Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT8 )

13 Feb

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                        Under Digital

 Warning MD

              * Malassezia: One -Two or Many *

              * What The Photos Reveal – PT 8 *



               * Vaginal and Faecal – Intestinal Samples *


      Malassezia in Vaginal Sample

    At this stage i am unable or rather Unwilling

 to produce current Photos of either Vaginal or Faecal Samples 


a) I have already published some earlier stage photos from Both areas

     in the  Photos section in the  *Malassezia Blog*

bI Know with Absolute Certainty  by the Traffic and Symptoms

        what exactly exists almost perpetually in Both areas, and

c) It would Require me to leave them Unprotected for some time

    and allow Malassezia to take hold and be tortured during that time.

    After the  ‘Malassezia – Acidophilus Round 2 & The 8 Hour Kill?’    

    I Am Not willing to go by design through any similar experience

   I do not feel that any sacrifice of going backwards a few steps

   with Resulting Consequences, are worth the Pain and Inconvenience

              just  for producing photographic demonstration.


       For Readers Benefit though i have Re-visited, Zoomed

          and worked with the Original Photos of Both areas

      -photographed back then with a very poor quality camera-              

            in order to bring forth the Common Elements.

             Despite the Original poor Quality of Photos

               it is still  ALL there in Plain Clear View

     and all i have to do is present the Original Entry Photos 

     with Additional Details and Comments in this section

     and then we will All be Happy -Lol!

     without any Distress caused to the Poor Ol ‘Damsel’ 🙂   


Vaginal Sample 

(Click On Photos to Enlarge)

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1MD


A: It looks very much like the Orange sticky liquid Biofilm

    in which the Solidifying Grit or Fatty Blobs  are usually wrapped

    and which acts as the Carrying and Protecting   ‘Amniotic Fluid’.

B: Long Hyphae extending from (C)

C: A  mature unit with Unfolding Hyphae

D: Insert of an earlier published of similar one for shape comparison


  Below, on Top part of photo a smaller size visible, with unfolding Hyphae

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1-1MD


    Below Zoomed makes Visible the Beaded Cloning inside the Hyphae 

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1-2MD


Faecal Sample 1

Maroon Arrows point to the Orange Sticky ‘Amniotic’ Biofilm Liquid

Green Arrows point to Long Hyphae

Malassezia in Faecal sample 1-1MD

                                           (Click on Photos to Enlarge)


     Circular Beaded Eyelet 

Below Zoomed makes Visible one Circular Beaded Eyelet

Malassezia in Faecal sample 1-2MD

    And if i see it correctly at the edge of the Fluid a Beaded Hyphen


Faecal Sample 2

Faecal sample 2-1MD


   Top Part of Photo Below

   Green ArrowsLong Hyphae

   Purple Arrow:   A Beaded Hyphen

 Orange C Shapes: Malassezia Orange / Greenie Sticky Biofilm Liquid

Malassezia in Faecal sample 2MD

  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

                                           Bottom Part of Photo  

Green Circular Shapes point to a plentiful of Spaghetti Hyphae

Purple Arrows point to Extra Long -Well …‘Fed’

                          and  Well Developed- Hyphae

Malassezia in Faecal sample 2-1MD

  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Abundant indication of what i have been saying all along throughout my Entries:

           a) There are a Lot of Rich Nutrients for Malassezia in that area

           b) It Gathers there in Concentrated quantities causing Congestion    

               Constipation, Blocking, Anal Itch and Leg jerking

                            and that’s why Enemas are Helpful

               in Bringing Relief to the Congestion, Restless Leg 

                  and Getting Rid of a Great Bulk of Presence

                        with just a…‘Flash’ or Two! Lol! 🙂


                         Considering the photo above shows such

                  a Compact Presence  of ‘Spaghetti’ Hyphae,

                  in a sample smaller than a Pea sized pooh 

                               smeared thin on a slide

                      one can imagine how much would be contained 

                        in one ‘Regular size’ motion which

  -compared to how much even a small 2 Ltr Enema would  Flash out-

                           is only the Tip of the Iceberg!

                                                       * * *                                    

   Below Malassezia Lab Images

included for Hyphae Shape and Beaded Appearance comparison


                         ( PART 9: *The Big Surprise! * )


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