) Two Empty, Dead Malassezia Hyphae

                        All Pointing to Malassezia at the Yeast stage.


                                              * * *

  Below Comparing the Original Photo

                  taken with a Poor quality iPhone camera

                  that could pick up a plenitude of ‘Hyphae ‘Spaghetti’

                  but not the Spherical ‘Meatballs’ scattered around them

Malassezia in Faecal sample 2-1MD

 With the Current Sample Findings


                           1) A Number of Yeast Cells?

                           2) Blood Presence i.e Cloning stage of Development

                          3) Only Two Isolated empty Hyphae 

Malassezia in Faecal Sample

                  and Considering that the Original poor quality Photos

                       did not present accurately all of what was Visible

                         I would say there is a marked Improvement

                    even in just that there are Not as many Yeast Cells

              compared to Spaghetti Filaments as well as Scattered Cells

         especially if most current Cells never reach maturity to Cloning Stage

                    which -IF this would be the case- would be due to

                                     the Acidophilus Treatment

                   and Frequent Clearing of the Colon with Enemas

* * *

(NEXT:  ‘ Malassezia – Saliva and Lung Blood Samples’ )





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Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT9 )

                                  To View Part  1 or 8 First

                                    Click on Links Below 

                Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1) 

                Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT8)

                                 * * *                                     

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Warning MD

                                      Under Digital


           * Malassezia: One -Two or Many *

           * What The Photos Reveal – PT 9 *



               * Current Vaginal Samples *


           The Big Surprise!


                    Just as i had finished this project with a sigh of relief

                              i was struck by one of my brilliant ideas

                 which of course always mean more work, trouble …or both…

                           Having worked on the Old Original Photos 

                      in order to Identify the ‘Common Characteristics’

                  of Malassezia Presence that this project was all about 

            i realised that there was no need to leave any area unprotected

             and allow Malassezia to build back to take new Photos to study.

           I could just instead Take New Photos Anyway of Current Samples 

                        and see what the present state revelations are

                                         so below are the results


    Vaginal Sample

I thought the Best Time to collect a Sample would be Early in the Morning

Early Morning before i insert the First Acidophilus capsule for the Day

and because there are better chances finding Malassezia in there

since it gets more active at night and more likely to sneak in

or make its way out uninterrupted while i am asleep – and so i did.


      A small detail i must mention here about the interaction of Acidophilus 

and  the contents of the capsule in the Vaginal environment

because of a ‘Reflective’ effect on the photos i will be presenting below:

As the Acidophilus capsule starts to dissolve it creates a distinctly ‘wet’

environment as if the entire internal area has been splashed with water.

So, having inserting three capsules the previous day, makes obvious

that by the following morning when the sample was collected

                 the effect was significantly  amplified


           Vaginal Sample

  In the First Photo of a Part of the Sample viewed

     i could not see anything much i could clearly identify

   as what i am normally used to see

        except for some varying short length smooth rod like lengths of sorts

Vaginal Sample 3MD

                                    (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


    Photo 1-1A: Malassezia Hyphae or Acidophilus??

                         Looking at a Different Part of the Sample 

         One Rod like length comes up clear (Purple arrow)

Vaginal Specimen1 MD

 (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

The Purple Arrow is pointing at a medium to small tubular length

 of something i am unable to identify with any certainty

as either Acidophilus or Malassezia hyphen

    even with employing the aid and comparison of Google Images (below)


Google Malassezia Images     



        Google Acidophilus Images


                 Comparing both Acidophilus and Malassezia above

                               they look very similar – to me.


         Comparing  My Own  Sample to Each of the Above 

               The Shortish Length and Smooth Rounded look

                 indicates it as likely to be Acidophilus

                but could it be early stage Yeast  hyphen???…


 The Segmented appearance can make it either Acidophilus or Malassezia

 but different types of Microscopes as well as Photo Magnifications

  can change and distort specimen appearances making identification

     with certainty difficult, unless one has a trained professional eye.


 Zoomed-in below Displays Smoothness of Segmentation

Vaginal Specimen 2 MD

And Acidophilus Gentle Segmented areas



    The Black Arrows on Photo point to the mentioned ‘Reflective’ interference

    due to the liquid quality of the specimen reflecting the Microscope Lens back.

Vaginal Specimen1 MD

              Initially i thought i had caught a Spherical Malassezia Globosa

              but when magnified it remained perfectly spherical and strong

         both in colour and quality in a way only a mechanical component could …  

         Microscope Reflection MD

   Magnification leaves no doubt it is a Reflection of the Microscope lens


Then i had an idea! … Yep!…another One!…Lol!

           Something i had not used so far with our Microscope was OIL

         supposed to minimise distortion and aid magnification and clarity

                so i thought this was a good opportunity to do so 

                    and satisfy my curiosity as to how it works

                                and below is the result.


   View of Part 1 of the Sample 

 Grand Reflection of The Microscope Lens in all is glory

             magnified and clarified by the Oil!

Microscope Reflection 1MD

   At least it confirmed that it was correctly identified as so

                      (Credit goes to my Very Smart Man! 🙂  )


        View of Part 2 of the Sample

          Multiple Reflection… and a Lonely Unidentifiable Length…

                  Photo was taken between 7.30’ – 8.00’ AM 

      Microscope Reflection 2MD

Zoomed in

    Vaginal Specimen 2-2 MD

Long, Segmented but Smooth…


Approximately Six hours later i had another look

Vaginal Specimen 2-3 MD

All Reflective Fluid is gone – only one small Microscope  circle remaining

                         and a … Fallen Tree Log?… Lol!…


                                           The Surprise:

                    No Menacing Blood filled Malassezia Hyphae

             (as shown in the Original Sample below collected way back )

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1MD

                Almost Total absence of Malassezia in any ‘visible’ stage

                           across the entire volume of the Sample

                    even viewed  with the magnification of Microscope Oil

           which revealed those two ambivalent lengths as shown in the Photos and

                which i am more inclined to consider as being Acidophilus 


                                Of course Not so Surprising really

                  due to  the Saturation of the area with Acidophilus

                but rather 

              More of a Confirmation of the Efficiency of Treatment!


                      Perhaps now i can Crow from a Rooftop

                          ACIDOPHILUS! … ACIDOPHILUS!


                           IT WORKS!… IT WORKS! 🙂


 ( PART 10: Malassezia Current Faecal Samples – Another Surprise! )



Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

 Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 





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Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT8 )

                                   To View Part  1 or 7 First

                                    Click on Links Below 

                Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1) 

                Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT7)

                                 * * *                                      

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



                        Under Digital

 Warning MD

              * Malassezia: One -Two or Many *

              * What The Photos Reveal – PT 8 *



               * Vaginal and Faecal – Intestinal Samples *


      Malassezia in Vaginal Sample

    At this stage i am unable or rather Unwilling

 to produce current Photos of either Vaginal or Faecal Samples 


a) I have already published some earlier stage photos from Both areas

     in the  Photos section in the  *Malassezia Blog*

bI Know with Absolute Certainty  by the Traffic and Symptoms

        what exactly exists almost perpetually in Both areas, and

c) It would Require me to leave them Unprotected for some time

    and allow Malassezia to take hold and be tortured during that time.

    After the  ‘Malassezia – Acidophilus Round 2 & The 8 Hour Kill?’    

    I Am Not willing to go by design through any similar experience

   I do not feel that any sacrifice of going backwards a few steps

   with Resulting Consequences, are worth the Pain and Inconvenience

              just  for producing photographic demonstration.


       For Readers Benefit though i have Re-visited, Zoomed

          and worked with the Original Photos of Both areas

      -photographed back then with a very poor quality camera-              

            in order to bring forth the Common Elements.

             Despite the Original poor Quality of Photos

               it is still  ALL there in Plain Clear View

     and all i have to do is present the Original Entry Photos 

     with Additional Details and Comments in this section

     and then we will All be Happy -Lol!

     without any Distress caused to the Poor Ol ‘Damsel’ 🙂   


Vaginal Sample 

(Click On Photos to Enlarge)

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1MD


A: It looks very much like the Orange sticky liquid Biofilm

    in which the Solidifying Grit or Fatty Blobs  are usually wrapped

    and which acts as the Carrying and Protecting   ‘Amniotic Fluid’.

B: Long Hyphae extending from (C)

C: A  mature unit with Unfolding Hyphae

D: Insert of an earlier published of similar one for shape comparison


  Below, on Top part of photo a smaller size visible, with unfolding Hyphae

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1-1MD


    Below Zoomed makes Visible the Beaded Cloning inside the Hyphae 

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1-2MD


Faecal Sample 1

Maroon Arrows point to the Orange Sticky ‘Amniotic’ Biofilm Liquid

Green Arrows point to Long Hyphae

Malassezia in Faecal sample 1-1MD

                                           (Click on Photos to Enlarge)


     Circular Beaded Eyelet 

Below Zoomed makes Visible one Circular Beaded Eyelet

Malassezia in Faecal sample 1-2MD

    And if i see it correctly at the edge of the Fluid a Beaded Hyphen


Faecal Sample 2

Faecal sample 2-1MD


   Top Part of Photo Below

   Green ArrowsLong Hyphae

   Purple Arrow:   A Beaded Hyphen

 Orange C Shapes: Malassezia Orange / Greenie Sticky Biofilm Liquid

Malassezia in Faecal sample 2MD

  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

                                           Bottom Part of Photo  

Green Circular Shapes point to a plentiful of Spaghetti Hyphae

Purple Arrows point to Extra Long -Well …‘Fed’

                          and  Well Developed- Hyphae

Malassezia in Faecal sample 2-1MD

  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Abundant indication of what i have been saying all along throughout my Entries:

           a) There are a Lot of Rich Nutrients for Malassezia in that area

           b) It Gathers there in Concentrated quantities causing Congestion    

               Constipation, Blocking, Anal Itch and Leg jerking

                            and that’s why Enemas are Helpful

               in Bringing Relief to the Congestion, Restless Leg 

                  and Getting Rid of a Great Bulk of Presence

                        with just a…‘Flash’ or Two! Lol! 🙂


                         Considering the photo above shows such

                  a Compact Presence  of ‘Spaghetti’ Hyphae,

                  in a sample smaller than a Pea sized pooh 

                               smeared thin on a slide

                      one can imagine how much would be contained 

                        in one ‘Regular size’ motion which

  -compared to how much even a small 2 Ltr Enema would  Flash out-

                           is only the Tip of the Iceberg!

                                                       * * *                                    

   Below Malassezia Lab Images

included for Hyphae Shape and Beaded Appearance comparison


                         ( PART 9: *The Big Surprise! * )


 Recommended  Reading Entries in Order of Posting  

                *  MALASSEZIA BLOGS  *

Malassezia Blog WP

                   Malassezia Blog *   

     Photos – History of Treatments and Results

Malassezia Daily WP.

                   Malassezia Daily *

New Photos – New Discoveries
Treatments and Results


                Malassezia Health Quest *

Malassezia Issues – Related Topics
Readers Questions Answered
Malassezia and Medical Research
Health and Immunity – Nutrition  Diet 





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Malassezia Health Quest

RESEARCH Malassezia Specific Issues Malassezia & Medical General Health & Immunity Malassezia Nutrition-Diet Other Helpful Topics

~ Malassezia Blog ~

My Story, Battle, Experiences, Methods and Treatments

Malassezia Daily

My Experiences, Methods and Treatments

Malassezia Topics

* * Quick Reference Helpful Tips * *

Atypical TB - My Story

Living with Atypical TB: A Successful Battle! Health Care, Diet, Exercise, Supplements, Tips to Minimise Side Effects, Looking after the Lung and Improving Immunity Overall.

Atypical TB - MAC

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