Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT9 )

15 Feb

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Warning MD

                                      Under Digital


           * Malassezia: One -Two or Many *

           * What The Photos Reveal – PT 9 *



               * Current Vaginal Samples *


           The Big Surprise!


                    Just as i had finished this project with a sigh of relief

                              i was struck by one of my brilliant ideas

                 which of course always mean more work, trouble …or both…

                           Having worked on the Old Original Photos 

                      in order to Identify the ‘Common Characteristics’

                  of Malassezia Presence that this project was all about 

            i realised that there was no need to leave any area unprotected

             and allow Malassezia to build back to take new Photos to study.

           I could just instead Take New Photos Anyway of Current Samples 

                        and see what the present state revelations are

                                         so below are the results


    Vaginal Sample

I thought the Best Time to collect a Sample would be Early in the Morning

Early Morning before i insert the First Acidophilus capsule for the Day

and because there are better chances finding Malassezia in there

since it gets more active at night and more likely to sneak in

or make its way out uninterrupted while i am asleep – and so i did.


      A small detail i must mention here about the interaction of Acidophilus 

and  the contents of the capsule in the Vaginal environment

because of a ‘Reflective’ effect on the photos i will be presenting below:

As the Acidophilus capsule starts to dissolve it creates a distinctly ‘wet’

environment as if the entire internal area has been splashed with water.

So, having inserting three capsules the previous day, makes obvious

that by the following morning when the sample was collected

                 the effect was significantly  amplified


           Vaginal Sample

  In the First Photo of a Part of the Sample viewed

     i could not see anything much i could clearly identify

   as what i am normally used to see

        except for some varying short length smooth rod like lengths of sorts

Vaginal Sample 3MD

                                    (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


    Photo 1-1A: Malassezia Hyphae or Acidophilus??

                         Looking at a Different Part of the Sample 

         One Rod like length comes up clear (Purple arrow)

Vaginal Specimen1 MD

 (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

The Purple Arrow is pointing at a medium to small tubular length

 of something i am unable to identify with any certainty

as either Acidophilus or Malassezia hyphen

    even with employing the aid and comparison of Google Images (below)


Google Malassezia Images     



        Google Acidophilus Images


                 Comparing both Acidophilus and Malassezia above

                               they look very similar – to me.


         Comparing  My Own  Sample to Each of the Above 

               The Shortish Length and Smooth Rounded look

                 indicates it as likely to be Acidophilus

                but could it be early stage Yeast  hyphen???…


 The Segmented appearance can make it either Acidophilus or Malassezia

 but different types of Microscopes as well as Photo Magnifications

  can change and distort specimen appearances making identification

     with certainty difficult, unless one has a trained professional eye.


 Zoomed-in below Displays Smoothness of Segmentation

Vaginal Specimen 2 MD

And Acidophilus Gentle Segmented areas



    The Black Arrows on Photo point to the mentioned ‘Reflective’ interference

    due to the liquid quality of the specimen reflecting the Microscope Lens back.

Vaginal Specimen1 MD

              Initially i thought i had caught a Spherical Malassezia Globosa

              but when magnified it remained perfectly spherical and strong

         both in colour and quality in a way only a mechanical component could …  

         Microscope Reflection MD

   Magnification leaves no doubt it is a Reflection of the Microscope lens


Then i had an idea! … Yep!…another One!…Lol!

           Something i had not used so far with our Microscope was OIL

         supposed to minimise distortion and aid magnification and clarity

                so i thought this was a good opportunity to do so 

                    and satisfy my curiosity as to how it works

                                and below is the result.


   View of Part 1 of the Sample 

 Grand Reflection of The Microscope Lens in all is glory

             magnified and clarified by the Oil!

Microscope Reflection 1MD

   At least it confirmed that it was correctly identified as so

                      (Credit goes to my Very Smart Man! 🙂  )


        View of Part 2 of the Sample

          Multiple Reflection… and a Lonely Unidentifiable Length…

                  Photo was taken between 7.30’ – 8.00’ AM 

      Microscope Reflection 2MD

Zoomed in

    Vaginal Specimen 2-2 MD

Long, Segmented but Smooth…


Approximately Six hours later i had another look

Vaginal Specimen 2-3 MD

All Reflective Fluid is gone – only one small Microscope  circle remaining

                         and a … Fallen Tree Log?… Lol!…


                                           The Surprise:

                    No Menacing Blood filled Malassezia Hyphae

             (as shown in the Original Sample below collected way back )

Malassezia in Vaginal Sample 1MD

                Almost Total absence of Malassezia in any ‘visible’ stage

                           across the entire volume of the Sample

                    even viewed  with the magnification of Microscope Oil

           which revealed those two ambivalent lengths as shown in the Photos and

                which i am more inclined to consider as being Acidophilus 


                                Of course Not so Surprising really

                  due to  the Saturation of the area with Acidophilus

                but rather 

              More of a Confirmation of the Efficiency of Treatment!


                      Perhaps now i can Crow from a Rooftop

                          ACIDOPHILUS! … ACIDOPHILUS!


                           IT WORKS!… IT WORKS! 🙂


 ( PART 10: Malassezia Current Faecal Samples – Another Surprise! )



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