Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 2)

01 Feb

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   * Malassezia: One -Two or Many *

   * What The Photos Reveal – PT 2 *


                             * Head – Leg and Pubic Area Hair Strands

                         What they Reveal Under Biological Microscope *    


                 Head Hair

        Single Hair strand with Hyphen attached

         Malassezia on Hair 1MD                                                   (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

                      I pulled several Hair strands from my head

                      and All of them invariably  had odd shaped Particles

       and Hyphae attached to them as in the photo above.

            The Good news: Surprisingly All of them Dead and Empty.

            Surprising because since i discontinued the suspected

              ‘Head and Shoulders’ Shampoo Formula i was using             

                  i have not found yet an effective replacement 

               and this has caused me a seriously gritty Problem.

      Acidophilus treatment would solve the problem in a short time

     but i have refrained using it from Fear of Relocation to my Eyes

    or Re-invading my Privates area just as i have it back Perfectly Clear


       Leg Hair

Malassezia Hyphen and Leg Hair 1MD

  I also pulled a few hair strands from my Legs – a totally Lesion Free area.

All of them too had Hyphae around them and attached Particles

as shown above – again the Hyphae All Dead and Empty.

  I have deliberately Not been using any Preventative measures there

as it is a less painful area, non debilitating and easier to treat

if i feel Malassezia ‘time to clone’ signs and attempts to settle

   than it is in other more sensitive and inaccessible areas.

Malassezia and Leg Hair 2 MD                                                       (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

          Above Leg Hair strand with attached Particles

and a detached Long Hyphen also with odd shaped Particles

I suspect it is its Orange Liquid (Biofilm) as it is drying out


      Pubic Hair 

                                 A Clump of Pubic Hair 

Malassezia Free Pubic Hair 1

                             Photo 1 Above and Photo 2 Below 

                Both Reveal Perfectly Clean – Malassezia Free Strands

Malassezia Free Pubic Hair  2MD

                                     (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

                ** All Strands Examined Appeared Malassezia Free **

                    No Hyphae,  No Particles attached Nor Anything else

                         identifiable as Malassezia Part or Stage.

                             This is not Surprising in the least

                  because i Treat the Entire area with Acidophilus Mix

                     Several times a Day and Throughout the Night

                          whenever i get up for the Bathroom.


                           I must Clarify an Important Point:

                       The area is Not Malassezia ‘Traffic’ Free.

It Emerges from Both Vaginal and Rectal areas at different times

 attempts to settle -even in the Presence of Acidophilus- 

usually unsuccessfully or avoids and disperses to other areas

         and Returns when it is its -Cloning?- Time.

          Whenever it follows its instinct blindly persisting to settle , it perishes.

                     Acidophilus kills it slowly within a day or two

                   if there is Adequate Refreshed Treatment.

       The Frequent Acidophilus Treatment keeping the area Free

        from Lesions, Bumps, Itching and most importantly Cloning.

    The Volume and Frequency of Traffich through, though is a separate issue

    and depends on other Elements such as detailed in previous Entries.


                  (PART 3: * Malassezia: Scalp Scrapings  *)


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